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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Mini Boots Loot & Giveaway Winners!

I dashed over to Boots after work today with the intention of picking just one thing up, of course I couldn't resist having a look at all of the make up stands and ended up with a couple of extra purchases...oops!

As I was getting dangerously close to finishing my first bottle I was in need of a new Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. I've been using this foundation consistently for months and I thought I was getting a little bored of it, but after a recent foray into Illamasqua foundations I've realised just how good Healthy Mix is. The lightest shade, 51, is a perfect match for my pale skin tone which is something I rarely find with pharmacy foundations. I think usually this is around the £10 mark but at the moment it's on offer in Boots for £6.99. Bargain!

When I saw this I decided that I needed a pressed powder in my life. I'm thinking this will make my life a lot easier in the morning because I won't have to worry about tipping a whole pot of loose powder over. I've been there and done that & it's not easy to clear up! I'm not the biggest user of powder so I think this will last me a good while.

Finally my attention was grabbed by the neat little display of Revlon ColorBurst lipsticks and I just couldn't resist. I know I'm late jumping on this bandwagon but how cute is the packaging?! I opted for a very safe Jennie kind of shade and picked out 020 Baby Pink. This is a beautiful colour and although I really didn't need another lipstick I'm happy I got it because it's pretty and I think that's a good enough reason!
Thank you all so much for being so patient waiting for me to get around to picking the winners for my Accessorize necklace giveaway! It's safe to say I'm sick of spreadsheets now, they are not my friend but anyway, on to the winners!

The winner of the Cameo necklace is...

The winner of the Clock necklace is...

The winner of the Teacup necklace is...

Congratulations! I hope you're happy with your prize & if you could send me an email (sailorjennie [at] googlemail.com) or a Twitter DM with your address I'll send out your prize asap! ♥

Thank you all so much for entering! It's safe to say I've been bitten by the giveaway bug so keep your eyes peeled for a new giveaway sometime in the near future!

Have you ever tried the Revlon ColorBurst lipsticks? Any other shades I need to pick up? 


  1. I ran out of my Maybelline foundation this morning and luckily I'm heading into town tomorrow so I'll pick up Healthy Mix if it's only £6.99! It'd be rude to say no at that price wouldn't it? I've got Revlon ColorBurst in Peach and it's gorgeous and really wearable :) xxx

  2. Thanks for telling me about the Boots offer, I may go pick some up!

  3. That lipstick is so lovely! I have the ColorBurst lipstick in Soft Nude, i'm not much of a nude-lippie person, but it's quite nice! Congrats to the winners :) xo

  4. The Revlon ColorBurst lipsticks look so pretty, but I haven't tried them yet! Congrats to all the winners! I see my name, hehe :)

  5. Congrats to the winners!

    Oh I need to get to Boots and pick up a bottle of the foundation, I have been wanting to try this and if it's on offer then theres no better time!

    I love the colourbrust lippy! I would love to try a peachy colour or a soft lilac for the spring! x

  6. Congrats to the winners!

    i a;lso like Healthy Mix, I bought another foundation during the holidays, but prefer Healthy Mix as well!

    I wanted a Revlon lippy too, but didnt know which colour to get, but I think this one is perfect!

    Thanks for posting!!

  7. Congrats to the winners!
    I need a pressed powder too but I'm so curious to try the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish.
    I also want a Revlon lipstick but I have so many lipsticks and I have to finish them. :P
    I love Healthy Mix Foundation, too! :D

  8. Congrats to the winners! :) Healthy Mix was my number 1 during the summer when I was travelling, was so light and nice on my skin. I use that pressed powder too! Bought Mac mineral skin finish powder for ages, but tbh couldnt see the difference between that at like £17 and the rimmel one at £4(ish?) Saw your tweet about your mac goodies today, show us what you got! :) xx

  9. The Revlon lippie packaging is amazing! Thanks for the heads up the Healthy Mix offer too - I use a mix of 52 and 53 to get the best colour match which makes stocking up quite a pricey affair!

  10. congrats to the winners. Have a great weekend!

  11. Love those Revlon lipsticks - I have the Fuschia one and it is gorgeous! x

  12. Aww wow how exciting! I will email you now! btw I have healthy mix too and i absolutely adore it! I love you and your blog ^_^ xxx

  13. I want to try this Bourjois foundation, glad you think it's good! Will have to visit Boots in next couple of days I think ;)

  14. Congrats to the winners! :)
    I want to try that foundation, but the Boots near me doesn't stock that shade grr :(! I feel 52 would be too dark! Will have to venture to the big one in town, hmmmph :P. I have that powder too and it's honestly one of the best I've used! xo

  15. I'm in love with the Healthy Mix foundation! I definitely need to buy myself a back up. :P

  16. I tend to buy things based on the packagaing too! The lipstick looks a lovely colour!

  17. Shade 51 is a smidge too dark for me in the winter, but I wore it pretty much every day last summer. Might well buy some now while it's cheaper so I have it ready for this year! Were your Illamasqua foundation endeavours unsuccessful? :(

    Congrats to all the winners!

  18. That lipstick is ridiculously pretty! And congrats to the winners too :)

  19. Thank you for your comments! Healthy mix seems super popular!

    @Konni - I've not tried my rich liquid foundation yet, but I know it's not an everyday kinda foundation. Not impressed with light liquid at all, much prefer healthy mix and it's way cheaper! Next on my list is face and body though hehe



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