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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Life is too short to have too many what if's...

Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong decade? It’s not really something I’ve ever thought about before but as I was stood cooking a yummy dinner from scratch earlier and dancing around the kitchen to music from the 60’s in the apron I’ve had for years (it totally doesn’t fit me anymore!) I came to the conclusion that I was born 50 years too late! But rather than wallowing in something I can do absolutely nothing about I’ve decided to think about other things. Life is pretty beautiful after all!
There are so many changes happening in my life at the moment it’s made me think about what I really really want from my life. You only get one go and I think you really have to make decisions that you think are going to make you the happiest. Life isn’t easy and no one’s life is perfect but that doesn’t matter. Perfection isn't realistic and it isn't what matters! You can do whatever you want as long as you put your mind to it, and it doesn’t matter what that is (unless it’s something really bad, I wouldn’t advise that!) I think there’s always an opportunity there for the taking.

Now I’m not an ambitious person in any way, I’m totally not career driven but that doesn’t mean I don’t have dreams and it doesn’t mean that I want to sit on my bum for the rest of my life doing nothing! Lazy days every so often are lovely, but having a lazy day everyday would be terrible! It doesn’t make anyone any less of a person if they don’t want children or if they don’t want a high flying career. Everyone is different and I think some are often too quick to pass judgement on other people’s decisions. Life would be so boring if we were all the same.

In a perfect world I would love to be able to work entirely from home. I’ve been thinking about attempting to venture into jewellery making for probably about a year now and last week I finally decided that I’m going to give it a go. You never know if you don’t try, right? I’m not expecting it to take off and pay all of the bills forever and ever but I do know that it’ll be something I’ll enjoy doing and I think that’s the most important thing. If I sell a couple of things then that would be incredible & if not then I’ll just have a super lovely jewellery collection all to myself! If I fail then I fail, at least I can say that I tried. No one likes being disappointed, but at the same time I don’t think anyone should be held back by things that might go wrong.

I would also like to do something related to photography. The big money in photography isn’t made in the types of photographs that I like to take, but that’s okay with me. Maybe one day people might like to purchase some prints of mine, or perhaps I could make greetings cards and gift tags using my pictures. I’m not sure but I guess time will tell. My boyfriend is a wonderful photographer, all of the images I’ve used in this post are his & he inspires me so much so I’d love for us to do something photography related together one day. I’m in the process of setting up a joint flickr account for us because we first met and started talking through Flickr over three years ago so I thought it would be lovely (and you know, a little cheesy) to document the first year that we actually get to be properly together there. We’ve been in a long distance relationship for the vast majority of the almost three years that we’ve been a couple and I’m very much looking forward to the day when we won’t have to say goodbye anymore. I’ve told him that he’s pretty much stuck with me forever now and he said that that’s okay with him! Long distance relationships can work, I promise!

I’ve never been particularly maternal, I’ve never been around babies before and to be honest I’m still not a massive fan of other people’s children especially when they’re screaming on the bus or running around in the supermarket. But, I have been assured that when it’s your own child it’s all different and I believe that. Maybe it’s something to do with meeting the right person, I have no idea and I can’t say I’m all that crazy about the whole birth process, but in it’s own, very special, way I'm sure it’s a beautiful thing and I’m positive it’d be entirely worth it in the end.

Before my boyfriend and I even properly discuss having a baby (there definitely won’t be any sailorbabies any time soon!) there are a lot of things I’d like to do. I would absolutely love to own a cute little cottage in the countryside with a pretty garden covered with flowers in every colour you can think of. My boyfriend has just bought his first house and I’m so incredibly proud of him for that but it will always just be his house. I’m sure I’ll do a very good job of introducing girlie touches however – I totally want one of these in the kitchen but I don’t think he’s overly keen & I just can’t see why! I have no doubt that we will move in the future to a house that’s ours but there’s no rush. For now I’m content with being with him & hopefully adopting a little doggy sometime soon! Ralphie isn’t going to be left out, I want to get him a hutch very much like this one and I just know he’ll love being able to hop up and down the little ladder! He’s only a tiny bunny so he’ll be living in a mansion & after thoroughly bunny proofing the living room I’d love for him to be able to hop around to his hearts content!

