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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Face of Today: Date Day!

Although my boyfriend and I have seen each other every day since I moved to his little village, for one reason or another we haven't had the chance to spend a whole day just being together until today, well, yesterday! It took me instantly back to the days where I would hop on the train & visit him for a week, spending the days driving around the countryside & the evenings indulging on pizza or sushi. We've never been good at 'date nights', believe it or not my boyfriend hasn't taken me (& I haven't taken him) to the cinema once in the whole three years we've been together! I'm determined to fix that one sometime this year, though!

Eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion, NP Set mini eyeshadow quad (nude shade all over the lid), MAC Blacktrack fluidline & MAC Haute and Naughty Lash mascara.
Cheeks: Bourjois chocolate bronzer in the shade 52, NYX Rouge cream blusher in the shade natural & NARS Douceur powder blusher.
Lips: Bare at the moment but a touch of Benefit Benetint later on!
After looking forward to this day for such a long time I wanted everything to be perfect so I had a mini fashion crisis and spent ages trying to decide what to wear! I'm sure everyone knows that I'm dress crazy and I managed to narrow it down to three choices before I had to turn to Twitter and Facebook for help because I'm apparently incapable of making decisions! Eep!
ASOS blue midi dress, Florence & Fred at Tesco black maxi dress & Peacocks polka dot ruffle dress. 
The maxi dress was my first choice & I'd been crossing my fingers that it would be sunny and warm enough to wear it but in the end the looming rainy weather made my mind up for me!

This adorable polka dot dress from Peacocks is easily one of the cutest things in my wardrobe & since it looks equally as adorable with a pair of sheer tights it came to my rescue and saved me from a complete fashion melt down! I turn into a bit of a crazy loon when I want everything to be perfect and to look extra pretty for my boy!

Necklace: Silver Locket I've had since I was tiny. 
Dress: Peacocks
Cardigan: Boohoo.
My make up was looking a bit plain and I've come to the conclusion that I hate faffing around with lipsticks and glosses so I opted for a tiny bit of Benetint from Benefit. I'm super glad that I picked up Glamour magazine with that little freebie in because I never would have shelled out the pennies for a full sized bottle but it's my new make up love!

As a super late birthday present I was lucky enough to receive a couple of new perfumes & my new favourite is Stella by Stella McCartney. This beauty has been on my wish list for such a long time and I'm over the moon to finally own a bottle!

The weather smiled on me later in the day, the rain clouds drifted away & were replaced with bright blue skies dotted with fluffy white clouds. That's my favourite kind of sky, other than a starry one!

Do you have a mini fashion crisis every now and again?  Please tell me I'm not the only one that goes a bit loopy trying to make everything perfect!


Ooh, P.S. The John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening spray has been working its magic really well! If you're blonde & thinking about giving it a go then you definitely should!

Monday, 27 June 2011

Giveaway: Little Nell Jewellery!

Penny Amey, the lovely lady behind Little Nell Jewellery has offered one of my readers the chance to win £15 to spend in the super charming Little Nell online shop! Stating on her website that she prides herself on creating delicate jewellery that is kind to both your eyes and wallet, you can be certain that you will always receive a beautiful piece that has been made with both love and care!

To enter: I'd like you to pop over to the Little Nell online store & then leave me a comment below letting me know what your favourite piece from the shop is! Don't forget to leave your email address so I can easily contact you if you win!

You must be a follower of Sailboat & I will be checking so no sneakiness please!
If you'd like to gain more than one chance of winning then you can complete one or all of these optional extra entries:

1. Follow Little Nell on Twitter: @Little_Nells & leave your Twitter name along with your comment below!

2. Tweet "Jennie @sailorjennie is holding a @Little_Nells jewellery giveaway & I'd like to win! http://www.sailorjennie.com xo" & leave your twitter name or a link to your tweet in your comment below!

3. Pop over to facebook & 'like' my Sailboat facebook page & let me know your facebook name in your comment below. (I've added this option to make it fairer for those who don't have a Twitter account!)

