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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday Snapshot 012.

I’ve been super excited all weekend because on Friday morning I managed to get tickets to see Adele in September! Yay! I knew they were going to sell out super quick after her gorgeous Brit Awards performance so I had 3 websites open. Yep, totally desperate of me! I don’t think I’ve been to a proper concert/gig since I saw The Flaming Lips years and years ago so I’m pretty excited already! I’m making 2011 the year to do things that I’ve never done before or haven’t done in a long time. I’ve felt like I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut of nothingness and although days of nothing can be quite nice every now and again, it’s much more fun to fill your days with new things!
I’ve rediscovered my love for my spin curl hair dryer! I have naturally very straight and flat hair, which I absolutely hate because it makes my face look chubbier than it already is, no fair! Having waves in my hair though gives it so much more body and texture & it’s far nicer! I don’t like my hair when it’s properly curly because then I resemble Miss Piggy, which is not a good look, so soft waves are the way forward!
Ralphie is pretty much completely litter trained which I’m over the moon about. He’s not perfect but he’s so clever! *Proud mummy!* I’m sorry, I’m sure you probably don’t care about stuff like this, I’ve become SO dull lately!
I made a facebook page for my blog a few weeks ago. Yeah, I’m not really sure why and I have no idea what I’m going to use it for! But if you’d like to ‘like’ my page then you can find it here. I’d like you to like it but only if you want to. 
I’ve had over 103,000 hits since June last year which is super duper crazy! I’m sure there are lots of bloggers that get more than that amount of hits a month but to me, a girl who waffles on about make up and clothes a bit, that’s completely insane! I always had 100k as a milestone and something to aim for but I never thought I’d make it there! Thank you so much to anyone that reads, comments and visits my blog! I love you all so much you wouldn’t believe & I’m so grateful you’re here!
Lastly, I’ve got something I’d like your opinion on because I don’t appear to be able to make any decisions anymore! In my quest to find bargainous items of jewellery I’ve come across some really wonderful pieces that I think I’d like to start selling to anyone that may like them as much as I do. Sounds like a simple decision right? Nuh uhh, at least I don’t think it’s simple because I know a lot of people have an online jewellery shop at the moment & I’m not sure whether I should have one too. I don’t want to be a copycat or anything and I wouldn’t want people to be upset with me or think less of me. I wouldn’t sell anything that anyone else already is (that I knew of) or anything because I’d feel too bad about potentially taking sales from them, even though I’m sure they’re more successful that I ever would be. But I have no idea what to do. It’s not just a money-making venture, it’s not a way for me to make money from my blog or anything like that. That’s just not me. But perhaps it could be the start of something for me? It could be something for me to build on in the future by venturing into designing pieces myself if I find a little niche in the market that I feel suits me and my style. Or maybe it could just be something to keep me occupied for now. I don’t know, I’m super indecisive. My boyfriend said I should go for it but I’m more cautious I guess. I wouldn’t want anyone to think any less of me, or for those with their own jewellery shops to feel like I’m stepping on toes. I would really like to hear your honest opinions on this one, I need some guidance!

Phew, sorry for having a bit of a ramble at you there! I didn’t mean for this post to be so long but I’d really love to know your opinions! Anyway, how are you guys? Do you love Adele as much as I do, did you manage to get tickets to see her in September?


  1. I think the idea or your jewellery shop sounds lovely - so I say go for it! I bet you'd pick out some truley lovely stuff

  2. Jennie, I think if you want to sell jewellery, then go for it! Granted there are a handful of people who are silly enough to think you are copying or treading on toes, but I'm sure the majority of people will support you :)

    Good luck if you decide to go ahead!

    Zoe xoxo

  3. Do it, start a jewellery shop like you said you won't be selling stuff others do or at least trying not to so its okay. Would be especially good if you could design stuff too, which is always fun. I doubt anyone would think you were stepping on their toes because you won't be stealing their sales.
    Well done on getting the tickets and major jealous of you seeing Flaming Lips.