So I guess main dream in life is to have my very own little family! I’d like to get married and live in a cute little country cottage with some cute animals, grow flowers in the garden and have a baby. I’d love to make & sell jewellery, go on lots of photo adventures with my future family and spend the evenings cooking yummy food and baking an array of cookies and cakes. Honestly if you told me a year ago that this would be my dream I’d have said you were being silly but it’s funny how your way of thinking can change so dramatically when you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Now all I've got to do is figure out a way to get there!

Whether you have little dreams, big dreams or a combination of both, please follow them & don't let other people's opinions affect what you really want! Life is far too short to have too many what if’s…


  1. I think I'm definitely born 20 years too late, I would love to have been alive in the 80's!xx

  2. This is beautiful Jen, you have very similar dreams to me, I want a cottage with a garden and a work hub at the end of it, where I can frame all my work and do my prints. I want a little girl and a boy who I can dress all cute. I love cooking and dancing around my kitchen, I'm an old soul as my Mam would say, I don't act like other people my age, people might say I'm boring but I don't care. I hope you get your dream babe xxxx

  3. I love this post! I recently wrote a post about how I had a bit of an emotional breakdown because I feel like I don't know where my life is going and I question whether going to law school was the right thing for me to do (can't turn back now, I've already invested far too much money!) and I was getting all caught up in it and letting myself get depressed when I really shouldn't. I wish that I could work from home, doing something crafty that I really love, but with school I have no time and I'm not sure I have enough talent. So basically I'm left feeling like I'm not living how I want to.. and I can only hope the future will bring better things. All of your dreams sound wonderful, sounds like the perfect life to me!
    oh and I'd definitely buy some of your jewelry and prints.. your photos are always beautiful :)

  4. LOVE this post! :)

    I agree that you should definately do things that you love, take a chance on things. As you said, life is too short for 'what ifs'!

    Looking forward to seeing your jewellery, i always thought you would make gorgeous necklaces/bracelets/rings etc!

    Felicity xo

  5. I love this post, i'm so happy your feeling this way, it's so positive and lovely. I've always felt I was born late, I don't like how a lot of people nowadays don't have morals, and just feel my values would fit better elsewhere, where people were polite and respected eachother.
    I'm at the same place as you, told me two years ago i'd be living with the man i'll one day marry I would have laughed in your face, said the only men I meet are complete idiots, and carried on my day, now all I can think of is to the future and it looks a great one.

    I hope you two get to be together properly soon, and follow your dreams whatever :) xxx

    your boyfriends photos are amazing by the way

  6. This is a really lovely post! I adore the first photograph that your boyfriend took of the little bumbley-bee flying away in the flowers, gorgeous. You are both very talented and I'm sure a venture into the jewellery world will turn out brill for you, I'll be buying something for sure!


  7. I was planning on writing something similar to this later on! Go for the jewellery making, i've recently dared to start selling paints - who knows how it'll go :) xo.

  8. Beautiful post Jennie! I want it all, a career in the field I love, a happy home with the boy and some babies, time to do what I love etc!

    Really inspirational and uplifting piece of writing XXXX
    Burn the Blonde

  9. Aww this post is beautiful! I think we have some very different dreams but I agree that it's amazing how things can change so quickly and you realise what your dreams really are.

    Oh, and I was born in the 80s.. but I really wish I was a teenager in the 80s! ;) xx

  10. Love this post Jennie :) It is odd how your dreams can change once you've met the person you know you want to spend the rest of your life with... my boyfriend and I have been together for two months now, and I never would have thought I'd say this as I am the most cautious person ever, but I know we're going to stay together until we're wrinkly, and we're already planning living together in a year's time!
    Good luck with your dreams, I hope they come true :) xx

  11. This is so lovely :)
    I completely agree with you about dreams changing so quickly. Two years ago I was just finishing uni and hadn't met my boyfriend and the thought of a house or family were so distant from my mind, and now I spend hours reading through interior design websites and looking at all the gorgeous houses for sale that I would love to live in. And for the first time ever I can actually see myself with a family, 4 little kids running round ina big square garden with a wooden climbing frame and tree house. As much as my main focus at the moment is my career, deep down the thing I want most is a lovely family home and time to spend with the people I love.

