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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Why I've been away, lovely ladies & a face of the day.

I’ve been a little bit AWOL for the past few days and without going into too much detail, because as far as I’m concerned this isn’t a place for negativity, someone/a couple of people said some things to me that really overstepped the line of petty hate into just really bloody mean and uncalled for territory. First it upset me, then it made me angry and now I’m over it. I’m officially over any hate and I no longer care. Why? Because there are some amazing people around and they’re more important than thinking about and wasting your energy on negative people. My boyfriend sent me a link to this YouTube video and it put a huge smile on my face & I may have cried a little bit! The power of simple human kindness is really amazing sometimes.

I was lucky enough to win Karleigh’s NARS giveaway a couple of weeks ago and I adore the prizes! Where else can you do something as simple as write ‘enter me’ in a comment and win something pretty? Not many places, that's for sure! We’ve got a nice little community here and the good shouldn’t be overtaken by the bad! I received a trio of mini lip glosses which I seem to have forgotten to photograph (but I will at some point because I really like them & they’re not the typical shades you hear about a lot!) because I’m silly, a powder eye shadow in the shade Etrusque & a powder blusher in Douceur.

Entrusque is a really beautiful gold shadow and my photograph here really doesn’t do it any justice at all. I’m so happy to have this because I don’t think I would ever spend lots of pennies on an eyeshadow so it seems super luxurious to me! Is that silly? I don’t know. There’s something about NARS & its packaging that makes me smile so I’m always super envious of those of you with extensive NARS collections!

Douceur is a shade I would never have picked out for myself because I’m always drawn to the bright pink or peach shades, but I’d say it’s already in my top 5 favourite blushers and I haven’t had it for that long. It’s a rosey pink with brown undertones that manages to instantly brighten my complexion and make me look super healthy. I also think this is the perfect colour to reach for when you’re not sure what to wear because it’ll go with any look. I think I’d also really like NARS Madly and that’s jumped up a few places on my products I’d like to own list!

I also recently won Leanne’s giveaway but my prizes are STILL sitting at the post office because I haven’t had a chance to pick them up yet! I’ve been super busy the last few weeks and I’ve discovered post office opening times are really inconvenient especially when parcels are never left at my local branch. I'm so sorry Leanne, I hope I'll be able to go and pick it up before the weekend!

A few weeks ago I tweeted that I’d really like to try Face & Body foundation from MAC but I was reluctant to purchase a full sized bottle without being able to test it first because it’s quite pricey. The beautiful Lucy said she had a bottle that she wasn’t using any more and offered to send it to me, how lovely is that?! I know I’ve said this a lot in this post but there are some truly beautiful ladies with blogs that I’m so thankful to have had the pleasure of getting to know! This is in the shade C1 which I think is the lightest shade. To be honest MAC shades confuse me. Does anyone know how C1 would compare to N1? I’d love to know what the difference is and I’m sure you guys are much more knowledgeable than I am!

Base: Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation & Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer.
Blush: Illamasqua Promise & NARS Douceur dusted lightly over Promise.
Eyes: MAC Vintage Selection Paint Pot, Urban Decay Virgin eye shadow & NARS Etrusque eye shadow.
Mascara: Collection 2000 Big Fake.
Lips: MAC Viva Glam Cyndi lipstick & Eyes Lips Face Daring mineral lipgloss.

Finally, as if this post hasn’t been long enough already, I thought I’d pop in a quick face of the day. A few people asked to see a swatch of the Daring mineral lipgloss from Eyes Lips Face so the above photograph is what it looks like applied on its own and in the image below you can see what it looks like applied on top of a tiny bit of Viva Glam Cyndi lipstick from MAC. Alone it gives a sheer wash of pinky red colour that I love. It looks like you’ve just eaten some strawberries, super cute! When applied on top of a pinky-red lipstick it’s the perfect red lip look for those who, like me, are scared of red lips and this is my favourite lip combination at the moment!
Did ya miss me? Whaa, no? Why not? *sad face* I’m only kidding! I know, I was only gone for a few days. I bet you didn’t even notice! Have I missed anything? What’s your favourite lip combination at the moment? Don’t forget to let me know about the Face & Body shades if you know. Oh & I’d love it if you checked out Leanne, Karleigh & Lucy’s blogs. They’re all lovely ladies with wonderful blogs! ♥



  1. I looooove Etrusque so much, teams up with most shades from the Naked palette really well :) xx

  2. It's awful that people can be so mean sometimes but I'm glad you've managed to get past it and realise that for every 1 hurtful comment there's lots of lovely bloggers out there like Lucy and Karleigh.

    I love your make up in these photos. You look so fresh faced and have a perfect complexion.


