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Thursday, 24 February 2011

What I Wore: Head in the Clouds.

A couple of weeks ago I bought myself a skirt and it was a bit of a momentous occasion, well, at least in terms of my wardrobe that mostly consists of dress after dress. In the grand scheme of things of course my skirt purchase was very insignificant. It’s no secret I’m very much a dress kind of girl, but I saw this and after a little deliberation and consulting my mum (she has good taste!) I thought I’d give it a try. At first I thought this would be one of those pieces that looks best on slimmer girls because I thought the pleats might emphasise my already generous hips & make them look bigger but I actually really like how it looks. It’s also super comfortable which is important to me, I absolutely hate feeling uncomfortable and awkward in my clothes.

Vest Top: George at Asda - £2.
Cardigan: Noa Noa - £30.
I have used this bag so much recently and surprisingly it still looks almost as pristine as when I first got it. I guess I’m generally one of those people that’s quite careful with my things, I blame being an only child for that among a whole string of other things, but I don’t ever seem to be too fussy with putting my bags on the floor or stuffing them in my wardrobe haphazardly. So for an affordable, non-leather bag to have held up so well is amazing and this is why I love ASOS so much!

Necklace: 16th birthday gift.
Earrings: ASOS - £6.
I still adore my initial necklace and I’ve barely taken it off since I found it hidden at the back of my jewellery box. Even though the photographs show them, these leaf earrings are still my current favourites and I never take my tiny heart ring off because it was a gift from my boyfriend for our last anniversary and I never feel like an outfit is quite complete without it. I know that’s really silly but because we’re so far apart I like having something from him close by all the time.

Foundation: Bourjois Healthy Mix - Shade 51 Light Vanilla.
Concealer: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection - Light.
Blush: NARS Enchanted.
Mascara: Collection 2000 Big Fake.
Lips: Illamasqua Obey with a bit of Vaseline Rosy Lips on top.
In terms of make up my key words are still simple and peachy. I’ve been using my NARS enchanted cream blush a lot and I definitely prefer the formulation of the Illamasqua cream blushers. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still use and love Enchanted because the colour is gorgeous, I just don’t think I’ll be purchasing any others from the NARS line. On the other hand, I have my eye on a few more from Illamasqua because I think they’re worth every penny & the formula works so well with my skin currently being so dry! Talking of skin, mine is being a total pain at the moment and I have no idea what to do with it. It seems to be super dry but I also have some persistent blemishes that refuse to budge. I think it’s going through an extremely sensitive patch so I think I’m going to try out the Aloe Protective Serum from The Body Shop and see if that does anything to soothe my skin.

Has anyone used the Aloe Protective serum from The Body Shop before? What did you think of it?

P.S. I’ve not been feeling quite my usual self for the past few weeks. You know when everything feels like it’s on top of you and you have a million and one things you need to do but all you really want to do is sleep until things get a little easier? That feeling and receiving some pretty horrible news has left me a bit dejected lately and although I’ve tried my hardest not to let that creep its way on to my blog, I seem to have annoyed some people anyway. I apologise for not always being cheery, but that’s just not me. I’m extremely shy & reserved in ‘real life’ and I’m also a big baby & I let things hit me hard. So you know, I’m sorry if I’ve bothered anyone.


  1. Ohhhhhhh that skirt looks so fab! It's like it was made for you! Also loving your fresh face make up! So pretty! xo

  2. You look great Jennie, the skirt definitely suits you (:!<3

  3. I love your earrings and makeup, it looks pretty and fresh :) The skirt looks lovely on you :)
    Hope you feel better about things soon, I don't think you have to apologize its your blog and your space for you to write about whatever you like, and sometimes it helps to get things of your chest.

  4. Sorry to hear you're feeling down. Hope things pick up soon! Chin up :)

    Gorgeous skirt btw. I love the grey/blue colour.

    Amy x

    Narrowboat Lucky Duck

  5. I LOVE that skirt, it's absolutely lovely and so nice on you, it's a really nice fit. I am usually a 'dress' person but I've bought lots of skirts lately as they're good to wear with t-shirts or shirts for work; I am like you and have hips but I find high waisted skirts flattering for my shape. Your make up is really nice too, you look so fresh faced! I really need to learn more about make up, I just cannot seem to find the right shade of foundation for me at the moment :/

  6. Lovely outfit and the makeup is perfect considering the good weather today. I really love those earrings too, might have to order them.
    I also hope you feel less blue soon but you can't apologise for not always being cheery, you are a human not just a blog. Everyone is allowed to have off weeks and you shouldn't be ashamed to tell your readers that, even if you don't want to explain it we should all still care (I'm sure most just want you to be happy again).
    Essay, sorry about that.