This giveaway will be open for 2 weeks & will close on Monday 11th July at midnight British Summer Time. I'll draw the winner using random.org on Tuesday 12th July. I'll then pass your email address over to Little Nell jewellery who will contact you shortly after! If the winner does not reply to emails from either myself or Little Nell within 72 hours, I will draw another winner!

Good luck!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sunday Snapshots: Instagram Style 002.

One. Blacktrack fluid line by MAC is my new love. I apply it to my top lash line with an Eyes Lips Face studio angled brush and wing it out a bit at the ends. It takes me a little while to do it at the moment but hopefully with practise it'll soon take no time at all.

Two. I stumbled across Glamour magazine with the mini Benefit freebies inside and although I was going to get all three, I decided to be good and just get Benetint. Posie tint is too similar in colour to a lot of products I already have but I'm starting to regret not picking up high beam as well. But nevermind, I adore Benetint as a stain on the lips. It's such a pretty colour!

Three. Thick slipper socks aren't something I should be wearing at the end of June. It should be too warm but it's not & Ralphie likes to bite them!

Four. I'm going through an 'I'm incredibly bored with my hair' phase so I purchased the John Frieda lightening spray thingy that's supposed to lift blonde hair within 3-5 uses. I haven't seen much of a difference just yet but we'll see. I also gave the layers in my hair a bit of a trim. I'm sure any hairdressers would have had a fit watching me do it but I think it turned out alright!

Five. Ralphie got photoboothed! I think he looks like a cute cartoon character here! Ahh I just love him. He's such a cutie!

Six. I got this adorable polka dot dress from Peacocks a couple of days ago and I adore it! It's the perfect shape, has a little tie at the waist and reaches my knees. I'm trying to stay away from floral patterns because I have a wardrobe full of them so this beauty is perfect! My little town only has a couple of clothes shops and Peacocks is one of them so I have a feeling I'll be popping in there a lot. I wish they'd give me a job, I would love to make use of the staff discount if they get one!

Have you had a good weekend?

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Five Things I Love Friday 012. (On a Saturday!)

One. Hot Chocolate.
I think I may have included this in a previous things I love post, but shhh, I'm allowed to mention it again, right?! It's freezing cold here right now (so much for summer!) so I'm wearing my favourite fluffy pyjamas and I'm sipping on a huge mug of hot chocolate. Heaven!

Two. Wimbledon.

There is one sport that I enjoy and can watch for hours on end and that's tennis so I love it when Wimbledon rolls around each year. My favourite player is always Nadal, I couldn't tell you why, I just think he's really good and he doesn't come across as super arrogant like some other players do! Mentioning no names of course...

Three. Holding Hands. 
Holding hands was one of the things I missed the most when I was apart from my boy. I just think it's cute. I always have & I always will! My heart melts when I see an old couple walking down the street together hand in hand, that's ridiculously cute and it always makes me smile!

Four. Rinko Kawauchi photographs. 
 Image Credit: Rinko Kawauchi.
Rinko Kawauchi has been my favourite photographer for years and years now and I don't think I'll ever tire of looking at her beautiful images. They're so whimsical and beautifully shot, yet the ideas behind each image are so much deeper than just pointing and clicking at something pretty. She's wonderful and I think you'll love her too! 

Five. Essie Nail Polish.
For some reason, Essie polishes are the only ones that don't peel off my nails after 5 minutes & I have no idea why. The ASOS sale is currently on and I was very restrained & have only purchased one thing, an Essie polish in the shade Borrowed and Blue that I'm very excited about because it looks super pretty. I've slipped back into my old nail biting habit but hopefully I'll stop now because I want my nails to look pretty and not icky! 

What have you especially loved this week? Don't forget to link me to your favourite blogs in the comments!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Face of Today: A fitted shirt & lots of eyeliner!

