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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Face of Today: Coral Crush.

Today the sunshine came out to say hello and I thought it was a peachy-coral kind of make up day. After weeks of reaching for the same pink shades it’s surprisingly refreshing to really warm up my make up with peaches, corals and golds.

I’ve never been a fan of flat hair but I’m really really trying to ease off on the backcombing, which is how I normally get volume in my locks within a matter of seconds. I know, it’s not good for your hair at all so I’m trying to be good, I promise! Today I decided to dig out my Babyliss Glamour Waves curling tong to try and get a bit of texture and definition through my boring boring BORING hair. And I think it worked! I don’t have the attention span to sit in front of the mirror sectioning off my hair and perfectly curling each piece so I just found my parting and at random curled pieces of hair about half an inch wide. It was super quick to do and although heat isn’t the best for your hair either, a good heat protectant will work wonders. I hope. 

Base: Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation & Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer.
Cheeks: MAC Something Special Cream Blend blusher & New CID Coral Crush i-glow compact shimmer powder.
Lips: Eyes Lips Face Daring Mineral Lipgloss.

Eyes: MAC Vintage Selection Paint Pot, Urban Decay Naked Palette – Sin and Half Baked & MAC Haute and Naughty Lash Mascara.

Half Baked is my absolute favourite eye shadow colour to wear from the Urban Decay Naked palette. Orangey-golds look so pretty on absolutely anyone I think, but especially on blue eyes. Plus it’s a perfect summery colour!

I haven’t got round to trimming my fringe, so even at the risk of people sniggering & pointing and laughing about how MASSIVE my forehead is I’ve been pinning it back in a little braid. I’m kidding, I’m sure people don’t point and laugh at my forehead…well, I hope not! It’s just a teeny tiny insecurity of mine that I’m trying to overcome. So far it’s not working but I’m getting there…slowly! But I think little braids in your hair are so ridiculously adorable that I had to give it a go myself.

How do you achieve volume in your hair without backcombing? And if you could only pick one blush colour to use for the rest of your life, what would you pick?


  1. you don't have a big forehead, you have a nice proportioned face! and a very pretty one at that. i think if i had to choose one blush it'd probably be nars orgasm.. or mac tippy! completely different but i love them both.. eek xx

  2. You are simply stunning, especially with so little makeup on. WOW.

  3. i love this makeup look.

    to get volume in my hair, i use tresemme 24 hour body root boosting spray - i spray a bit on my roots then kinda push them upwards. it works really well. otherwise, i'll spray a little bit of hair spray and do the same pushing upwards motion. i've also found that the tresemme dry shampoo give quite a lot of volume as well.

    and finally, if i had to choose one blush color to use forever, it would be a baby pink.

  4. Yay - Half Baked is my fave eyeshadow ever! Looks amazing with blue eyes. :) My mum gave me her BaByliss Big Hair Spinning Brush this morning and I can't wait to try it. At the moment I usually just use Dry Shampoo, Backcomb in a Bottle or Got2b Volumizing Styling Powder. :)

    PS: You look so pretty, as usual.
    PPS: Package was sent today! :D x x

  5. Your make-up always looks amazing Jennie (: I totally agree. I always go for golds/rusts on my eyelids to make my blue eyes really pop. It looks stunning on you! As for volume, my hair is so bloody limp at the moment. I'd love to get some volumising tips too so if you get any good ones tweet them my way! I totally know what you mean on the whole forehead thing. I pinned my fringe back once....never again. You look lovely though (:

  6. You have the most amazing blue eyes hun xxx

  7. You have such a pretty little face.

    I just need to blowdry my hair and it goes full on afro! and colour would have to be any peachy tone :) x

  8. This look is so pretty! Did you line your eyes with the paint pot or the urban decay eyeshadow??

  9. Lovely make up! I haven't tried any coral shades myself, but they really warm up your skin tone, gorgeous!

    I've been trying to stop destroying my hair too, you should give Umberto Gianni's Backcomb in a Bottle hairspray ago, it works pretty well for me! Plus it's got amazing packaging and smells great as an added bonus.