  7. Aww its a shame your feeling a bit down. I go through stages when I just want to crawl up in a ball and try to forget my issues( mainly around exams.. ergh)
    You don't need to apologise, you wouldn't be human if you didn't have feelings:)
    Tbh, I didn't notice a change in mood, so ignore those who are clearly that strange they analyse the mood of your posts. Weirdos:) x

  8. Very pretty, skirts suit you! I hate feeling awkward in my clothes too. Hope you feel better sweetie :) xx

  9. I think you did a great job picking the skirt, it really suits you, it's a lovely colour :) I hope things are looking a little better :)

    L x

  10. Your make-up always looks so beautiful (: By the way, I still think people should piss off about the whole cheery thing. It's your blog and your feelings. Surely they've experienced shit in their life that's made them upset. Agh, really infuriates me. You're such a lovely lady. Anyway....I'm also a massive fan of sentimental jewellery :)

  11. @Victoria - Thank you!
    @Holly - <3
    @little rambling rose - Thank you! <3
    @Amy - Thank you! It is a really lovely colour, I don't have anything quite like it!
    @Beccy - <3
    @Rosie - It's nice to mix things up a bit sometimes isn't it! Thank you! Finding the right shade can be a pain, might be worth going to a counter and getting matched? :)
    @Chlo - Thank you! love the earrings, you should definitely get them!
    @Chelsey - <3
    @Jen - :)
    @Miss EBlog - Thank you lovely!
    @Half Dressed - Thank you!
    @Bee - N'aww thank you! <3


  12. that skirt looks great on you! I love the way that you've styled it too! very simple and chic! great colours too! you look beautiful as always and I've got super hair envy! x

  13. I love the colour of the skirt, looks like it will go with a lot of things! Easy colour to match! I love how flawless your make up looks!

  14. You look lovely Jennie, I love the different colours in your outfit :) And your makeup looks lovely, the bourjois foundation looks amazing on you x

  15. Lovely outfit, the skirt is gorgeous! I'm a big fan of high waisted skirts; they're the perfect shape if you're curvy, because they skim your hips but accentuate your waist - love them!

    Sorry to hear you've been feeling down lately :( I think we all get a bit like that now and then, I hope you start feeling better soon. And you really don't have to apologise for anything! xxx

  16. Oh wow, I love this skit! And you've styled it beautifully here :) This is exactly the kind of outfit I love to wear.

    And your makeup is gorgeous!

  17. Absolutely love this. It looks gorgeous on you!

    I hope you're ok??? You shouldn't have to apologise to other people because you're going through something that you don't particularly want to share! x

  18. Loving the skirt think it really suits you :)

  19. Love the skirt, looks great with the simple white top.
    Sorry to hear that you've been having a hard time - you seem like such a positive upbeat person so I hope you feel back to your old self soon :) x

  20. You look lovely, super stylish :). Your bag is gorgeous, I have been looking for something similar.
    Hope your feeling yourself again soon honey.
    Muchos love x

  21. @The Style Box - Aww thank you!
    @Sophie - Definitely, I love things that will match a lot of other pieces!
    @ChantelleMakeupDoesFashion2 - Thank you! It's a really lovely foundation & so affordable!
    @franki - They definitely are, I think I need some more in my wardrobe! Thank you!
    @Alex - Thank you!
    @Alison - Thank you sweets. I'll be okay soon I'm sure!
    @Ally - <3
    @Lily - Thanks you sweets!
    @Charlotte - Thank you! Really love the bags on
    ASOS at the moment, definitely worth a look! :)


  22. Firstly the outfit looks lovely, the skirt is very nice, I love Vera Moda. Great choice!

    Your makeup is also lovely, I really like peachy blusher, it suits you.

    Sorry to hear you've had bad news, you shouldn't feel the need to put on a brave face for your followers, it's your blog and you can write whatever you like. If people don't like it they shouldn't be following you. Don't apologise. <3
    Hope you feel better soon lovely.

  23. Wow, you look gorgeous! I love the dewy freshness of your skin. Good pick up on the bag, too.

  24. the skirt suits you well, you look very cute in it. Hope things start to look up for you, we all go through bad patches. Keep a smile on your face

  25. That skirt really suits you, it's lovely! The outfits really nice, and you've got amazing skin by the way! xx

  26. that blush looks gorgeous on you, really dewy and fresh! I also adore the skirt, I love deep faded colours like that :) xo

  27. aw im sorry how you feel, i know that feeling. i hope it gets better for you.

    anyways i love the skirt, it looks absolutely fab on you!

