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Friday, 11 March 2011

Eyes Lips Face loot & opinions.

A little while ago Eyes Lips Face had a 20% off every item on the website promotion and I figured it’d be almost rude not to take up that offer. The products are already super affordable but lets face it, everyone loves a bargain! Recently I’ve got into the habit of doing “loot” posts and just describing the products rather than giving my opinions, which I think, would probably be far more useful. I’ve had these products for a little while now and I’ve used them so hopefully this will be a somewhat useful blog post rather than a ‘omg look at what I bought’ post! 

I’ve had the gunmetal cream eyeliner for a while and I quite like it so I thought I would get the black one because I’ll probably use it more often. It’s not the most exciting purchase but it’s certainly a useful one. You get a tiny little angled brush with it which I find surprisingly useful and for £3.50 you can’t really go wrong! I have super oily eyelids and I find that this lasts an okay amount of time which is fine for me because I’m not big on eyeliner anyway so it’s not a part of my daily make up routine. If you’re a big eyeliner fan I’m sure you’ve already found something you love and I wouldn’t swap it for this.

The studio line lip stains have intrigued me for a little while so I thought I’d try one and I got the shade fashionista which is a super bright pink. To be honest I wouldn’t call this a lip stain at all, it’s more like a highly pigmented gloss. It’s okay, nothing special and the consistency is a little odd. Although I'm sure I'll use this one because I love the colour, I wouldn’t purchase another one.

Another product that intrigued me when I saw it is the make up mist & set and I have to say I quite like it. My skin has been so dry lately and despite plastering my face with vitamin e cream my foundation doesn’t look as nice as I’d like it to when I first apply it. A quick spritz of this and my make up looks super nice and dewy & I love that. Does this make my make up stay on longer? Maybe? I can’t say I’ve really been taking much notice but I think sprays like this are going to be living in my bag come summer time because I can imagine them being super refreshing on hot afternoons. It doesn’t really smell of anything which is fine by me, the packaging is plain but functional and it’s a bargain. Way cheaper than fix+ from MAC although I’ve never tried that so it could be better than this one. I have no idea, but I won’t be forking out the money because this works well enough for me.

Daring mineral lip gloss was a bit of a spur of the moment purchase. I had been wanting to expand my lip product collection and branch out into colours other than baby pink and peach. I love reds but I’m scared to wear them because it’s very easy to get it very wrong. Daring lip gloss just appealed to me when I saw it online so I purchased it without looking at swatches on blogs like I usually do. As soon as I saw this in the box I loved it, look at how beautiful that colour is in the tube. It’s red and sparkly. I love it. On the lips it can be applied lightly for a sheer red colour or you can build it up into a surprisingly vibrant colour. I really like it both ways and I’ve especially loved wearing it over Viva Glam Cyndi from MAC. These aren’t scented at all and most importantly for me, not sticky! Costing only £3 and coming in what seems to be a wide range of colours, I think I may have to purchase a couple more in the near future.

I knew I wanted the new stipple brush as soon as I saw it had arrived. If you're looking for a brush to apply your foundation with this won't be the brush for you. If however you’re looking for the perfect brush for pigmented blushers then this is perfect, in my opinion. I've washed this a couple of times now and I haven't experienced any shedding at all so in that respect it gets a double thumbs up! I had been using the powder brush for blusher and although I love it, it does give quite a heavy application so you have to be careful. I had tried the ELF blush brush and I’m not a fan because I think it’s just a bit small, but having said that I’m someone who uses a lot of blush and I’m certainly not just a ‘tiny dusting of pink on the apples of the cheeks’ kinda girl. I like my cheek bones so I like to emphasize them, not in an ‘omg what has she done to her face’ kind of way, just, oh you know what I mean! I’m sure you’ve seen enough photographs of my face to picture what I’m (badly) attempting to describe. Anyway…stipple brush…I think it’s super good! Buy it, it’s a bargain!

I need all the help I can get with eye make up. I have small eyes and I generally find it quite difficult to wear eye make up and make it look even vaguely nice. In a bid to expand my eye brush collection I picked up the angled contour brush which hopefully will help me out a little bit with shaping my eye shadow. I must admit I’ve never really seen a brush quite like this. It’s angled, kind of rounded and super fat so I imagine there are quite a lot of uses just for this one brush. Having not used it that much so far I don’t really have a solid opinion on it just yet, all I can say is that I quite like it and it hasn't shed so far. 

Finally like I just said, I needed to expand my eye make up brush collection because I had basically none and there was an Urban Decay Naked palette crying out to be loved. As soon as I saw the mineral blending eye brush on the site I knew I wanted it because it looked like it would be super useful. These brushes are a little pricier than the others at £5.50 but this one is my favourite. It’s so incredibly soft and for some reason I really love that the bristles are a cream kind of colour. I hate washing my brushes, I think it’s so incredibly boring but cream coloured bristles makes me want to wash my brushes more often to keep them looking pristine. Is that weird? I don’t know. Anyway I love this brush. It applies a soft wash of colour beautifully over the lid and it’s so easy to blend out colours that even I can do it. Trust me, if I can do it anyone can!

Have you tried any of these products? Do you have any ELF products that you really love and would recommend? I'd love to know if I'm missing out on any good products.