  4. I think you should definitely go for the jewellery thing, especially if it's something you've been thinking about doing for a while. I'm sure you'll be able to offer something different to other jewellery sellers, I look forward to it hopefully being set up in the near future. :)
    And yay for a potty trained Ralphie!

    Sarah x

  5. Your bunny is so adorable!

    Oof, Adele! A true role model to the younger generation and a pleasure to listen to :) She's real, no frills, I love her!

  6. Congratulations on the hits! Crazy amount!
    Looove Adele :) beautiful! Sadly, no one comes to where I live..apart from Rod Stewart haha, but at £60 a ticket I couldn't justify!
    And as for the jewellery, just do ittttt!
    Your blog, your space..I would love to see it!
    Don't worry about other people, or if you may have something similar to anyone else..most of the high street is copies of each other, which are copies off the catwalk..its inevitable, just consider it good taste and not 'copycat', people are too judgemental and quick to blame on here sometimes! :)


  7. How well does the spin dryer work? My hair is super straight and I hate it, but when I use straighteners it's too much! I'd really love to try it but not sure if I could justify spending the money, hmm..
    Aww that's such good news about Ralphie, you must be so pleased! And I think you should definitely open a store - you won't be stepping on anyone's toes, everybody loves you. And you've said it yourself that you'll be selling different things, so there wouldn't be any problem. Go for it lovey :) xxx

  8. I love Adele, I can't stop listening to her Brit song, it's just so beautiful! I think she will be amazing live

    I think you should go for the selling of jewelery,I don't see how it's copy anyone- as long as you don't rip off their designs, I'd say go for it!!!
    Love the photo

  9. Hey, Jennie! :P
    I absolutely love reading your blog, but that's old news already.
    I just wanted to say, jewellery shop related, that you should open one. I don't think people will think less of you, it is insane! It is not like you oblige them to buy anything from you. I have a jewellery shop too and I don't think people think less of me because of that. It is not successful, but it has nothing to do with my blogging.
    Don't worry that much (I know it's easy to say that, I'm a worrier too :P), if somebody wants to be mean to you they're still going to be mean, even if you open a shop or not.
    Gah, I hope all these make sense :P
    Wish you luck! ;;)

  10. Hiya, I think the jewellery idea is great, if you make it anyway how about instead of selling it straight away you do a few jewellery posts and see what the feeback is and ask for ideas on prices etc and based on that you can see what to do?
    I started sewing not long ago and have made myself stuff but never thought anyone would want any thing I made, but I've already sold one dress to a friend and I've been asked to make a skirt for another so it's always good to just see what people want.
    Good Luck! :D x

  11. Wow congrats on getting Adele tickets , totally jealous! I love your ramblings they make reading your blog so amusing to read. I think you should go for the jewellery shop, i think everybody has a unique style in what they wear and having variety is really good to help people show their individuallity! Its abit like clothes, we dont all buy from the same shop, each shop does well as they all have their own niche! I hope that helped, and plus i would definately buy your jewellery :o) xx

  12. I'm so jealous! I love Adele, I thought she was amazing at the Brits too, and I think about the jewellery shop, you should just go for it! xx

  13. You lucky lady...Adele is going to phenomenal live!
    Yay for Ralphie being litter trained :D and as for the jewellery shop I think you should definitely go for it. No one will think less of you for it!

  14. DO iiiitttt. So jel you got Adele tickets. That's such a hauntingly beautiful photo! xxxx

  15. @Sophie - Eee I hope so hehe
    @Zoe - Thank you!
    @Chlo - Thank you! Making pieces is something I've dabbled with. My jewellery tastes have changed quite a lot so I'm on the hunt for new supplies and stuff. Hopefully I'll be able to start making things soon! Ahh yeah, they were so amazing! One of the best gigs I've ever been to!
    @Sarah - Thank you sweets!
    @Lauren - Thank you! Ahh I totally agree. She seems so down to earth as well. Love her!
    @laurenrhiannon - Ahh I know, it's insane! Thank you so much, what you said makes so much sense and it's very true!
    @Heather-Louise - I really really like it, you can have your hair super curly by drying small sections at a time or soft waves by drying larger sections. Aww I know, I'm so proud of him. I totally baby him lol. And thank you! :)
    @Steph - Thank you!
    @birmingham lady - Thank you lovely! <3 That means a lot!
    @katchrista - That's a great idea, thank you! Congrats on your sewing too!
    @Lulu B - Aww thank you! You helped a lot! :)
    @Ellie - She was so wonderful! :)
    @Monika - I'm super excited to see her! Thank you <3