Today was the day that I rediscovered my love of eyeliner! I decided to give gel eyeliner a whirl and MAC blacktrack fluid line seemed to be one of the most popular and easily accessible options so I went with that. It arrived this morning and so far, I really like it. It does transfer on me a tiny bit but it's nowhere near as bad as every other liner I've ever tried before. This is so easy to apply with an angled brush and that's coming from someone that can't apply eyeliner to save their lives! After I've had a little more practise I think I'm going to try out Illamasqua precision ink since I've now made it my mission to find an eyeliner that doesn't transfer at all on me. Wish me luck!

After having a bit of a rummage through my make up stash I found a Light Liquid foundation from Illamasqua that I'd totally forgotten I owned. That's bad isn't it? Oops! I decided to try it out after giving the bottle a good shake up & I absolutely love it. To me it seems very similar to Bourjois Healthy Mix in terms of finish and coverage but the added bonus is that the Illamasqua is actually the right colour for Casper over here! I have somehow managed to get even paler than I already was and Healthy Mix now looks slightly orange on me which isn't a good look, ever!

I wear dresses 98% of the time but lately I've been favouring a long fitted shirt, leggings & blazer/cardigan combination. My boyfriend has always said that he likes me in jeans/leggings the most & a lot of my girlfriends say that their boyfriends tell them exactly the same. Who knew? I thought all boys like girls in dresses. Turns out I was totally wrong!

I always dress for myself, to make myself feel good and usually that means reaching for a cute dress but sometimes it's nice to dress up for someone else too! When I saw this shirt on the Joe Browns website I had to have it, not only because I liked it, but I also knew my boyfriend would like it too. Teamed with a pair of leggings (I'm still not really a fan of jeans) and belted at the waist it's a super flattering outfit that I feel extremely confident in & that's something I didn't expect. Maybe my style is changing a bit, or perhaps I'm just tired of my usual floral dress and cardigan combination. Who knows!

Have you ever noticed your style changing? Do you have a go-to fashion look or do you like to experiment? And what's your favourite black eyeliner?

Monday, 20 June 2011

Disaster Designs Dandy Wallet.

My quest for a new purse seemed to go on forever! I don't think I'm particularly picky about what I like in a purse, I just wanted it to be 1) Not leather, 2) Have a fair few compartments & places to put cards, and 3) Look super cute. That's not much to ask is it? Turns out it is, but I finally found the perfect purse for me in this beauty!
I have the matching Disaster Designs Dandy Bag and I don't get to use that as much as I'd like to because it often doesn't go with what I'm wearing or it's not practical but I really love the style of it so this purse is completely perfect! Even my boyfriend said it's very 'me' so I just had to get it, right?

There are so many Disaster Designs items that I would love to own, and although they can be a little bit pricey I really do think it's worth it. Always shop around if you're interested in an item, the ranges are often stocked in small boutiques which often have websites that you can purchase from. I've seen the dandy wallet ranging from £15.99 to £27.99 so it's worth looking around!

There are so many different compartments to this purse that I know will be crammed full of receipts, stamps and post it notes in no time. Please tell me I'm not the only one that seems to collect stuff in their purse? I also absolutely adore the black polka dot lining, it's super cute & I love that it matches the Dandy bag perfectly!

Other than the overall cuteness factor, I think my favourite part about this purse is that there's room for a little picture & I've already picked out my current favourite instax photograph and popped it in. I always think that little space for a picture makes it seem more personal. I'm not sure if that's weird or not but I adore personalising things with images. The first thing I do if I get a new phone or something is download my favourite photograph on to it and set it as the wallpaper!

Every single item made by Disaster Designs has so much detail crammed into it and I think that's what makes it that little bit different & utterly adorable! There are cute little sayings and mottos used throughout every range and it just makes me smile! The next item on my wishlist is the Paper Plane Satchel!

