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Friday, 11 February 2011

Share the Love/Follow Friday 004.

It feels like forever since my last share the love post so I think this one is long overdue. As usual, I've stolen a photograph from each of the lovely ladies I'm going to talk about so if you'd like me to change the image I will! If you click on their names that will take you to their twitter page and clicking on their blog name will take you directly to their lovely blogs. I really hope you love these ladies as much as I do, I think you will! ♥

Sarah’s blog, Sequin This, has been one of my absolute favourites for a long long time! She incorporates a wide variety of posts from beauty to fashion to every day life into a blog that you can tell, just reflects her so well. She has such a wonderful sense of style and I love how effortless and beautiful her outfit posts look. Sarah expresses herself so well, her writing is just a dream to read and her posts always contain such wonderful photographs too! You should absolutely be following her if you’re not already!

Charlene is the beautiful lady behind Dainty Dresses & both her and her blog are wonderful! Charlene’s outfit posts are among my absolute favourite posts to read from all the blogs I follow and I’m sure you’ll agree that her fashion sense is amazing. As well as fashion she also lets her readers into her life a little bit within her writing and her wonderful week in photos series, which I think, is so lovely. She’s one of those people that you wish you knew in real life!

I’ve been an avid reader of Stephanie’s blog, Buttons, Bows & Brogues, for a long time and I think that everyone should be following! Stephanie is gorgeous, I adore the way she effortlessly puts outfits together that always suit her so amazingly and well, she is just lovely! Her blog is packed full of all things fashion, things she’s loving and little snippets of her life among many many other things. If you’re not already following, you definitely should be asap!

Sarah from Burn The Blonde is just beautiful inside and out. She writes so wonderfully and through that writing you begin to feel like you’re old friends having a chat over a cup of tea and a slice of cake. Her outfit posts are always gorgeous, I’m fairly sure Sarah is able to wear anything and make it look effortlessly stylish and her updates on her life are always a pleasure to read! Honestly, if you’re not following Sarah already you’re missing out on something wonderful!

Finally I’d like to mention the beautiful Belinda who writes Fashion Crossing and although I’m fairly new to her blog, I’ve completely fallen in love with it. Primarily a fashion blog, Belinda shares her wonderful outfits as well as posting about her current loves, reviews and her super cute hamster! Her blog is so lovely and deserves all the readers in the world!

Let me know what some of your favourite blogs are in the comments, I’d love love love to know!


  1. Great recommendations! I'm going to go investigate the ones I don't already follow! :D

  2. What a sweet post, thanks for all the links.:D

    Have a wonderful weekend, Jennie!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. Thank you SOOO much for the mention! I'm so touched :) your too kind xoxo

  4. Oo there's a couple here I've not seen before, am definitely heading over to check them out :)

    L x

  5. Read all of them except for Sarah's which I shall go and have a look at now!

    Always good to share the love :)

    Fee x

  6. Another fabulous post, I swear your the top source when I need a new favourite read!

  7. thanks for sharing :) going to check some out now! xo


  8. Love these posts and have found some new blogs to follow! Thanks so much for mentioning me too! :) xxx

  9. Thanks for sharing these, I love finding new blogs :) xx

  10. Love this post as I love finding new people to follow, I love Dainty Dresses so I'll have to check out the other ones too.

  11. I love Stephanie's blog, she's gorgeous. 'The Scenic World' is another fabulous blog, check it out.


  12. Hello! I found your blog through Sarah of Burn The Blonde (how fab is she?!) and I'm very glad I did because you've also recommened me a whole host of new blogs to have a nose through as well as your own, so thank you and hello (again)! x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  13. Thanks for the links sweets I will definitely check them out.

    Just reading further down your blog, I can't believe people were e-mailing you nasty comments. It's YOUR blog to do with as you please, so please please don't let them upset you xxx

  14. Aww you're so sweet! Thanks for the mention :) love these kind of posts, more blogs to read! xx


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