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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

What I Wore: The Owls Go.

Last week I was super ill and confined to my bed so I had a lot of time on my hands and needed something to cheer me up. I'm sure there are a million things I could have done that would have been more productive but instead I decided to go on a bit of a dress shopping spree and it definitely did cheer me up! 

Dress: Love Label.
Cardi: Boohoo.
Necklace: Very.co.uk.
Leanne Marie tweeted about Very having a really good sale & she was definitely right, so it's thanks to her that I now have this beautiful dress in my life! As soon as I saw it I thought it was adorable and it's also flattering for my body shape. It's knee length which I really love, has super cute sleeves and skims over my hips so it disguises my imperfections while still cinching me in at the waist. You know when you have an item in your wardrobe that you feel really confident in & look forward to wearing? That's how I feel about this dress, I love it! The owl necklace was only £4 and I just couldn't resist. It's adorable and I have a bit of a love for owls and birds at the moment. ♥

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation.
Benefit Boi-ing concealer.
Illamasqua Promise cream blush.
MAC Rose Ole special reserve highlight powder.
MAC Vintage Selection paint pot.
Collection 2000 Big Fake mascara.
Revlon ColorBurst Baby Pink lipstick.
So far I am absolutely loving my recent MAC purchases and I have a feeling that paint pots are going to be a new love of mine. I can't believe how well it stays on my oily eyelids so I'm already lusting over more shades, oh dear! I said I wasn't going to become a MAC addict but I think I may have accidentally lied!

I also have a question for you guys. When I move I'd like some different storage for my make up and jewellery but I'm not sure what, so I'd like to know how you lovelies store your beauty products and jewellery? I've had my eye on the Malm dressing table from Ikea but it's a bit pricey, so I'm not sure. I'd definitely like something where I can see all the things I have easily but I can hide away so it doesn't look cluttered. I hope that makes sense & thank you in advance for your suggestions!

What's your favourite item in your wardrobe and what is your favourite MAC item? Gosh, I'm full of questions tonight!


  1. i've always wanted to try MAC, their colours look so vivid. the dress is so cute, makes me desire the summer! and the necklace was such a bargain :) xo

  2. Love the dress, it looks lovely on you :-) Really want to try a Mac paint pot soon. I store my makeup in a real small set draws (I think they sell them in ikea) on top of my dressing table, that's easy to get to but you can hide them away :-) x

  3. your hair is so beautiful! I wish mine had such natural waves and volume :)

    The dress looks perfect on you! Off to check out Very now haha. x

  4. Favourite MAC item at the moment is the well dressed blush. Really want to buy some of the cham-pale collection- is completely my thing!

    Your hair always looks so gorgeous and full of body! :)

  5. The dress is gorgeous! I love the pattern. Ive always lusted over very but never really took the plunge. They do have some lovely bits!

  6. I've been looking at the same dressing table! It's lovely isn't it!
    That dress looks great on you. The print is lovely.


  7. I hope you're feeling better now :) That dress is gorgeous! I just took a sneaky peek and it's only £11. So so tempted haha.

    I really want to try MAC paint pots - you've swayed me!

    I've been eyeing up the Malm dresser too but it doesn't fit with the furniture I want for my new room. Dilemmas, dilemmas! I'm trying to go with the white vintage look.

    My favourite item in my wardrobe has to be a dress I bought a while ago - hides a multitude of sins whilst defining shape. Love it, I really should wear it more although it's a bit too formal for every day. I'd definitely like more day dresses in my wardrobe.

    My favourite MAC item at the moment is MAC MSF Natural - I can't believe how flawless is makes my skin look! Consider your questions answered :D xxx

  8. I always thing a set of coat hooks in a Pretty frame are good for necklaces. That dress really suits your shape, love the print xx

  9. I love that dress, it is so pretty! At a glance it looks like white clouds in the sky, lovely!
    I have a very boring wardrobe, I tend to go for brands I trust like Seasalt and Joules and i'm rather fond of the breton stripe :) x

  10. I love this look on you! I especially love the lipstick, which I will def have to purchase. I actually bought this dress back in August but returned it as it didn't suit my figure. I adore it on you though and it's such a fun piece to own.