I bought my purse online from Kaniki and I highly recommend purchasing from them! They were super quick to post my parcel and it came wrapped up in adorable bright pink tissue paper. They have such a lovely little online store and I'm certain that I'll be purchasing some other goodies from them very soon! If you go and have a little look around the site I'm willing to bet that something will catch your eye & you'll be tempted to make a sneaky purchase too!

Do you like Disaster Designs pieces? Do you own anything from any of their ranges?

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sunday Snapshots: Instagram Style 001.

I'm sure for most people the instagram phase has well and truly passed but this is all new to me & I'm completely enthralled by it. Since I'm still all blog series crazy at the moment, don't be surprised if many more of these posts pop up soon!
My iPad finally arrived (seriously, if you're in the UK, never buy from Currys online - worst service ever & they refused to even apologise!!) and of course I had to try out the camera with an obligatory posey picture of myself. You can't tell but that day I wore black winged liner, neutral pink cheeks & a nude lip for the first time in over a year and for the first time in a very very long time, I felt comfortable in my own skin. I felt pretty, not pretty in a cutesy way, but in an almost sexy way. Seconds later I was twittering away asking everyone's opinion on the best black eyeliner and I think I may now have developed a bit of an obsession with black liner. Oh dear and just when I thought my make up obsession was slowing down too. Oops!
Believe it or not, this is actually Ralphie's happy face. To anyone else I imagine he looks mighty grumpy, but nope, that's his happy face. He's not however at all pleased with that plastic ball with a bell inside it. The packaging told me that my bunny will love pushing the ball around the room and throwing it up in the air to hear the sound of the bell. When presented to Ralphie he looked at it and then looked at me as if to say 'What the heck is this, Mum?' He's the kind of bunny that loves boxes, especially boxes stacked on top of each other that he can push over. Definitely a true boy at heart, even if he does secretly love ear rubs and tummy tickles from his Mummy, but don't tell him I told you!
I don't think I'll ever tire of pretty countryside views and I hope that one day I'll live in a little cottage that has rolling hills with sheep munching away directly outside of every window.

The village I now live in doesn't have much of a 'centre' to it. There's a little Boots & a Superdrug and a couple of highstreet clothes shops, but there's not many and secretly I'm already missing Primark. I did however manage to pick up this sweet little long sleeved shirt with the most adorable ditsy floral print all over it for just £3.50 and I love it a lot. I'm still planning a little day trip to the nearest big city for some real shopping sometime super soon though. I didn't think I was that into fashion, it's funny what you miss when it's suddenly not there anymore.


P.S. Let me know your recommendations for black eyeliners in the comments, preferably liquid/gel but if you know of a kohl that stays on all day then please tell me! See... I told you I was getting obsessed!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Five Things I Love Friday 011.

One. No more long distance.
From being 200 miles away 6 weeks ago to now being just a 2 minute walk is pretty amazing and to be honest, a bit of a shock to the system. Has it been 6 weeks of sunshine, lollipops and roses? Heck no because that’s totally unrealistic. Adjusting to such a massive change has taken time and I’d go insane without having a few disagreements. We don’t agree on every little thing and I’m a self-confessed stroppy brat. But for some reason, he loves me. And I love him. We want to spend the rest of our lives together, and you know what, I just know that it’s absolutely going to happen. Honestly, long distance is possible and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

Two. Disaster Designs Dandy Wallet.
I’ve been searching all day for a new purse that’s a little bit different but still practical and this is by far my favourite. I have the matching bag and I don’t get to use that as much as I’d like to so I think this might be a perfect investment.

Three. 200 Blog Posts!
This blog is one of the few things I've ever stuck at and persevered with in my life. For some reason I have a terrible habit of giving up everything I start so I'm surprised and completely over the moon that I've managed to achieve something for once.

Four. Everything on Modcloth.

Well, almost everything! It’s such a lovely little website with so many treasures waiting to be found. The dresses pages are always my favourite & I find myself adding all the things I’d like to my basket, making a sad face at how many pennies the total is and then X'ing out of the page. I do still love a good browse every now and again!

Five. Adele.
Because she's just gorgeous. Need I say anymore?

