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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Sunday Snapshot 009.

001. Photobooth never ever gets old! I particularly love the top picture where I look an awful lot like a camel! There's something about Christmas that makes me miss my boy even more than usual. Maybe it's because the holidays are a time to spend with your family, and he is a big part of my family despite being so far away. Hopefully this will be our last Christmas apart & we have many more in the future to enjoy! ♥
002. I just walked home from work and it's snowing SO much, I was literally completely white when I walked in the door. Walking to the bus stop wasn't fun at all this morning, picture ridiculous arm waving in an attempt to stay standing! My attempts failed, I fell over and then I did what any other mature 21 year old would do, I cried and rang my mum. Snow I like, ice I definitely don't!
003. I have a very soppy greyhound asleep on my lap right now. It would be cute if she wasn't so heavy. She's warm though so that's a bonus!
004. I hope you're all having a lovely Sunday. I cannot believe it's Christmas next weekend, where has the year gone? 

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  1. Awww, you guys are so cute!

    I slip on ice at least once per year. It's usually in front of everyone, too. Charming.

  2. Love those photobooth pics, very funny.
    I don't blame you for ringing your mum, I fell over mid convo with the boyfriend, he said I made the funniest noise followed by a thud! :)


  3. You are so cute! Photobooth is so much fun haha.

  4. What a gorgeous couple you are! :)
    Adorable pics hun xo

  5. Such fun snaps! Hope you have a magical Christmas xx

  6. You two are soo cute! I agree, Photobooth never gets old haha. Merry (almost) Christmas :) xo

  7. Aww you make a lovely couple :)
    I hate falling over in snow and ice so I always walk really slowly which means it takes forever to get to places haha xx

  8. Oh no, are you alright after your tumble? I hope so!

    You're right, this year's slipped away like nobody's business. Another year older, and no wiser!

  9. Ice is horrendous isn't it?! Aww, those photobooth photos are lovely (: I hope you get to spend more time together soon sweet.

  10. Photobooth certainly doesn't get old, I've only ever used it on the Uni macs so I can't enjoy hours of fun with it at home. :(

  11. Is it just me or have you been awfully quite on the twitter and blog front? Where are youuuuuu


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