    I don't know what else to say apart from I LOVE THIS POST xxxxx

  12. this is such a wonderful post <3

  13. aww this is such a beautiful post, i hope all your dreams come true. i really believe that you can do anything if you put your mind to it, sometimes it's just hard to find the motivation or know where to start. i've been a little bit lost over how i want my future to work out and i think i've just started to get my head around things and started to accomplish them.
    and i WISH pretty much on a daily basis i'd been a teenager in the 80's! i want to be molly ringwald. x

  14. Lovely post Hun.

    I'm lucky I have a job a love, a beautiful family who would never stop me doing the things I love. It's hard work at times but it can be done. Dont get me wrong things sometime go belly up but with a little help they quickly turn the right way up.

    X x

  15. Aw what a lovely post! Think I might write one like it!

  16. Such a beautiful post Jennie, it brought a bit of a tear to my eye because I've thinking about my life like this too!

    I think you should definitely do something with the photogrpahy, I'd buy prints for sure! x

  17. I loved this post! Your so inspirational the way you talk about your life andd thoughts! I always love a good honest read, and you always provide it! Being 22 and engaged I often think about life and all the things I want to do before we start a little football team. Travelling the world is a big dream I have but I also have little dreams that are just as Important like getting my nails done by WAH Nails haha
    Thanks for always providing such an insightful blog! I feel priviledged to be a follower xx :o)

  18. Lovely post. I work from home with my fiance and I love it. I've got a degree and could be doing something with it but love the lifestyle we have. It's nice to read that someone elses dreams that aren't all about careers/money/status. Good luck with your jewellery and photography, yours and you boyfriend's photos are fantastic.

  19. Such a gorgeous post hunny :) the photos are amazing, so well done to your bf there!
    I think about 'life' a lot, although I get bogged down in it a lot, it scares me, I think I've done so many things wrong- by the time I will be able to make them okay, I'll be old & half my life would have vanished. I wish I knew what I wanted to do, I love working with animals, but maybe a nurse isn't right. I love weddings, and photography (although not up to your standard) is still becoming something I really enjoy & just take 100's of photos each weekend.
    I really want to get settled down, I physically can not wait to move out, to move in with Sam & start our life- I feel like that's what I'm waiting for, like part of me will be able to come out if that happens.
    Follow your heart, I don't see it being bad, things happen for a reason- I have to tell my self this every day!

  20. I loveeed reading this post Jennie! And love the phrase 'sailorbabies'- haha! I think you should definitely give the jewellery making a go- you have the creativeness for it! Love the idea of photographing your first year properly too xx

  21. This was such a beautiful post!x

  22. Lovely post! I know what you mean as well, but I feel like I'm in the wrong century!

    ♥ Jessica

  23. This is such a wonderful, uplifting post! I absolutely loved reading it and thank you so much for writing it <3 xx

  24. So inspiring Jennie <3 thank you. Reading things like this make me feel much more 'human' and that Im not the only one who dreams and has my heads in the clouds some day. This post really made me smile, thank you again! xx

  25. Lovely post, it's great to have dreams and I'm sure you'll achieve them!
    I am constantly day dreaming and it's so exciting when you work hard and finally see yourself heading in the right direction.
    You photos are stunning!

  26. Such a lovely post! I always feel like I have been born in the wrong decade! I'm absolutely obsessed with the 50s. Good luck with your jewelery business if it goes ahead! xo


  27. This is so odd. I feel exactly WORD FOR WORD the same. I dont ever see myself in a suit or board meetings. When I'm married I want the whole shebang. The perfect husband, a cute little house for me to decorate, cooking and and a small army of kids lol

    I think you'll be great with jewellery and photography. Go for it hard x

  28. I love this post. I don't know what I want to do with my life and I'm stuck in a good job but really I want to work for myself from home so I can pick the hours I work. Essentially I want to spend more time living my life and enjoying it rather then spending all of my time at work stuck behind a desk. Yes I am grateful I have a good job but its not what I want out of life. Good luck you'll get your dream!! xx

  29. truly beautifully written and such inspiring words <3 x

  30. I'm nearly 10 years older than you but your dream has much resonance with mine.

    I'm halfway to fulfilling it so keep hold of yours tightly and never forget that almost as much fun lies in trying to achieve it... the rest in living it x


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