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Friday, 15 April 2011

Five Things I Love Friday 003.

It only feels like a couple of days at most since I was writing up last weeks Five Things I Love Friday. Where has the week gone?! Anyway after a super stressful few days it’s nice to focus on happy things, although I am currently being dive-bombed by a moth, which isn’t good so I can't say I'm too happy about that!

One. Adele's Rolling Stone Cover.  
I adore Adele in general, she's pretty much all I've been listening to recently and I'm so excited to be going to see her live later in the year. I think she looks especially gorgeous on this magazine cover & I love the make up she's wearing. There's something very 60's & retro about it with the voluminous hair, defined eyes and beautiful peachy blush. Emma recreated the look on her blog Girl With The Arab Strap & she looks super pretty too! I wish my hair would behave and look as lovely sometimes!
Two. Space! 
Space has always fascinated me. I wish I was clever enough to know more about it but I just find it incredible that we're so tiny, living on a little planet in a vast universe. It's pretty mind-blowing and I imagine the odds of even being born are pretty small so I think living life to the fullest is so incredibly important. Wonders of the Universe never fails to captivate me and I'm super sad the series is over. I'm pretty sure I could listen to Professor Brian Cox talk about the universe forever!
Three. The iPad.
Okay, so I've never actually used one before but it's my birthday pretty soon & my boyfriend has offered to give me a few pennies towards purchasing an iPad if I'd like one. I think he's slightly regretting making that offer because let's face it, they're pretty pricey but it is all his fault anyway because I only mentioned that I like the look of tablets and I personally think they're useful! He was the one however who said that iPads are worth the extra £'s. Have you ever used an iPad, do you have one? What do you think, should I get one?

Four. This bunny ring! 
Ever since I got Ralphie I've been completely bunny mad. Seriously, anything cute with a bunny on it I want, hello crazy bunny lady! There are so many cute items of jewellery on Etsy that I could easily get lost for hours!

Five. Hot Chocolate. 
After all the sunny weather the UK has had recently, it was inevitable that it wouldn't last & the rain has arrived. On dreary rainy afternoons there's nothing better than curling up under a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book. Heaven!

What have you been loving this week? Do you have a favourite blog or a new blog that you've stumbled across recently? If you do I'd love you to leave a comment telling me all about them!


  1. Wow, it's like you've read my mind! I've been pretty much listening to Adele's 21 album on repeat for weeks! And I'm obsessed with bunnies too, they're so cute, can't wait until I can have another one!

    And I got the new iPad a couple of weeks ago (I queued up at the Apple Store like a nerd!) and it's pretty amazing! I think if you can afford it and you know you'll use it then it's definitely worth buying one now, since the iPad 2 has the cameras and the new covers and they're the same price as the old ones. I got the green cover :) The only thing I would say is that I've nearly filled mine up with apps and music already (I went for the 16gb) so I'd think about how much space you need on it.

    That ring is SO cute, I'm loving all the rabbit jewellery around at the moment, I have a necklace and ring so far :)

  2. Adele has such beautiful eyes!
    and that ring is the cutest :) xx

  3. Adèle is gorgeous and I've been listening to her non-stop for weeks.
    And I *might* just have ordered a sterling silver bunny ring, hum.
    (The popular snake rings creep me out, I'm so happy to have found a cute alternative thanks to you!)

  4. I absolutely adore Rachel over at www.sweet--rachel.blogspot.com


    Great blog, honey xo

  5. Adele looks stunning on the Rolling Stone cover! I adore her hair and make up!

    Very cute bunny ring :)

    I love having a mug of hot chocolate on a rainy or cold day - quick and easy pick me up!


  6. Wow Adele looks stunning, her make up is flawless!

  7. That ring is adorable. I'd love an iPad too so I hope you like it when you get it.

    Oh and I've just given you the Versatile Blogger Award over on my blog.

  8. Love these posts, Jennie! :)
    I'm quite interested in Space too, although if i think about it too much it does kinda freak me out!

    I found a new blog that i love this week; http://phhoebee.blogspot.com/

    Have a good weekend honey! xx

  9. I love Wonders Of The Universe too. And that bunny ring is just so cute. I can't beleive another week has flown by - feel like I've been so busy that I haven't had time to find any new loves :( x

  10. Thanks for the blog recs, I really love finding new ones :)
    That ring is super cute, and I agree with you- hot chocolate is yummm-eyyy!