  28. I adore this skirt :) so so pretty- the belt is lovely with it too. I also love your face! Basically I just love you :)

  29. The skirt looks amazing on you, very flattering! xx

  30. I love that skirt so much, it looks amazing on you x

  31. I've just bough a similar skirt from new look, so it's great to see how you've styled it! I really enjoy reading your blog, and I think this is the first time I've commented? It's cause I'm usually on my ipod reading blogs, so commenting is a faff, sorry! I love your make-up as well! Your so so pretty! I really enjoy reading your blog, and the way you style clothes is lovely:)


  32. I think the skirt suits you just perfectly Jennie! The waist belt breaks it up and makes it look super flattering (: I love the little bag as well, the gold detailing is lovely. xo

  33. Gorgeous skirt! Your skin looks so flawless xxx

  34. I hope you feel better soon :) X


  35. No need to apologise for just blogging the way you feel - it's your blog and you get to write about what you want in the tone you want, right?

    My gosh, your hair is simply amazing!

  36. @Raffles Bizarre - Thank you! I've always overlooked vero moda before, how silly I was in doing so! They have some lovely pieces. <3
    @Alyse - Thank you sweets!
    @Amber Blue Bird - Thank you, I will do!
    @Courtney - Aww thank you. It's not as good as it photographs!
    @Fern - Thank you!
    @Emily Anne - Thank you lovely!
    @Steph - N'aww I love you!
    @Belle - <3
    @Laura - Thank you!
    @Jess - Aww thank yo so much. It means a lot that you read <3
    @Michelle - <3
    @Kim - Aw thank you!
    @Carla - <3
    @Anisha - Aww thank you!


  37. Aw, hopefully your just going through a bit of a funk and you'll be feeling better soon, besides, if I were you and I had that gorgeous collection of peachy make-up, (not to mention, beautiful face), I'd be cheered up (at least a little)!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  38. the skirt is gorgeous and the high waist makes you look insanely skinny and your hips look tiny! good find.
    I hate being in those moods, its like you can't put your finger on what needs done but you know there's so much.. Hope you feel better soon :)
    Kat x

  39. Also, did you use a lip liner with Obey or is that look just from the lipstick alone plus the vaseline?

    Aesthetic Lounge

  40. so pretty that blush looks amazing on you xx

  41. I really like your outfit, casual yet very girly.
    You look so pretty and your makeup is so dewy and natural.
    I agree with your with the Illamasqua cream blushes, they are so much better than the Nars's. I find my Nars cream blush so hard to apply :)
    As a good cream I would definitely advice you the Embryolisse lait-crème, it's deeply moisturizing without leaving your face with a greasy feeling and makes your skin soooooo soft. It's my fav :)

  42. @mimi - Aww thank you! No lip liner, just the lipstick :)
    @katchrista - Thank you!
    @cowbiscuits - <3
    @marilou - Thank you for the recommendation, I'll have to try it! :)


  43. beautiful, blue looks lovely on you!

  44. Love that skirt on you, and your make up looks gorgeous.
    The J necklace is cute!


  45. Gorgeous skirt! Hope your ok. It's your blog say what you want sometimes it helps to get it out there. Try not to let it get to you xoxo

  46. Your skin looks amazing, what are you on about? I'm a tad jealous, can't lie. That skirt is gorgeous on you, good choice!

    Sarah x

  47. You don't need to apologise for being down. It happens, it is normal. And this blog is for you, we readers don't pay you to do it - so we can't dictate what you write. You know it all gets better in the end - even though sometimes it doesn't feel like that :) Love your blog all the same

    M - Tea for Two ♥

  48. Love your skirt and bag, great look! x

  49. So in love with that skirt, you look gorgeous bb!

  50. I love your outfit! That skirt is really nice and looks lovely on you :) And I looove that bag! I really want a grey bag.
    I'm sorry to hear you've been a bit down recently. It's your blog, you should be able to write how and about what you want - Just ignore the people that you may have annoyed. Hope you start to feel your normal self again soon. xx

  51. That skirt looks awesome! So flattering, & love the bag too :)) x

  52. @Emma - Thank you!
    @Kelly - <3
    @Steph - Thank you!
    @Sarah - Aww thanks!
    @M - <3
    @StyleFrost - Thank you!
    @Stephanie - <3
    @Joy - Thank you lovely :)
    @Sarah Maria - Thank you!


  53. The skirt looks really good on you!
    I think I'm always saying this but I love your hair :P

  54. you look extremely beautiful ♥
    that outfit looks gorgeous on you.

    chin up sweetheart, always here if you need to chat xxxx

  55. @Marisa - Aww thank you!
    @natalie - <3
    @Beth - thank you!
    @tennille - Thank you beautiful!


  56. Hi Jennie, I'm really glad I found your blog, I came across it on an old post of Gem's (fgwl) by chance and glad I clicked onto here :) You have a lovely fashion sense and writing style and I'll definitely be back to read more :)

    Also, the skirt is really nice :)


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