  16. Gorgeous photo Jennie, I really enjoy your Sunday Snapshots! So jealous of your Adele tickets, I'd love to see her live, I bet you'll have an amazing time! I think you should just go ahead and do it with your shop idea sweet, there are plenty out there already but I know yours would have its' own little take on everything and I'd almost definitely buy from you! xxxx

  17. Getting gig tickets is such an effort but glad you managed it!

  18. Beautiful photo :) And I think opening an online shop is a brilliant idea, even better if it reflects your blog no one will mind at all as your style is unique to you :) x x

  19. I think you should go for it. Noone could be mad at you for starting a little jewellery shop, because although there are a few popular bloggers doing it at the moment, it's not like it was their idea. People have been selling jewellery online for years and years, think back to myspace. When I started my jewellery business EVERYONE else seemed to be doing it.

    SO if it's something you think you'd like to do, just do for it! :D

    Ps Awesome picture!!

  20. I do think you should totally go for the jewelry idea, just start with something small and see where it takes you :)

  21. congratulations on the hits, that's amazing! i think you should go for it with the jewellery shop. I don't think opening your own would be seen as copying or stepping on other peoples toes but I do know how you feel. I've been selling scrabble jewellery since before I made my blog and when I realised another girl selling it I felt bad so I don't really mention it on my blog. i think as long as you have different products then it's fine. love the photo at the top of the post! xx

  22. @Gem - Ahh thank you!
    @Michelle - I'm super excited already! Thank you lovely. I do want it to reflect me so hopefully it'll be a little bit unique!
    @Cherry - It is! Especially when you really really want them and you know they're gonna sell SO quickly! Pressure haha
    @Phoebe - Thank you sweets!
    @Raffles Bizarre - Thank you! That's true, I just wouldn't want any bloggers selling stuff to be miffed at me jumping on the bandwagon! Your jewellery is so unique so it makes you stand out in a really positive way. Hopefully I'll be able to do the same!
    @Mad Giraffe - Thank you. Starting small is the way forward! :)
    @Charlene - Thank you! Aww I don't see the harm in mentioning it but I do see what you mean. Scrabble jewellery is super popular at the moment and I can see why because it's so cute! Maybe there's a way to make it a little different? <3


  23. So jealous that you're going to see Adele! I went to my first gig in a couple of years last week and had such a good time, I definitely want to go to more this year but it's so hard to get tickets. x

  24. Personally I love the idea of you having an online shop..you have fab taste in jewellery!

  25. Aww lucky you getting Adele tickets, she's incredible. I'd love to see her live. Also congrats on Ralphie nearly being loo trained, I can't remember how Bailey finally figured it out. Although he still does the odd poop haha. I think you should go for it with the jewellery too, definitely!! xxx

  26. Yeah go fot it.....it's a great idea!! :)
    Loved reading this post, and very jealoud of your Adele tickets!! She is wonderful!

  27. Go for your jewellery shop! I felt a bit funny at first being a blogger/jewellery designer (the jewellery actually came first) and promoting it through other blogs but the two go together quite well. The beauty of jewellery is that no one just buys from one place - so I really don't think you'll be taking away from other bloggers. Variety is the spice of life! And personally, I can't wait to see your designs. DO IT!

  28. oo in regards to the jewellery shop I say go for it bb! :D

  29. Thank you for being so lovely you guys! xo

  30. I dont think you'd be a copy cat at all, I think that would be a lovely idea :) and that you would get 100% support from us fellow bloggers if you decided to do it!

    So much to smile about in this post, yay for your adele tickets, yay for ralphie being a good bunny, and yay for all those blog hits! xx


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