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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

What I Wore: There's a fire starting in my heart.

I woke up this morning and there was the strangest bright light shining through my window. I couldn't quite believe I was seeing this mysterious sun that's been hiding for so many months but it definitely put a smile on my face. I'm usually very much a winter girl but this year I can't wait for the summer time.

This dress from ASOS was one of many I have purchased over the last few weeks and it's probably one of my favourites. It is a bit see through so I think I'm going to invest in a little cami to wear underneath but I do really want the other colours too!

My outfit posts aren't as detailed as I would like them to be and I'm looking forward to having my own personal photographer lovely boyfriend close by to take some pictures for me! He's probably going to get fed up of me begging him to take me into the pretty countryside all the time but I'm sure he'll secretly love it! I'm not professing to be super fashionable or anything but I'd really like to expand my blog as much as possible this year so that means you'll probably have to put up with more photographs of my face and perhaps a few videos too! Sorry!

Illamasqua Satin Primer.
Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation.
The Body Shop Cool Dusk Blush.
MAC Rose Ole Highlight Powder.
MAC Vintage Selection Paint Pot.
Collection 2000 Big Fake Mascara.
Wet 'n Wild Retro Pink Lipstick.
Revlon Wild About Violet Lipgloss.
My skin has been having a bit of a freak out over the last couple of weeks so I'm very happy that I picked up a bottle of Illamasqua's Rich Liquid Foundation. It's far too heavy for me to wear on its own but when I use a tiny amount mixed with the Satin Primer the coverage is incredible!It does still give quite a matte finish so I always reach for the shimmery blush and eye colours to make up for that & put a little life back into my skin.

Are you looking forward to the summer time this year? Or do you prefer the colder months?


  1. i'm completely the same as you, i'm usually such a winter person but this year i'm so looking forward to summer :) we had a bit of sun this morning, but there was ice on the roads, i'm praying the snow doesn't come back! you look lovely in your pictures :) xo

  2. that dress is lovely!
    i can't wait to see some videos ♥
    i really am looking forward to summer, even though i know when it comes i'll do nothing but complain because i really hate dressing for summer.

  3. SUMMER! I am desperate for warmer weather and sunshine, the dark and cold are making me feel miserable. Last summer was glorious, more of the same please!

    And moer pictures of your face would be a great thing, not a bad one. And that's a fact! :D

  4. You look lovely :) I wasn't too keen on the Rich Liquid Foundation - I found it a bit mask like but I never thought of trying it with the Satin Primer. I may have to repurchase at IMATS :) I'm looking forward to the summer - it'll be nice to see the sun again! xxx

  5. Babe alert!! Your hair looks ace, and the dress is lovely, it's like a fairy dress :) I want to find a foundation that stays matte for ages (as I have oily skin) and has gooood coverage, any ideas beauty queen? xxx

  6. I am absolutely looking forward to the Summer months, I'm so sick of these dark nights now.

  7. You look simply gorgeous :) xxx

  8. I definitely love the summer time because there's no school and the sun is shining like no tomorrow, but winter time has its moments - like being able to ice-skate and see all the pretty Christmas lights!

  9. nice dress and I love the look of that retro pink lipstick, definitely my thing =)

    Hannah xx

  10. LOVE that dress on you...you look more gorgeous in every post x

  11. The dress is so cute!!! I love your hair <3

  12. @Jennie - I love how the sun makes everyone happier! Thank you!
    @Heather-Louise - Haha I'm the same! I love layering clothes but I need the sunshineee!
    @Konni - Aww thank you sweets :)
    @Kim - I totally would never be able to wear RLF on it's own but a tiny amount mixed with the satin primer makes it easier to work with!
    @Beth - <3
    @Carly - TOtally agree!
    @Lauren - Aww thank you!
    @Amaris - Very true!
    @Hannah - <3
    @Laura - Aww thank you <3
    @Marisa - Thank you!
    @Modniza - Thank you!


  13. Wow, I love your dress! Aww, I bet you can't wait to be nearer to him. I hate being in a long distance relationship. Only a few months to go though!

  14. The dress is so pretty, I love the ruffle detail :) Summer is by fair my favourite time of year, I can't wait for all the flowers to start sprouting!!

    l x

  15. Im normally a winter person too but its just been too cold this winter even for me! Im longing for some sun!
    The dress is so pretty, it goes lovely with your hair colour!

  16. That dress is so pretty and I love the colour on you!
    Ooh I'll have to give that Illamasqua foundation a go.. I think they actually do shades that will suit my whiter than white skin!

  17. Love that dress, the colour is gorgeous.
    I am definitely a summer girl - I can't wait for the days to start getting bright and to be able to ditch my tights and boots in favour of summer dresses and sandals. x

  18. Love the dress and I'm looking forward to seeing more outfit posts from you! :)

    x Christine @ Fanciful Vision

  19. Ooh I bet you can't wait for the boy to get snapping, wish Dale could take pics of me, maybe I should ask him to do it on the weekends. Awesome tip with the foundation, I have those days, so thanks for the tip off. The colour of your dress is beautiful xxx

  20. Looking forward to summer - jackets hide all the pretty clothes underneath.... :)

  21. very cute dress and I with you on the summer thing. I cant wait for warm weather

  22. This dress looks gorgeous on you. Was just as surprised as you to feel the sun today. Your make up looks so natural! x

  23. This dress is so beautiful!! <3
    I can't wait for the summer and it's a strange thing for me because I love winter. I guess this is happening just because this winter had a boring weather. :P

  24. @bee - I'm so ridiculously excited. After almost 3 years apart I can't wait to be with him.
    @Half Dressed - Ahh yes, everything seems so much prettier and brighter!
    @Sophie - Thank you!
    @Emma Jade - Yes, their shade range is amazing! The palest shades are usually too dark for me and I'm not even the lightest shade in illamasqua. Amazing! It's very very matte though.
    @LilyLipstick - Yayy for summer dresses!
    @Christine - Thank you so much!
    @Gem - Definitely get him to get snapping!
    @Amey Jane - Ahh that's so true!
    @Amber Blue Bird - Thank you!
    @Abi - <3
    @Shopperita - Thank you! That's true, it really did! I love sunny winter days but we didn't get any of those this year! Boo!


  25. hahaha i always get my boyfriend to take my photos too, hes pretty good but sometimes hes not in the mood and gets a little grumpy! what good boyfriends we have!! 3 years apart must be so exciting to finally be reunited! i couldnt do that no way! lovely dress too
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  26. Such a lovely dress <3

    btw: you have a wonderful blog and I'm a faithful reader of it. I just never comment!

  27. Love your dress, fab style! Like the look of that mac highlighter too! x

  28. Oh this is the Rara dress that i want but so hope they would make larger :( I like the mink colour.

  29. I love that dress, it's almost like two seperate garments with the layered skirt and button up top.

    I've just discovered your blog through someone's Twitter, I saw "sailor" in the name and had to investigate further. Anyway I'm really glad I did. I like your style of writing a lot and look forward to reading more. :)


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