What have you been especially loving this week?

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Face of Today: Posey & Silly.

Does anyone else feel like a bit of a tit when taking face of the day photographs? I find myself making these awful posey faces and then sit there and think, geez Jennie, what the heck are you doing?! But then I carry on anyway...

I’m pretty sure I say this in every face of the day post but I’ve got a new favourite blusher combination & this time I mean it. This is my absolute favourite. NYX cream blush in the shade Natural is one I’ve had for a long time but always overlooked because it doesn’t look pretty in the pan, it just looks a bit dull. But on the cheeks it’s completely different and gives you a natural flush that goes with absolutely any look. It has a perfect partner in NARS Douceur (that I won in the beautiful Karleigh’s giveaway), which does exactly the same thing, and when paired together, the result is beyond pretty. Love it!

Hair: All thanks to the Remington Spin Curl Hairdryer.
Tee: The Flaming Lips band shirt.

Yeah, waiting in for the DHL delivery man, that never actually turned up because he “couldn’t find my house” aka couldn’t be bothered to drive all the way here, sent me a little crazy, hence the silly really stupid face!

P.S. A huge thank you to anyone that has liked my facebook page! I've got a little banner thingy over in my side bar that you can click on if you'd like to go and have a look!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Ralphie Moves House: Small apartment to a two storey mansion.

As I'm sure most of you know, Ralphie is my very spoilt miniature lop bunny rabbit and after recently moving house myself, I thought that Ralphie needed a lovely new home too with lots more space to hop around and cause mischief in.

Don't get me wrong, his old cage was perfectly okay for him size wise and he did particularly love biting the metal bars at night time to wake me up, but he's a very active little bunny and it seemed to me that he was getting a little bored at times. If I could be there to let him out of his cage all the time I would, but I can't be at home all day and I don't trust him to be good by himself.

I spent hours, literally hours, looking at hutches online because I'm a crazy person and I wanted to find the perfect one. Ralphie is a house rabbit and he lives in my bedroom so from a totally selfish and shallow perspective, I wanted it to look pretty too. I found something that ticked both boxes in this bunny mansion! Ta daaa!
I know, I know, it's completely ridiculous and I've already admitted that I'm a crazy person. It's true, I am. But Ralphie loves it & so do I.

Bunnies aren't often fond of change at first and it took him a couple of days to settle in properly. He wasn't sure of the ladder for quite a while and when he did attempt it it sounded like he was falling up and down rather than hopping. Thankfully he's got used to it now and loves nothing more than hopping around and up & down the ladder at a million miles an hour.

A happy Ralphie equals a happy Jennie!

Do you think I'm completely nuts buying such an extravagant hutch, or would you do the same? Let me know & be honest! If you think I'm insane then tell me, I'm likely to agree with you!

P.S. If you're interested in buying a new hutch for your pet then I really recommend Rabbit Hutch Warehouse, which is where I bought Ralphie's hutch from!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Monthly Favourites: May.

The month of May has been a complete whirlwind and it seems to have zipped by before I could blink. A lot has happened over the past few weeks, some bad, but mostly good and things look like they're on the up again. I haven't written a blog post in what seems like ages but in reality it's only been a few days but nevertheless I'm sure it'll be a bit higgledy-piggledy but I hope you won't mind and I couldn't miss out on my monthly favourites series because I've not skipped a month yet!

The Aloe Protective Serum has fast become my favourite product from The Body Shop. The redness on my cheeks and nose had become more prominent than usual and it was beginning to bother me so when I saw this online I thought I'd give it a go. At £10 it's not cheap but it lasts a good few months and most importantly, it works! The redness on my cheeks has calmed down dramatically and I feel that little bit more confident about myself because of that!

I've never been one to religiously use a primer in my daily make up routine but almost without realising, I've been reaching for the Witch anti-blemish skin clearing primer every single morning. Has it magically cleared my skin up? No, but honestly, I didn't expect it to. The reason I love this is because it smooths out my skin amazingly well and my foundation always applies so evenly over it. I love products that make the morning routine a little easier and a whole lot quicker.