    Love your blog :)

    Sofia x

  11. ohhh that dress really is gorgeous! looks great on you.. storing makeup is the bane of my life, never looks tidy on my dressing table!

    but you mentioning it brought this blog to mind

    i think that storage looks so cute! xx

  12. I've seen a lot of people store their makeup in pull out drawers - I don't know how you do it right now, but I believe it's the most convenient way! Then you can separate it from there - different drawers for blush, eye products, lips, etc. I guess it depends on how much makeup you have!

  13. Oh my goodness I actually WANT that dress, it's so lovely! It really suits you, perfect colour, perfect fit, just perfect!

    I've been thinking I need to find a new way of storing my beauty products as at the moment, they're all just crammed into makeup bags and it's a real hassle trying to find stuff when I'm in a rush!
    For jewellery I really like those stands that you can hang necklaces and bracelets on. They probably sell them in loads of places but I've definitely seen them in Urban Outfitters. One of my old uni housemates used to use a mug tree which I thought was quite clever :) x

  14. Jennie you look absolutely beautiful! That dress is so stunning I can see why you feel that way about it :). I have a few dresses that I really love to wear but I can't think of one 'favourite'. Must do something about that! xo

  15. My favourite MAC item? That is so hard to choose. Right now it's probably the cream colour base in pearl. But it changes all the time.
    Love that dress on you - gorgeous xxx

  16. I love that dress - it fits you like a glove - you look gorgeous! One of my favourite MAC products is pearl cream colour base - I feel you would like it! xx

  17. I have the malm dressing table from ikea and its great for storing all your make up. It has a draw that you pull out underneath which i have divided into compartments will all my make up in. It's really good!
    I don't think i have a favorite item really, but my favorite mac item is the fluidlines!. x

  18. This dress is very sweet - great for spring! Hope your all better now x

  19. Lovely dress it's so pretty :) I was never a MAC fan until someone started me off on their eyeshadows for Christmas and brought me a palette to start collecting, which I love, esp as I can just have the colours I like in the set. :)

    L x

  20. What a beauty you are!!
    Hope you're feeling better now, i know how you feel!
    That dress is lovely, i've never shopped at Very but i did see a very nice dress in Look mag this week that i may have to get!

    I also wish i could have a fringe like you, stupid hair line i have :(

  21. wow this is utterly stunning :)
    You total beaut!! The dress is just darling, and your hair looks amazing. Slightly longer maybe, and a lot of ooomph!

    I have little hangers for my necklaces, a little heart basket for my rings/earrings & then a little box for bracelets.
    My makeup is just in a wh smith draw, I really like them though

  22. The dress is absolutely lovely. Really flattering and a gorgeous colour on you - bring on Spring and Summer already! You look gorgeous in general, really. Very glowy.

    I don't have any Mac either but am tempted by Cham-pale. You're certainly selling it to me!

    My makeup is currently stored in some box drawers, but there isn't enough room so there's a lot on the top of the drawers and also in various pots and other boxes on/in my dressing table. I either need more storage or less makeup... Definitely the former!

  23. I LOVE that dress, you look utterly incredible xox

  24. Mac Reubenesque is my absolute favourite paint pot - a gorgeous colour, you must try it!

    T x

  25. Jennie you're so gogrous! You have the most amazing eyes and skin and your features are so nice and in proportion. Ahhh envious.

    Vute cute outfit! Love the shape and print of the dress. :)

  26. That dress is lovely, fits you very nicely! + that owl necklace is major cuteeeee xx

  27. You look absolutely stunning in this dress! It's gorgeous and totally suits your figure. I saw on someone's post that they'd purchased some glass drawers...so they could still see their things but they were also kept tidy. I can't remember where I saw it though :/ Otherwise, Urban Outfitters do some lovely jewellery stands/cake stands/boxes etc.

