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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sunday Snapshot 011.

This Ralphie doing his grumpy old man face because he knew he’d be going back into his cage for a little while. He loves having my whole room to hop around and having a nibble on my furniture but he’s not so keen on sitting in his own cage. He’s a spoilt bunny but I can’t help it, look at how cute his face is, even if he is Mister Grumpy!
It's super rainy here today so I'm taking advantage of it being cold and I'm having a snuggly pajama day. I've got my favourite slipper boots on, my hair is a mess and I'm wrapped up in the warmest blanket ever! How are you spending your Sunday?
I made a few alterations to my blog layout this week and I’m really pleased with it! I have the cute little anchor background on my twitter already and I wanted things to look a little more organised and co-ordinated. I wanted to keep the simplicity of my old layout as well as the size of my photographs the same, but I fancied a little extra space in the side bar so this is what I came up with. Do you like it? Or did you prefer my old layout?
So it’s Valentines day tomorrow, I can’t say I’m a big fan but for the first year ever my boyfriend and I got each other a little present since we don’t get to be together and go out for dinner or something cute. I was also browsing moonpig and saw they had some super funny cards mixed in with all the silly lovey-dovey ones. We’re not ones for lovey-dovey messages in cards so I of course went with the one that made me LOL the most! I hope he gets it in time, it’s a good’un! Do you have any Valentines Day plans?



  1. what a cutie!! Enjoy your pyjama day, I had one yesterday, nothing beats it! xxx

  2. Ralphie is just so cute, I want to steal him! Your layout looks lovely and Valentines day plans? nope same boat as you :l xo

  3. Like your new layout, glad you managed to work out the coding!! Your bunny is SO cute, and I'm not a fan of rabbits/hamsters etc but he's realllly cute!! I'm working today, which means venturing out into the rain and cold :( Boo!

    L x

  4. Haha my rabbit always seems to have a grumpy/angry face too, especially when its time for him to go back in his cage after hes had a run around the living room.

  5. hehe. He is so cute! Look at his little face :) x

  6. I love the way your blog is laid out! do you have any advice on how to create the buttons at the top and to make the widths the widest possible?
    I'm not a big fan of valentines, my boyfriend and I live together, so personally getting presents is a waste of money when we could either do something, or jointly purchase something for our home. I hope you have a wonderful valentines, and get to see your boyfriend soon.

    Peacock Lace

  7. I have wanted a lionhead rabbit for such a long time and Ralphie makes me want one more! He does look like a wee old man there but kind of like the mayor from the Powerpuff Girls. Haha I want him!

    Have a nice pyjama day. :)

    Sarah x

  8. @Emily - Totally agree! I haven't had one for ages so I'm going to really enjoy today hehe.
    @Monika - Aww it's okay, Valentines is silly anyway! That's what I'm telling myself!
    @Fern - He's a cutie! Thank you!
    @Half Dressed - Thank you! Oh no! Work shouldn't exist on a Sunday!
    @Harrriiet - Aww it must be a bunny thing! Bless them!
    @Victoria - Hehe don't let him fool you, he's so naughty sometimes! But then he does the cute face and it's impossible to be angry with him!
    @Peacock Lace - Ooh I'm probably not the best person to give advice! I resized my buttons in Photoshop and after a lot of faffing around and getting annoyed I ended up with them like that! Sorry I can't help very much! Thank you!

  9. ralphie is adorable. i just want to squish him and hug him forever! love your new layout, very cuteee (: xo


  10. Ralphie is so cute!
    Love the new background on here. x

  11. @Sarah - Aww so cute, you should get one!
    @Klee - Thank youu!
    @Lily - <3


  12. Like the new layout a lot :)
    No special plans for me on Valentines Day (since no BF at the moment) but have a happy one!

  13. Ralphie is adorable! It is definately a day for staying indoors and getting cosy, it is really cold and wet out!

    I'm looking forwards to Valentines loads, mostly because it is also my birthday and my mums birthday too! My husband has his traditions and we always celebrate Valentines on the 13th.... we watch Disney films with heaps of snacks and drinks and he always decorates the room with flowers and heart shaped things! We do the same every year but I love it :) x

  14. definitely agree with the snuggly pyjama day. so nice! love the new layout, i was looking for an anchor background for twitter but couldn't find one :(

  15. Ralphie is so cute!
    I love the new layout, It's so refreshing when you change your blog around isnt it! :-)

    Leanne x

  16. Ralphie is adorable! I like his little face!
    I have my PJs and slipper boots on today too - it's the only thing to do on a horrid rainy Sunday like today. I am packing up my flat so it feels good to be being productive but I'd rather be snuggling under a blanket - jealous!

