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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Face of Today: Posey & Silly.

Does anyone else feel like a bit of a tit when taking face of the day photographs? I find myself making these awful posey faces and then sit there and think, geez Jennie, what the heck are you doing?! But then I carry on anyway...

I’m pretty sure I say this in every face of the day post but I’ve got a new favourite blusher combination & this time I mean it. This is my absolute favourite. NYX cream blush in the shade Natural is one I’ve had for a long time but always overlooked because it doesn’t look pretty in the pan, it just looks a bit dull. But on the cheeks it’s completely different and gives you a natural flush that goes with absolutely any look. It has a perfect partner in NARS Douceur (that I won in the beautiful Karleigh’s giveaway), which does exactly the same thing, and when paired together, the result is beyond pretty. Love it!

Hair: All thanks to the Remington Spin Curl Hairdryer.
Tee: The Flaming Lips band shirt.

Yeah, waiting in for the DHL delivery man, that never actually turned up because he “couldn’t find my house” aka couldn’t be bothered to drive all the way here, sent me a little crazy, hence the silly really stupid face!

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  1. LOVE that t-shirt. and the hair. and the face! :D xxx


  2. You look so lovely, the cheek combo is so gorgeous! Your hair looks soo nice as well, need to get myself one of those spin curl hairdryers! I totally know what you mean, i feel like such an idiot taking photos of myself for FOTDs... haha. DHL pisses me off so much, they are total crap! xoxo

  3. Aaaa I love your hair /face comination haa xx

  4. Gorgeous! Love your FL shirt too.

    Delivery men suck. They don't call it Drop it Hide it Lose it for nothing! :)

  5. You look lovely as always, really like your lip gloss :)
    I now LIKE you on Facebook as well. Woo! I added you to my page's favs too.

  6. You're adorableeee! And that lipgloss is freaking gorgeous.

    I just noticed you have the same name as my aunt. Jennie May. Spelled the same and everything. Just thought I needed to comment on that haha ;)

  7. Is that a Flaming Lips t-shirt you're wearing? Love them;
    The mascara seems to do a good job :)
    Btw, which tint of the Healthy Mix foundation do you wear? I have it too and I like the consistency (not too sure about the coverage), but the tint I choose in the job is a bit too dark for me and I'm about the same tint as you I think.


  8. no, you look pretty! I can't deal with close-ups, completely die!

    love the way you do your makeup.


  9. Your hair looks gorgeous there! I'd love to know more about that hairdryer :)

  10. I hate taking pictures of myself - there's ALWAYS something wrong (and weird) with them. I look like an alien and see my flaws in all of them... Le Sigh... X


  11. I love your blog! your face of the days always encourages me to try new things :D keep it up

  12. A bit of a tit? You look gorgeous lovely!

  13. haha i think these thoughts everytime i take photos... but like you say i carry on anyway! you look beautiful & the cheek combo definitely works for you, very fresh faced :) x


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