  28. @Jennie - Ahh same, totally looking forward to spring/summer! Need some sunshine <3
    @Phoebe - Thank you! Really recommend paint pots from the one I've tried!
    @Eleanor - Aww thank you! They're great, never looked at their stuff before but they had an amazing sale!
    @Daisy - Ahh that's exactly what I thought when I saw Cham Pale. Well dressed looks so pretty!
    @Sophie - Thank you! They do have some lovely pieces.
    @Kelly - It is beautiful & from what I've seen it can fit a good amount of stuff.
    @Kim - Wow you answered everything! Ooh your new room idea sounds gorgeous! I have to live with a boy now so I'll never be allowed that amount of prettiness! I'm tres jealous hehe. From the one I've tried, paint pots are brilliant. I must admit I wasn't convinced when I heard people talking about them before, they seemed too pricey but I was so wrong! hehe.
    @Gem - Thank you! Ooh that's a great suggestion, thank you!
    @Rebecca - Ooh no, sounds like you have a very classic wardrobe. Lovely!
    @Sofia - Thank you so much sweetie! <3
    @Sian - Ooh thank you for that link! So simple but a great way to keep things organised!
    @Amaris - I have some drawers at the moment but I think I'm outgrowing them. Not being able to see everything is super annoying sometimes, especially in the mornings!
    @Franki - Thank you! Aww yeah some of those stands are super cute. Will definitely keep an eye out! Ahh a mug tree is an amazing idea!
    @Emma - Thank you beautiful <3
    @Lydia - Thank youu! Ooh I've heard lots about that, it sounds gorgeous. Multi purpose too is always a bonus!
    @Nic - Aww <3 Ooh I've had a few people recommend that, will definitely check it out!
    @Lauren - Ahh I'm so jealous! I think it's the perfect solution!
    @Abi - Thank you! Definitely feeling much better!
    @Half Dressed - Ooh what a great present to start off your addiction hehe
    @Victoria - Aww! <3 Noo, you have beautiful hair! My fringe makes my face look chubbs but I have a massive forehead. Catch 22 haha.
    @Steph - Thank you sweets! <3
    @Konni - Hehe really recommend the products I have from Cham Pale! Your storage problem is the problem I'm having exactly! Definitely more storage is the way forward, not less make up hehe.
    @Laura - Aww thank you <3
    @Tabitha - Ooh I've just looked at it and the swatch looks amazingly pretty! I definitely need that!


  29. @Alison - Aww thank you so much!
    @Ana Christina - <3
    @COURTZMELV - Thank you! It's so adorable, love owls!
    @Bee - Ooh thank you! I will definitely check out Urban Outfitters. I always forget about them!


  30. Love that dress, I can't wait to start wearing pretty dresses again once the weather finally stops being so cold and grey.
    Glad you're happy with your Mac purchase. I love the Rubenesque Paint Pot, it's the perfect golden bronze. x

  31. I love this dress! The print is fab and the colour is gorgeous too! I've never shopped at Very so I must take a proper look at their website :) I've never purchased anything from MAC either but I have a wishlist as long as my arm!!

    Hope you're feeling better lovely! xo

  32. you're very attractive jenny<3, this dress suits you prefectly!xx

  33. Amazing post!!!

    lovely dress- matches your eyes!!!


  34. you look so gorgeous! you really suit the dress, its super flattering x

  35. Beautiful.
    Your hair looks so thick and lush too!

  36. That dress is lovely! Will be perfect for the summer. I love my peter pan collar dress in my last post because it makes me feel like that.

  37. Your hair looks amazing, and that dress is so cute!
    All of my toiletries are stored in wooden/wicker basket things - they fit perfectly on my shelves and don't look too cluttered. I got them from IKEA :)

    Rosie x

  38. That dress looks so so lovely on you :)

    Chloe... x

  39. I really want to see you dye your hair bright blonde for some reason haha, I think it would really suit you.
    Anyway lovely outfit :)

  40. You looked so fantastic in that dress that I HAD to get one! I got the Berry coloured one and it was the last one they had so I was very lucky! Can't wait for it to arrive in the post :)

    I store my makeup in a small chest with 9 little draws in it, and a little red chest I bought from Ikea. I keep nail varnish and bracelets in the Ikea chest, and everything else has its own draw in the other chest. That way everything is organised and I can find whatever I want really easily! xxx

  41. Your skin looks absolutely amazing and flawless here! And your dress looks adorable on you :) xx

  42. Cute dress! I love that print and that color looks so nice on you!

  43. be careful! MAC is a powerful powerful addiction :P

    I love your bangs! But where did your ombre go?