  17. D'aww look at him!! Raining by me too boooo. Love the background xxx

  18. He's such a little cutie. You make me want a rabbit, Jennie! x

  19. Ahhhh he is beautiful! Where I live rabbits are illegal (unless you are magician), but when I lived elsewhere I always had rabbits. They are so cute when they do crazy bunny dances!


  20. Omg your rabbit is so cute and his name is brill! Loving pyjama days :o) xx

  21. I love how he has a little rabbit beard, very cute haha. I'm not into Valentines much either, haven't bought anything. Think we're just going to watch films, cook a nice tea and eat lots of sweets and chocolate! xx

  22. super cute! really really adorable! <3 just as your blog, nice background

  23. @Musing on Beauty - <3
    @Rebecca - Aww happy birthday for tomorrow! <3
    @kay eh tea ei. - I haven't seen too many around, maybe if you google it? I'm not sure!
    @Leanne - It definitely is!
    @Rosie - No, that sounds like more fun to me than my day!
    @Gem - <3
    @Lucy - You should get one, they're SO cute!
    @Mina - Aww really?
    @Lulu B - They're the best kind of days! hehe.
    @Sarah - Haha I know, he looks like an old man sometimes! That sounds like a nice way to spend the day!
    @Norah - Thank you lovely!


  24. Ralphie is adorable, and that's such a cute name!
    Loving the new blog layout,

    Rosie x

  25. Ralphie is a cutie - I want one! :)

    Love your blog, by the way. Nice layout, too.


  26. N'aw Ralphie is so cute. I love your new layout. The background is very nice. I have no Valentines plans :/ Apart from eat and tweet with Team LDR ;)

  27. Ahh your bunny is the cutest <3 I've always wanted a house rabbit! It would be near impossible to rabbit-proof my room though!

    I also bought the valentines card that made me LOL the most. it's actually pretty soppy and says 'i love you so much it kinda hurts' on it but it's similar to one of our in-jokes and there's also a funny bit on the back about needing a kitten in our relationship that sums me up perfectly! other than that it's just dinner and a movie!

    love the new layout too, i do prefer it to the old one! x

  28. Cutest bunny! Love the changes you've made to your layout too. Never been the biggest fan of Valentines either, I think it's the biggest hoax lol. Funny cards are always the way to go though! And pyjama days are always the best I think :) xx

  29. Aaahh your rabbit is so cute, looks like he had a wee beard :D

    My blog!!

  30. Haha aww your bunny is so sweet. My bunny Bailey also has a grumpy face a lot of the time, I'm not sure why as he's spoiled rotten. I really love your blogs layout and the anchor background is so cute :) xx

  31. Hi! I'm new here a like it! I spent sunday working in the morninf (bleuuuuuur) then Camera shopping in the afternoon yipppppeeeeeee

  32. Uch he's such a wee poser! :) even if he is pretending to be grumpy! your blog layout is looking great missus. Tomorrow night me and david are just having a nice dinner in the flat for valentines. exchanging cards but nothing exciting! xx

  33. Lovely blog and post, dear :)
    It's my first time on your blog<3

    I hope to see you on my blog some time..


  34. Ohhhh that's the cutest bunny I've ever seen! I love his grumpy face :D
    The blog is looking lovely btw!

  35. @Rosie - Thank you lovely!
    @Miss A - <3
    @bee - Yay for eat and tweet! <3
    @Laura - He's naughty but cute! lol
    @Charlene - It is super difficult, especially because Ralphie's so small he can squeeze into the smallest of spaces! Aww that sounds adorable!
    @Sophie - <3
    @Belinda - Hehe it does!
    @Stefany - Aww bunnies can be stroppy!
    @Claire - Ooh camera shopping sounds fun!
    @Ayden - Hehe he so is! Aww no, that sounds like the perfect way to spend Valentines!
    @Julia Louise - <3
    @Raffles Bizarre - Hehe he's a grumpy one for sure!


  36. Ralphie is adorable as always and I love the new layout! The anchor background fits in perfectly with your blog! x

  37. i cannot believe how adorable this little creature is.


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