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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Face of Today: Date Day!

Although my boyfriend and I have seen each other every day since I moved to his little village, for one reason or another we haven't had the chance to spend a whole day just being together until today, well, yesterday! It took me instantly back to the days where I would hop on the train & visit him for a week, spending the days driving around the countryside & the evenings indulging on pizza or sushi. We've never been good at 'date nights', believe it or not my boyfriend hasn't taken me (& I haven't taken him) to the cinema once in the whole three years we've been together! I'm determined to fix that one sometime this year, though!

Eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion, NP Set mini eyeshadow quad (nude shade all over the lid), MAC Blacktrack fluidline & MAC Haute and Naughty Lash mascara.
Cheeks: Bourjois chocolate bronzer in the shade 52, NYX Rouge cream blusher in the shade natural & NARS Douceur powder blusher.
Lips: Bare at the moment but a touch of Benefit Benetint later on!
After looking forward to this day for such a long time I wanted everything to be perfect so I had a mini fashion crisis and spent ages trying to decide what to wear! I'm sure everyone knows that I'm dress crazy and I managed to narrow it down to three choices before I had to turn to Twitter and Facebook for help because I'm apparently incapable of making decisions! Eep!
ASOS blue midi dress, Florence & Fred at Tesco black maxi dress & Peacocks polka dot ruffle dress. 
The maxi dress was my first choice & I'd been crossing my fingers that it would be sunny and warm enough to wear it but in the end the looming rainy weather made my mind up for me!

This adorable polka dot dress from Peacocks is easily one of the cutest things in my wardrobe & since it looks equally as adorable with a pair of sheer tights it came to my rescue and saved me from a complete fashion melt down! I turn into a bit of a crazy loon when I want everything to be perfect and to look extra pretty for my boy!

Necklace: Silver Locket I've had since I was tiny. 
Dress: Peacocks
Cardigan: Boohoo.
My make up was looking a bit plain and I've come to the conclusion that I hate faffing around with lipsticks and glosses so I opted for a tiny bit of Benetint from Benefit. I'm super glad that I picked up Glamour magazine with that little freebie in because I never would have shelled out the pennies for a full sized bottle but it's my new make up love!

As a super late birthday present I was lucky enough to receive a couple of new perfumes & my new favourite is Stella by Stella McCartney. This beauty has been on my wish list for such a long time and I'm over the moon to finally own a bottle!

The weather smiled on me later in the day, the rain clouds drifted away & were replaced with bright blue skies dotted with fluffy white clouds. That's my favourite kind of sky, other than a starry one!

Do you have a mini fashion crisis every now and again?  Please tell me I'm not the only one that goes a bit loopy trying to make everything perfect!


Ooh, P.S. The John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening spray has been working its magic really well! If you're blonde & thinking about giving it a go then you definitely should!


  1. You look really beautiful! (As always). I hope the date was really fun and all you hoped it would be =]

  2. Your hair really does look lighter, looks really good.
    You have such juicy lips :)

  3. Very cute dress. I love that Stella perfume...I have the Sheer one and it's definitely a favourite of mine x

  4. you are so pretty, love your eyes! glad you had a good day with your boyfriend :)

    shel xx

  5. i was just going to ask if you'd dyed your hair! it looks lush, def see it's brightened up. love your dress and face as always beaut xxx

  6. I always have minor breakdowns when I realise something I really want to wear is in the wash :') you're not alone!

    I recently stumbled across your blog and I'm so glad I did, it's wonderful love :)


  7. Your date night (or well, date day) outfit is absolutely adorable! :)

  8. Super cute look! I hope you had fun on your date and go to the movies sometime soon. It's a really easy, fun date, especially when you both want to see the film :)

  9. I need to check out the Lightening sprays - do they do ones for other colours too? I'm not sure what colour I am anymore! I have natural black hair, dyed it with a blonde shade, and it has now turned streaks of brown and ginger! fml. x

  10. Ahh you look so pretty! I love how natural your make up looks and the Benetint adds a nice bit of colour to your lips! I can't believe you and your boyfriend haven't taken each other to the cinema in 3 years - I go at least once a week, it's actually more of a habit now! x

  11. Aww that's so cute, I can't wait to go on date nights with my boy again, I miss them! Don't worry I always have fashions crisis's like that! I'm horrid at picking what to wear for certain things!

    L x

  12. I hope you and your mister had a lovely time! I love Stella McCartney perfumes, Rose Absolute and Peony are my favourites. What a lovely present!

  13. You look gorgeous :) xx

  14. I love that dress and you look gorgeous as always! Hope you had a fun date :) xx

  15. Your outfit is stunning! Hope the date was good xxx


  16. You're so pretty, hope you had a good day with your boyfriend, and no you're not the only one having a mini fashion crisis now and again don't worry! xx

  17. @Alyse - Aww thank you sweets! It was, I had a lovely time!
    @Roxanne - Thank you!
    @Heather - It really is lovely, the sheer is beautiful too!
    @shel - Thank you lovely!
    @KLEE - It's worked wonders in such a short space of time! Thank you beautiful!
    @Dreams that Glitter - <3
    @Gabby - Hehe I'm glad I'm not alone! Aww thank you lovely! :)
    @Stefany - Thank you! <3
    @Alex Kay - Thank you! I'm definitely going to wait until be both really want to see a film, it's super expensive and not worth it if we're not really interested! I hope something good comes out soon!
    @Temporary:Secretary - I think it's only for blonde hair but I've seen bloggers with darker hair using it and it's turned out lovely!
    @Charlene - Thank you! Ahh I'm jealous, I'd love to go once a week!
    @Half Dressed - I missed them lots too!
    @Konni - I did, thank you lovely!
    @Sriya - <3
    @ForeverGlitter - Thank you sweet!
    @Abi - Thank you! :)
    @Glitter Detector - Thank you, I did!


  18. You look lovely! Wow.. your hair has gone so light? Is that just from using the John Frieda stuff?



  19. @lowri -yep, just from the spray! It's amaze! Xoxo


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