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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Face of Today: A fitted shirt & lots of eyeliner!

Today was the day that I rediscovered my love of eyeliner! I decided to give gel eyeliner a whirl and MAC blacktrack fluid line seemed to be one of the most popular and easily accessible options so I went with that. It arrived this morning and so far, I really like it. It does transfer on me a tiny bit but it's nowhere near as bad as every other liner I've ever tried before. This is so easy to apply with an angled brush and that's coming from someone that can't apply eyeliner to save their lives! After I've had a little more practise I think I'm going to try out Illamasqua precision ink since I've now made it my mission to find an eyeliner that doesn't transfer at all on me. Wish me luck!

After having a bit of a rummage through my make up stash I found a Light Liquid foundation from Illamasqua that I'd totally forgotten I owned. That's bad isn't it? Oops! I decided to try it out after giving the bottle a good shake up & I absolutely love it. To me it seems very similar to Bourjois Healthy Mix in terms of finish and coverage but the added bonus is that the Illamasqua is actually the right colour for Casper over here! I have somehow managed to get even paler than I already was and Healthy Mix now looks slightly orange on me which isn't a good look, ever!

I wear dresses 98% of the time but lately I've been favouring a long fitted shirt, leggings & blazer/cardigan combination. My boyfriend has always said that he likes me in jeans/leggings the most & a lot of my girlfriends say that their boyfriends tell them exactly the same. Who knew? I thought all boys like girls in dresses. Turns out I was totally wrong!

I always dress for myself, to make myself feel good and usually that means reaching for a cute dress but sometimes it's nice to dress up for someone else too! When I saw this shirt on the Joe Browns website I had to have it, not only because I liked it, but I also knew my boyfriend would like it too. Teamed with a pair of leggings (I'm still not really a fan of jeans) and belted at the waist it's a super flattering outfit that I feel extremely confident in & that's something I didn't expect. Maybe my style is changing a bit, or perhaps I'm just tired of my usual floral dress and cardigan combination. Who knows!

Have you ever noticed your style changing? Do you have a go-to fashion look or do you like to experiment? And what's your favourite black eyeliner?


  1. You look beautiful in these photos. Your eyes are incredible!

  2. My style changes constantly! I can't keep up with it lol! Your skin looks lovely by the way!



  3. Mac fluid line can look really intense on me. I think I need a new application brush! Any suggestions?!

  4. oh my gosh you look gorgeous. I've never tried a potted/gel liner as being a lefty i'm undoubtedly a cackhandy. I have wanted to try the maxfactor one for a while though. Which brush are you using?


  5. i love your hair, it's so pretty! xo

  6. you seriously have one of the prettiest faces. you remind me of a porcelain doll x

  7. You look absolutely gorgeous Jennie, I love your blush (: I've been favouring leggings and a top recently too, so effortlessly chic and so comfy! I really want a new blazer now that you mention it :-P xxxx

  8. ooh I would have loved to see a close-up of your closed eyes, and your outfit! :) You look beautiful!
    My fave liner is the Bobbi Bown one. But I do like the Blacktrack Fluidline as well, I admit. I suck at using liquid ones, I have the Lancome Art Liner but I don't use it often.
    What's your color in Illamasqua foundation? Are you 133 like me?

  9. Haha, my boyfriend told me a while ago that 'there nothing better than a nice bum in tight jeans.' or something along those lines! It's always good to experiment fashion wise, my style is becoming less punk as I get older - which I'd never have expected. Have you tried to set gel eyeliner with clear powder or black eyeshadow? Might help stop any transfer!

  10. What angled brush did you use? Is it a mac one? I'm the same and really CANNOT apply eyeliner but I really wanna try the blacktrack fluidline!

    Oh and my boyf loves me in leggings too! He says it's like a second skin so almost feels like I'm naked - hahaha so cheeky!

  11. Love the make up :) you're so pretty!

  12. i totally know what you mean by your style might be changing - i'm going through that exact phase too! i love your beauty posts, i think i've gone out & bought almost all the lippys you've written about on here! oops :)

    K xo

  13. Oh yes I'm definitely going through a style change at the moment- I'm always looking for classic neutral coloured pieces now as opposed to the bright and more edgy/quirky items I used to wear last year. Which is not always that good as I'm not liking most of my clothes and want new ones!!haha

    Wish I had a steady hand to apply liquid eyeliner, I always fail miserably!!

    You look pretty as always xxx

  14. I can't get over how blue your eyes are - gorgeous! I've yet to try a higher end liner, I usually stick to my trusty collection 2000 one. In terms of clothes, I used to never wear trousers but recently I've been loving the look of more tailored pairs. Sadly don't think jeans suit me and save them strictly for lazy days! xo

  15. I lol'd at the Casper comment! I know how hard it is to find the right colour though, I'm so pale but at the same time still quite yellow :S I think I'm going to have to try the Illamasqua foundation as that's one I haven't actually tried yet. Great post! I love the texture in your hair

  16. absolutely beautiful! can I ask what shade you are in the illamasqua foundation? I think I'm the same skin tone as you but don't have an illamasqua near me to get it matched to my colour.

    Lisa x

  17. wow, your eyes just pop. i like the eyeliner. (":

  18. Oh love the lipstick! Wish it was easy to find in Canada :(

  19. You look an awful lot like this girl..

  20. I dress for myself too. You are stunning!


  21. Your eyes are so blue I love it!

  22. Hi,
    Can i just say wow your eyes are amazing! I would like to think that my style changes but to be honest I dont think I even know what my style is yet! Is there a cut off point where your too late or too old? Hope not! Anyway sorry bit of a ramble but my favourite black eyeliner at the moment is the maybelline gel eyeliner.
    Great blog I've just discovered it and I love it.
    Beth xx

  23. I only recently learnt how to apply eyeliner. I'm a late bloomer... ;) X

    P.S. Don’t forget about my new giveaway!


  24. @Hollie Ann, Eloise - I'm currently using the ELF studio line angled brush to apply and I really like it. Cheap and cheerful!

    @Musing on Beauty - I am shade 133 indeed. It's a perfect match!

    @Beautys bad habit - I've tried the black shadow but that ended up transferring really badly but I'll definitely try setting with translucent powder, I didn't think of that!

    @Alison - I've been using the ELF studio angled brush. Works really well!

    @Lisa x - I'm shade 133 in Illamasqua foundations.

    @Beth - Thank you! And no, I don't think there's ever a point that's too late - at least I hope not too hehe.

    Thank you for all your lovely comments! You're all super lovely!!



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