I desperately tried to capture the shimmer and glow that the Lacura shimmering day cream gives the skin when you apply it but I failed miserably, so you'll just have to take my word for it I'm afraid. I haven't been using this as an all over face moisturiser but I have been mixing it in with my foundation which gives a really subtle glow without leaving me resembling a disco ball. I've never had an Aldi close by that stocked their range of cosmetics but I'm going to have to try out some more things from the range because if they're anything like this product, they'll work fabulously.

An old favourite of mine is the orange & honey hand and body lotion from Naked Bodycare and I'm so happy that I've rediscovered it. It smells so gorgeous, it's almost like summer in a bottle, and it some how always reminds me of happy times. It moisturises really well and leaves my skin feeling super hydrated and ridiculously soft and it doesn't take a year and a day to skin into the skin which I adore. Although the bottle looks small, don't be fooled, it'll last you a really long time so it's a total bargain in my opinion! I can't find it on their website anymore, but I really hope they haven't discontinued it!

All this painting and decorating I've been doing has left my hands feeling neglected and horribly dry so I've been reaching for Hand Food by Soap and Glory at every opportunity. It smells like Miss Dior Cherie perfume which is gorgeous and after applying it, my hands feel instantly moisturised and feeling super soft. It does an amazing job and I can't believe it's taken me so long to fall in love with because I know almost everyone else loves it too!

My favourite lipstick of the month has been Watermelon Crush from the 17 shine on range because it's such a gorgeous colour. It's quite sheer, but definitely not too sheer and it's easy to build up the colour intensity if you want to make a bolder statement. Corals always manage to put a smile on my face and this instantly lifts my whole complexion so I love it a lot!

Mist and Set from Eyes Lips Face is a product from the company that I now wouldn't want to be without. If I've applied too many powder products and my make up is looking a bit cakey then a few sprays of this and my make up looks far more even and natural. It stings a lot if I get any in my eyes but I just use that as an excuse to lie down for an extra couple of minutes, you know, just to doubly ensure that none of it does go near my eyes. Yeah, I'm just lazy.

I got this little tube of Clinique's superbalm moisturizing gloss in the shade Currant free in a magazine a little while ago and I've just fallen in love with it. The formula is gorgeous, it's not super sticky but it makes my lips look so full and glossy while giving me a sheer rosy-red wash of colour. I've never tried any other Clinique make up before but I know I need to check out these glosses in different shades because this is probably my absolute favourite lipgloss of all time.

This Chi Chi Va Va Va Voom blusher was a gift from the gorgeous Tennille and it's an absolutely gorgeous warm pink colour that matches almost perfectly to my favourite cream blush which is Promise from Illamasqua. It's not overly pigmented which is actually something I really like because I can slap it on without worrying too much about looking like a clown afterwards and I just adore the colour of it so much. If you can get your hands on this then I really recommend it!

When I wasn't wearing the Chi Chi blusher I was reaching for the beautiful combination of MAC Something Special cream blush and New CID i-Glow in Coral Crush. I really like both of these on their own, but I absolutely love them together because they just compliment each other so well. Something Special is a beautiful cream blusher but I really love the look of shimmery and highlighted cheeks and that's where Coral Crush comes in. When I use this with a light hand it gives the most beautiful light coral colour with golden shimmer and although it was super expensive, I'm very glad to have it in my collection.

Finally, I've fallen massively back in love with nautical jewellery. These earrings were another gift from Tennille and I've worn them almost every single day for over a month now. They're quite simple and they seem to go with pretty much any outfit and I love them. This necklace was a birthday gift from the ever beautiful Kate Louise and it's from Stolen Thunder, who are an amazing jewellery company that I've just come across. This little sailboat is totally me and I've worn it almost every single day since I received it in the post! ♥

What were your favourite things during the month of May?