    Crystal Beth Blog

  10. Ahh you look beautiful :) The coral really suits you xx

  11. This is such a gorgeous, natural look for every-day wear. I absolutely love the colour on your lips the most - they look so plump! Definitely a wonderful make-up look for spring and summer.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  12. Jennie, you're my new girl crush, you look so pretty!! Love these colors on you!

  13. You look so pretty and fresh in these photos! I usually get volume in my hair by rough-drying it upside down, but then I usually have to tame it a little after! I think my favourite blush colour would have to be a pinky coral, it seems to work best with my skin tone :) xxx

  14. Very purdy. I just use a loooot of hairspray, but I prefer to backcomb it a bit too ;)

  15. Haha I have issues with my rather large forehead but your hair looks lovely like this :}
    I love Half Baked it looks amazing on blue eyes!


  16. Ohh I've been looking at curling tongs, you've just convinced me!

  17. Wow really love your look going on here. Your so pretty, flawless skin and bright blue eyes wow im just a tad jealous! xx :o)

  18. @KLEE - Aww thank you sweet! Nars orgasm does look super pretty!
    @Alyse - <3
    @lrs - Ooh I'll have to check that out, thank you!
    @kate louise - Ooh you'll have to let me know how the spinning brush works, I've been lusting after one of those! Eee aww thank you lovely, I'm excited! I hope you popped your address in there so I can send you a little something back!
    @Bee - Thank you! Those colours are super lovely! I definitely will do sweet!
    @Alexa - Thank you <3
    @Lauren - Aww thank you lovely! Ahh I'm jealous!
    @Hollie Ann - I never properly line my eyes, it makes them look super small if I do. I used the paint pot as a base and then sin all over the lid with half baked in the outer half of my eye and a little bit underneath. :)
    @Beth - Corals are lovely! I'll give that a go for sure.
    @Hannah - <3
    @Michelle - Thank you lots lovely!
    @Musing on Beauty - N'awww thank you! <3
    @Dani - Thank you lovely! pinky corals are gorgeous!
    @Raffles Bizarre - Gotta love back combing!
    @Charlotte - Haha team big forehead unites! Thank you sweet!
    @Laura - Definitely invest in some!


  19. A nice look - I keep meaning to branch out from my usual pink blusher, and I too am a fan of goldy eyeshadows with blue eyes!

    As I'm a massive cheapskate, I use my dry shampoo for volumising. It works wonders! Good old Batiste. I think dry shampoo is favourite beauty product ever!

  20. you always do your make up so well! very jealous! I'm also cursed with a large forehead but have been learning to embrace it lately :)

    half the world away.

  21. I love half baked, Its in one of my pallets and very near to empty!
    I just use a tonne of hairspray for volume, I've seen a few good reviews about the various volumising dusts that are doing the rounds, might have to try them.


  22. I am guilty of backcombing too, its just so easy!

  23. Wow... you're eyes are always so stunning. And massive forehead you have NOT! It's very lovely and works so well with your face shape. And anyways, it's much better to have a large forehead then nothing! Seriously, if that makes any sense :) I'm trying to be nicer to my hair too by letting it air-dry more, which the weather is letting me do... thankfully!

  24. Oh my goodness, Jennie...you are SO GORGEOUS!! I love absolutely everything about this look from your hair to your cheek color to your lips. You look lovely :) xx

  25. I LOVE your eyes! they are beautiful.
    as for hair volume i dont really have any problem my hair is quite voluminous, i would suggest when blowdrying it, do it upside down, this gives me a lot of volume, then if you want to style it or whatever, dont start from the roots just so you preserve the natura volume of your hair.
    as for the blusher, i'd say, mac well dressed or mac's peaches :) xx

  26. I really like nude make up, it's always better for me to make statement with my clothes than my eyeshadow! ;) X

    P.S. Don’t forget about my giveaway!


  27. You look pretty as always. I'm also not sure how to achieve volume in hair without hairspray. but i usually just wash it and don't blow dry it. (Which i know sounds like a horrible frizzy nightmare!) xxx


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