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Monday, 23 May 2011

A Review: MAC Haute & Naughty Lash mascara.

The promise of a freebie is often very difficult to resist and a few weeks ago I was tempted into making a little order with MAC to receive a free Haute and Naughty Lash mascara. I succumbed to the temptation and a couple of days later I had a shiny new cream blush and a mascara to play with. Hooray for new make up! I think I’m far too easily pleased.

I like the concept of mascaras like this. It’s not new by any means, but it is quite new to me. Before I got this, Collection 2000 Big Fake mascara was my favourite and honestly, it still is because I don’t think it can be beaten in terms of performance for the price. Mascara is a product that I buy every two to three months and I can’t justify, nor want to have to spend a lot of money on one. I do love the packaging a lot, the purple sparkles are my favourite and I just think it’s fun.

Just like regular mascaras there is one wand, the different handles just vary the amount of product is left on the wand. When you twist the pink handle the wand is pulled through the tube attached to the purple sparkly handle so very little mascara remains on the wand. When I pulled this out and looked at it I thought it seemed far too dry and I didn’t think it would perform well at all.

When you twist the purple sparkly handle the wand is not pulled through a small inner tube so a lot of mascara is left on the wand. When I pulled this out I looked at it and thought ‘wow, hello clump city’! I like big lashes but I thought that I might find this super difficult to work with.

My suspicions of finding the purple wand with lots of product difficult to work with were confirmed to a certain extent. While the first coat I applied to my eyelashes was clumpy, I actually quite liked the results I got. My natural eyelashes are rubbish, I have blonde hair and so the majority of my lashes are quite light and they’re not very long so mascara for me is a must. After one coat my lashes were left looking much longer and far more defined. Normally I would have stopped there but I was curious to see if I would be able to apply a second coat with the purple wand without my lashes clumping together, but as you can see from the picture, I definitely can’t. There is just SO much mascara left on the purple wand that a second coat is impossible for me. I like clumpy lashes, but not to that extent.

I was wrong when I assumed that the pink wand that looked like there was hardly any mascara left on it wouldn’t do anything for my lashes at all. I found this much easier to work with and I was very surprised at the results even after one coat. The second coat left my lashes looking pretty much exactly how I like them; I find they look very similar with this mascara and my favourite Collection 2000 Big Fake mascara.

Overall I was left feeling pretty happy with Haute and Naughty lash. Two coats using the pink wand or one coat using the purple sparkly wand left my lashes looking long, full and really defined which is what I want my mascara to do. It wears really nicely throughout the day and it rarely smudges on me, which is incredible because I have ridiculously sensitive and watery eyes. At £17.50 this isn't cheap so although I like it and I think the packaging is lovely, I can't see myself repurchasing any time soon.

Have you tried Haute & Naughty lash? What did you think? What's your all time favourite mascara?


  1. i hate gimmiky mascaras! I've also got this so will give it a go but I wouldn't purchase it myself purely because it's a gimmik lol


  2. I wish I was blessed with your long eyelashes! As for the formula, I think either way it'd be too thick and a bit much for my wimpy lashes.

  3. I think my all time favourite is either Estee Lauder's Sumptuous or the YSL False Lash effect one, but I agree that since it dries up and needs to be repurchased every 3 months that it's not something I like to spend a lot of money on.

    The only thing is that Estee Lauder usually include mascara in their free gifts when they're on their 'buy 2 products and get a free gift' thing so I can sometimes get by for a while without the spendage.

    My favourite, err, 'high street' mascara is probably the l'oreal telescopic which never ever clumps but allows me to put on quite a few layers.

    Sorry for the essay of a comment!

    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth

  4. My favourite mascara is Super Volume Mascara from The Body Shop. It's just amazing. The lashes are longer and there really is volume. I have naturally long and black lashes, so it's mainly about volume for me, but my friend (very short, straight and pale lashes) tried it and bought it later in the day! :) X


  5. The pink wand looks much better, I like that there are two versions though. Interesting, never tried a mac mascara. xxx

  6. First of all, wowsers at the photos of your eyes, you must have a good macro lens and a steady hand! The Collection 2000 Big Fake mascara is my favourite too, and to be honest, no matter how good it was I don't think I could ever justify spending 17.50 on a mascara!

  7. My all time favourite mascara is Bourjois Volume Clubbing but I also use Estee Lauder lash primer. It's quite expensive but so brilliant under any mascara - makes them look much longer and thicker! I'd definitely recommend it :)

    half the world away.

  8. Your lashes look fab with two coats of the pink wand. I've not tried this as Mac mascaras are a little pricey (I'm definitely a drugstore mascara girl) but Rimmel have just bought out a dupe for this. I've been sent one to review so I'm curious to try the double wand! x

  9. I haven't tried this although I do like mascaras that come with 2 brushes so you can have a bit of variety. My all time favourite is False Lash Effect although I've started using Big Fake mascara recently too after your glowing recommendations and love it. So not sure I could justify the price of this every month, maybe as a treat now and again!xx

  10. I'm gutted I didn't order something for a free tube of this now! I loveeee the packaging, that purple sparkley bit is so pretty.
    Your eyelashes look fab after using the pink wand even just once! Not sure I could justify £17.50 on a mascara though :/


  11. The pink wand looks fab, the purple not-so-much!

    My favourite mascara (at the moment anyway) is GOSH serious volume mascara.


  12. @Karleigh - Ahh I love gimmicks haha
    @Alyse - It's definitely not worth the price so you're not missing out at all!
    @Wonderland Girl - Thank you for letting me know your favourites!
    @Mademoiselle Lala - Ooh I'll have to have a look at that one!
    @Gem - Same. Although I'm not sure who will be able to use the purple wand without it looking a bit...too much hehe.
    @Rosie - Just the macro function on my little Nikon point and shoot. It's a good little camera! Hehe same, it's a lot of money!
    @Helen - Ooh I've been meaning to try that one! And thank you for the primer recommendation, I've never really thought about an eyelash primer!
    @Lily - Thank you lovely! Ooh ace, looking forward to your review!
    @Emily - Definitely agree!
    @Charlotte - It's definitely a bit pricey!
    @Charlotte - Ooh I've never tried that one, I'll look into it!


  13. That mascara sounds interesting. I love gimmicky things like this! The pink end looks great and I think one layer or the purple does too. I wonder what it would look like if the pink and purple were used together... MAC mascara is a bit steep, so I might have to give the new Rimmel copy of this a go :) xx

  14. I really like this post I think I am going to have to try this mascara out it sounds so fun! I am constantly looking for a good mascara because I have eyelash extensions and it would be nice to match the bottom of my eyelashes with the top.
    <3 Poppy

  15. Interesting review, I find that pretty much all mascaras lead to clumping. I'm used to it. I use a Rimmel one, maybe a fiver. At least its cheap. Tough to remove though. Weeps off in the shower but won't budge with remover. Typical!

  16. Ha, I saw this in Mac and was really confused as to what the sparkly bit was for! I guess now I know haha. Mascara is not something I would splash out on to be honest, I often find the cheapies achieve similar results!


  17. I really need to get myself some of this, it looks really good!



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