  1. You're getting me so addicted to e.l.f!! I've just tod everyone you have in my latest post!! Love your reviews, always come back to them before I buy xx

  2. They all look really nice! I have my eye on the brushes and mineral lip glosses! :)


  3. I got my first Elf batch a couple of months ago and I quite like some products- especially the mineral lipsticks, the brown cream liner and the pink lemonade stick (after Bubblegarm's rave). Amazing for their price! I also picked up the studio powder brush with the flat top and it's great for both liquid and powder products, love it!

    What I appreciate the most about Elf is that you're getting products of a decent quality (most of the times) at ridiculously low prices, so you won't feel bad if you use them everyday or lose them... [Oops, long post! Sorry about that]

  4. I too have the make up mist & set by Elf, and I think it's great! It works really well and the only thing that is bad about it is that I always miss my face when I spray it, but that is purely due to my stupidity. + I think I am definitely going to invest in the blending eye brush, it looks like just what I need! x

  5. How long is "an okay amount of time"? About 4 hours? I always have problems with eyeliner smearing :/ The lip stain is in a really pretty color :)

  6. Great post - the brushes sound really good! I normally try to stick to MAC ones but they are just so expensive and I can't afford them right now. I've never actually ordered from ELF (although I have spent a stupid amount of time browsing the site) but I think I might have to in the near future! x

  7. I'd recommend their Studio Powder brush for sure! It's terrific. I've reviewed many of their products on my blog.

  8. Their brushes look just lovely, I'm in dire need/want of new brushes but can't afford to splurge on Sigma or MAC so I think these will fit the job descript pretty neatly! You have amazing sales skills, Jennie, you always manage to convince me to spend! xxxx

  9. The lipgloss sounds lovely, and that colour looks really nice. I like the sound of it not being sticky.

    I know what you mean about the brush washing, but that blending brush looks super lovely so I'm not surprised you're motivated to clean it! I have the elf brush cleaner and I don't like the smell of it, but it does do the job.

    Perhaps the most important thing I have to say is, "How the heck did I misee 20% off?" Heh :D

  10. I might have to try the new mineral glosses and the bamboo brushes :) xxx

  11. The stipple brush looks great, definitely want that in my collection! I haven't made an ELF order for a while as I'm trying to limit my make-up spending but really enjoyed this post and your opinions on the products :) x

  12. So pleased you did this review, I've been hearing of people buying things from ELF for a while but never heard anything about the quality of their products, which I was a little worried about because of their bargainous prices! Will definitely have to get some of their brushes and I really like the sound of that mist. Thank you for sharing!

  13. I love the elf brushes, they are so soft and so cheap! I like the elf powders and I have the mist and set spray. I really like the spray, but I am always jumping at the shock of spraying water in my face. I think it does make my make up last longer and it is really refreshing. I think I'll get through it quickly in the summer when it gets warmer :)

  14. you've made me want to order more elf things! i actually really like their tinted moisturiser, it's a bit yellow though but looks okay blended out. have you got the kabuki brush? omg best brush ever. so soft and lovely xo


  15. @Gem - Hahaa aww yay <3
    @Sophie - :)
    @cbsg5861 - Totally agree :)
    @Ellie - Haha I do that too! :p
    @Amaris - It really depends on if I'm wearing a primer, other eyeshadows etc. I have very oily eyelids, nothing stays for long. So anything between 3-6 hours.
    @Laura - I definitely recommend them. I tend to avoid the £1.50 line but love the mineral and studio products.
    @Justine - Already have 2. Absolutely love them for foundation. :)
    @Michelle - Haha maybe I should be a sales woman! Really recommend ELF, I can't afford MAC or Sigma either so these are perfect!
    @konni - Haha it was only on for a few days I think. They seem to make sure the best codes only last 24 hours! Meanies!
    @Kim - Love both! :)
    @LilyLipstick - Thank you!
    @Rosie - No problem! :)
    @Gemx - Hehe aww!
    @KLEE - Ooh I've heard bad reviews on the tinted moisturiser but I may give it a go now. I haven't got the kabuki brush, I'll have to invest. :)


  16. I love this! I think I'm gonna have to try out the mist and set and the stipple brush now. Like you, I'm not really a fan of the blush because of the size... which is quite annoying. I'm def bookmarking this page!

  17. Great post, loved reading it. I swear by their eyeshadow primer! It really helps keep my eyeshadow in place. I have also just ventured into the cream eyeliner world and purchased the black cream eyeliner and I use it everyday! The little brush is really handy! I also got their studio brush set over Christmas as a starter kit and they are amazing too. Really soft! You can't beat the prices at E.L.F, and I cant really afford any big name brands while I'm a student :)

  18. After reading this I went & made my first E.L.F purchase :)
    Do you recomend their nail polish?? It's only $1 so I'm not sure how good it would be...

  19. Everything looks so nice, and I seriously want to order the darling mineral lipgloss and eye make up brushes now! Great post! x

  20. i personally love love love the cream eyeliner, the staying power is very impressive, that bamboo brush looks gorgeous as well, so fluffy and delicate! <3

  21. Your post has made to so tempted to place an order from elf. The last order I placed with them was about a year ago, and I loved everything I bought, so I know I won't be too disappointed.
    I've wanted to try the new mineral brushes since I saw a youtube video introducing them, but have never been completely sure that they will be as good as I'd like them to be. This post has convinced me... to spend money. Uh-oh.
    Anyway I also would like to try the make up mist & set, I didn't even know about this one. I've also never tried the Mac's Fix + but seen as this works how it does, I'm going to give it a go.
    Thank you for this post... I'm heading over to elf now. hehe.


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