  3. I'm so glad you're back around again Jennie ♥ People can be so horrid online, especially at the moment, I think we've all suddenly had an influx of "hate" ): I adore the colour of Entrusque, it reminds me of an Urban Decay shadow that I love but always mess up when applying! Looking b e a uuuutiful as ever sweetpea! xxxx

  4. I missed your posts Jennie! Wondered where you had been!

    I really want to try the MAC F&B out aswell, when I try it we can swap notes! :) XX

  5. Ignore haters, they've obviously got nothing better to do with themselves than sit on the other side of a computer dishing out crap. You're better than that girly!
    I really rate Mac face and body foundation, it's light but with enough coverage.
    Lovely face of the day btw :)


  6. Yay! So glad to read another post from you :) Beautiful makeup! You look like a doll ;)

  7. i've missed you! every day as i went through my beauty blog bookmarks, i was upset to see you had disappeared ): but i'm glad you're back! and you do the prettiest FOTDs (:

    i'd love to try mac face and body but i think its coverage would be too sheer for me (my skin plays up a lot!), ah well! next on my list of foundations to try: estee lauder double wear, the other end of the spectrum haha (:

  8. Of course we missed you! You look lovely in those pics!
    C1 is more yellow/olive than N1 but we're about the same coloring and it works for me.

  9. happy to see you back:) well done on winning, and just looking at your pictures there i thought gosh she's absolutely beautiful! take care xx

  10. I'm glad you're back!
    You know, it's so sad that among thousands of good people, a handful of haters can really take the fun out of blogging. Honestly, I pity them. They must feel so lonely and bitter with the world, they can't help but bitch over anything...

    Wow, that lipstick/gloss combination is divine! I'm so loving the Elf gloss, I think I'll include it in my next order!

  11. I love the lip combination, I have the Cyndi lipstick and will try it. You look so pretty :)
    The you tube clip was amazing!

  12. You're stunning!
    You're a vry lucky girlie to win so many lovely prizes, i'm very jealous :)

  13. Looking so so gorgeous Jennie! I love love love that blush on you!

  14. Jealous of all your lovely make up!
    and I missed you! ;) x

  15. That blush is so beautiful!!
    You are so pretty!! :)

    P.S. I love how Cindy lipstick looks on you!

  16. Such a cute prize:) I have Face&Body foundation and must say that I am in love with that product!

  17. ugh, sorry you've had to deal with so much shitty hate.
    glad to see you back and posting, you look utterly gorgeous x

  18. @Laura - I can't wait to use it more! :)
    @Charlene - Exactly and focusing on the good is so so so much better than paying any attention to the bad. Thank you beautiful!
    @Michelle - It's getting ridiculous, but ignoring it is the way forward now I think! Thank you lovely!
    @Katie - Thank you! Ooh let me know when you try it. The lightest shade seems quite dark but it blends in perfectly. I can see this being amazing for the summer & it'd suit you so well because you have beautiful skin!
    @alliejayne - I know, it shocked me the lows people will stoop to. Super sad of them! And thank you sweets :)
    @Andreia Santos - Aww thank you so much lovely!
    @ly - Aww thank you! It is definitely very sheer. I'd love to try doublewear, there have been some amazing reviews on it!
    @Musing on Beauty - Ah I see, thank you for letting me know! I think N1 would be too pink for me.
    @Kara - Aww thank you!
    @cbsg5861 - Totally agree! I definitely recommend it :)
    @Victoria - Thank you! Ahh glad you liked, super lovely!
    @Lauren - I know, I've had a super lucky streak and I'm so grateful!
    @Rani - Thank you! :)
    @Ellie - <3
    @Shopperita - Aww thank you <3
    @Poison Wardrobe - I love it so far!
    @Laura - Thank you lovely!


  19. I wouldn't worry about people hating, they have no life! Love that blusher! x

  20. You're welcome, Jennie! So glad that you're over the hate, it's just not worth it and as you say, there are so many lovely ladies out there that it makes it all worthwhile. Enjoy the foundation - I hope it works for you! xx

  21. Sorry to hear someone was mean. Forget them and just focus on what makes you happy.

    X x x

  22. Aww glad to have you back lovely! Sorry you've had some downer times recently, you are truly lovely missy! :) Oooo would love to know how you get on with MAC Face & Body as I've been pondering as to whether I should buy or not? Also those NARS bits look luuuush! :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  23. I missed your posting Jennie!

    The Daring lipgloss looks really, really nice. You are making me need to purchase it :D

  24. a) You are amazing and I'm glad you're refusing to let the vile people get to you
    b) Your eyes are so blue, I love them
    c) You are stunning
    d) Congratulations on the prizes, that blush looks tres pretty!

    Lots of love to you xxx

  25. *big angry face*!! Where are they?! I'll kill 'em...

    Mean people make me so angry. Especially when the negativity is directed at such lovely people, like you. Glad you're okay though. x

    Ooh I'm quite obsessed with gold eyeshadow. Haven't tried this one but it looks fab! Jealous. I've always wanted to try MAC Face and Body but I'm unsure of the colours too - I feel a shopping trip coming on. :P x

  26. you look lovely, especially your hair! <3

  27. Wow you are soooo stinking gorgeous! I can't get over it! You probably don't even need makeup ;) Hehe. Kidding! It's fun. This makeup looks amazing, too!