  44. Yes this is a beautiful dress on you. I like the slight tulip shape too so it hides tummy. From MAC, i cannot live without the liquidlast eyeliner, it has a super long last power even on my very very oily lids.

  45. you are super adorable! <3

    - Coco

  46. you look absolutley adorable jennie. that dress suits you so well! xo

  47. Jennie I adore this, the dress is perfect and so very you. You are so pretty and have such a wonderful sense in style :)x

  48. You look lovely! Must check out Very, I always forget to look on there to be honest.

    Let me know if you find a good storage solution please - at the moment my make up/toiletries are in several cath kidston toiletry bags on top of a chair, and my jewellery resides on some hooks and a cake stand - not the best in terms of cluttering up my room!

    Sally x

  49. Pretty! Your hair looks lush Jen!
    I'm a MAC virgin too, I just can't justify the prices at the mo, but if all the hype is to be believed I'm sure I'll be a convert soon!

    Lauren xx.

  50. Your hair is so pretty, love that dress. Hope your feeling lots better :) xox

  51. @Lily - Ooh Rubenesque looks gorgeous!
    @Jess - Thank you sweets! Definitely with you on the super long mac wishlist thing hehe
    @Holly - Thank you beautiful!
    @Lizzie - <3
    @Lizzy - Thank you!
    @Monika - Thank youu <3
    @Helen - <3
    @Rosie - Thank you. I definitely need an Ikea trip!
    @Chloe - <3
    @Jess - Funnily enough I've been wanting bright blonde locks. My hair wouldn't handle the bleach though so instead I'm longing for summer when it'll hopefully lighten up a bit naturally!
    @SkellyBones - Ooh I got the berry one too, it's a gorgeous colour!
    @Tiffany - Aww thank you. It's all make up haha!
    @Olivia - Thank you lovely!
    @Kimberlee - Haha I'm beginning to see that! The pink/purple ombre was fun but the upkeep was not fun!
    @The Merry Traveller - Ooh thank you for that suggestion!
    @Coco - <3 <3
    @Tennille - N'aww <3
    @Alice - Thank you so much! :)
    @Sally - Aww thank you! I will do, storage is a tricky subject!
    Lauren - Thank youu! They are definitely a bit pricey, but soso pretty hehe.
    @Miss EBlog - <3
    @Claire - Aww thank you sweets!


  52. I LOVE THAT DRESS. I want it, a lot. Wait, ELEVEN FREAKING POUNDS?! Oh lord, my paycheque isn't going to touch the sides this month!

    Your makeup does look lovely! I store my makeup in a box I got at a craft store, I may be able to find it on google, give me a sec... yep, here:


    My jewellery, I just stuck little self-adhesive hooks on the side of my cheapo bookcase and now all my necklaces hang there. Tangle free and on display! I also hang some from my cork-board.

  53. Cute outfit :).



  54. That dress is so so cute. And it's only £11!! Damn me for being on a shopping ban this year, I would so have been jumping on that piece. Lovely! And your hair looks great in this picture!

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  55. I have that dress but I got it before it was in the sale :(

  56. pale blue really, really suits you! glad you're feeling better too, lovely x

  57. @Sarah - Haha it's a bargain! Thank you so much for the suggestions & the link too!
    @Sadie - <3
    @Daisymay - Thank you! :)
    @Gem - It's so pretty that it's definitely worth the full price!
    @Elle = Thank you sweets!


  58. this is so so cute hon! i love your dress
    check out my blog if you want hon, we might have a lot in common x

  59. love the dress, and the blog. You are the perfect shape, therefore it is great when i find the dresses on ebay :D cannot wait to read more xx

  60. Love the dress in this print!



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