  11. The bunny ring is gooooorgeous! Love it. The Adele cover is stunning too x

  12. that bunny ring has to be the cutest thing ever!

    lovely blog :)

  13. I always love reading your five things posts, every single picture is beautiful as always :-) x x

  14. Eeee Jennie I love this post, all the pictures are soo gorgeous.
    Adele is just phenomenal, she looks absolutley stunning & her make up is flawless.
    That space pic is pretty as hell, I am the same on that topic, it's fascinating!

    As for the Ipad I don't have one but kinda want one but then again I feel like it's a waste of money soon as I have a laptop! If you think you will use it loads go for it!

  15. I too am fascinated about Space, i wish i was start enough to do something about it. Think im constantly on the discovery channel waiting for my latest fix :p x

  16. I just saw that you added my blog to your list - thank you so much.. that's really nice of you! Oh and this week I'm loving... Chanel lippies and yellow clothes (: Great topic for Fridays!

  17. she does look amazing on that cover, her hair is stellar and she just looks beautiful. Love her and her music

  18. You're right, this week has really gone so fast! I love all of these, except hot chocolate cause i'm weird, adele looks so so beautiful!xox

  19. My brother does the most hilarious impression of Professor Brian Cox. I love the show but it makes me laugh every time I watch it!

    I love Cami Loves Kiwi, been loving her videos recently too.

  20. Adele looks beautiful on that cover!! <3 Love the bunny ring and literally obsessed with hot choccie atm, it's all I'm drinking! Mmm x

  21. The bunny ring is possibly the cutest thing I have seen all week.

  22. that bunny ring is so adorable, i love it

  23. Loved this post! I too can never do anything exciting like a beehive, my hair is an absolute fail! I love space, truly believe there is more than us out there and I love nothing better than staring up at a starry sky. Bunny ring to sooo cute , love it! Thanks for sharing xx :o)

  24. Adele is stunning. Love your bunny ring <3

  25. Hiya, it's Gem from where are my knees? Glad you like the blog :)
    Adele looks amazing on that cover, her make up is always flawless!xx

  26. Absolutely loving Adele's make up lately! She looks gorgeous on that cover :)

  27. adele looks amazing there!
    i love bunnies also! i have two, they are the cutest things!

  28. love the ring its gorgx x


  29. I love space too, I've been watching Wonders of the Solar System on iplayer today instead of revising for my exams haha!
    That bunny ring is so cute!

  30. First off, that bunny ring is GORGEOUS! I am in love. How sweet!

    Second, Adele looks beautiful. I agree about the make-up, brilliantly 60s. It's just perfect.

    Third, I recently got hooked on Brian Cox and his Wonders of the Universe, it's just amazing.

    And finally, that hot chocolate... it looks so, so good. MASSIVE craving now! x

  31. I loved reading this post! I think I love everything you've just listed quite a lot, great minds think alike? That space photo is magical. I've always thought anything related to space and the stars was amazing, I only wish I was clever enough do something space related as a job! I think I'll go make hot chocolate after reading this too :) xx

  32. I really enjoyed reading this lovely :) the universe is so vast, it sometimes is pretty scary to think about. Space photography is really something too! All the insane shapes and colours out there, so pretty. I wasnt too hyped up about the ipad until I got a shot of my dads at christmas time. He won it through his work, and to be honest it was really nice to sit with and pretty addictive! I have a macbook, and and ipod touch... so I dont ever think I could justify an ipad but they are pretty awesome! xx

  33. ohh i have a ring exactly like that, except it's a mouse! ahh wish i had an ipad

    xx miss tea & co.

  34. Adele looks amazing! :) and that ring is so cute!! xx

    Lovely post & blog, I'm now following!
    Please follow me back at www.hazzaapee.blogspot.com

    Love Hannah xxx

  35. OMG, that bunny ring made me "awww" out loud =3

    My dad has an iPad and I've had a few goes on it, seems pretty cool! If you love touch screen appliances, then it's definitely for you. Plus, playing Angry Birds on it is awesome! :D

  36. The ring is oh, so adorable!! :)


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