  28. I'm glad your back, I love your blog. That eyeshadow is really pretty, I've got to agree that NARS packaging is lovely although sadly I have to admire it from afar xx

  29. gahhh you have the cutest face!
    i know i've said this before but i love your attitude! fuck people who only exist to bring other people down. there's something seriously wrong in their lives if they feel the need to try make other people feel bad.
    glad you're happy again & posting, especially about all your awesome NARS stuff, mega jealous! xo

  30. So glad that you're not letting the haters get to you. It makes me so sad that anyone would send negativity your way - you genuinely seem like a lovely positve person.
    Gorgeous photos, especially the second one, your skin looks flawless. x

  31. @StyleFrost - Totally agree! Thank you :)
    @Lucy - Thank you beautiful!
    @Please may I? - Thank you, I will!
    @Aysh - Thank you lovely! I will do! :)
    @konni - You do need to get it, it's a total bargain & it would suit you so so much!
    @laura - Aww <3 thank you beautiful!
    @kate louise - Hehe aww! Really liking face & body so far, it's buildable! :)
    @fern - thank you beautiful!
    @maggeygrace - Awww, you're too sweet!
    @Sylvieee - Thank you! They're super pricey aren't they?!
    @Laura Jane - Aww thank you! It took me a while to learn that but life is too short!
    @Lily - Thank you lovely! <3
    @Risha - :)


  32. aww how gorgeous are you! lovely eyes. sad about the hate, everyone gets it though, don't they. horrible. glad you bounced back. xo.

  33. I think everyone goes through a lil phase where everything gets to them with blogging, I know I have! Glad your back, and what a gorgeous look! I knew that blush would look amazing on you =)

    So glad you love your prize! xxxxx

  34. So glad you are not letting the nasty people get to you, they are only jealous!
    I love the face of the day, your make up always looks so gorgeous!
    How lucky are you to win all those goodies!

  35. I suppose i could call myself lucky that i havnt had any of these attacks from petty people, but im sure one day someone will say something. The thing is, these people clearly have nothing better to do with their time and just fill it with putting hate on others, its pathetic. Keep your chin up and keep enjoying blogging, because your good at it, and we all enjoy reading your blog and looking at your photos! :)

    ps. Love the colour of the blush and eyeshadow. :) xx

  36. Aww I can't believe people are being mean to you when you're so lovely! Glad you're over it now, it's hard not to take it personally but you do nothing to deserve any haters.


    Ps the makeup looks goooorge!

  37. You look amazing! You have such lovely skin and eyes.

    It befuddles me that anyone could have anything mean to say about you, let alone to you. You have to be one of the sweetest and nicest girls on here. Just don't understand it! Just ignore it. People who leave negative comments just want to get a rise out of you. Don't even waste your time letting negativity get you down.

  38. ur eyes are soo pretty! I love MAC F&B <3

  39. I've never commented before, but i think you're an absolutely beautiful girl and it's a crying shame some people are jealous enough of that to be a bitch to you. I also bought that blue heart very dress because of you ;)

  40. 1) Life is too short to worry about what some miserable person alone in their room says to try and bring you down to their level. The fact that anyone is willing to put in the time and effort to be negitave and hurtful is a clear sign they really haven't got anything better to do...which is sad for them, but not your problem as you've obviously got a man who loves you and a fantastic blog to write, amungst other things!...dust that grumpy person off your shoulder and forget about em'!

    2) The makeup you won looks amazing on you! Your skin looks radiant, lips dewy and your eyes are GEORGOUS! Celebrities pay heaps to look like that!

    3) Looking forward to more posts!


  41. You have one of the most pretty faces in the blogging community I've seen thus far. I myself had a nasty comment from an anon, but life goes on for us who are positive and worthwhile. Cheers for us!

  42. I only found your blog today, which makes me sad/happy.
    Sad because of so much I've missed.
    Happy because I can now sit back and read a new blog, which I love doing. Which is why I appreciate when I read a blogpost where a new (to me) blog is recommended, (incidentally the way I found yours)
    You are so lucky to win such lovely prizes, and I know what you mean in regards to Narz products, their packaging stand out so much.
    Slightly envious. lol.
    You're face of the day is just stunning.
    Can't really understand people that leave mean comments. Instead of hiding behind a computer screen leaving nasty comments, I like to hide behind mine to leave people compliments. Which I feel is equally as hard to do in everyday life.

  43. You're so pretty, and your makeup always looks so lovely. I ordered a few bits from ELF today after your review a little while back so I will have some new makeup soon too!
    I really enjoyed that YouTube video, thanks for linking to it, it made me smile :)

  44. Yay for being positive!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  45. i love the top and the colour of your lips!!!

    Fantastic blog

    ..Check out my blog, lets follow each other....



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