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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Five Things I Love Friday 012. (On a Saturday!)

One. Hot Chocolate.
I think I may have included this in a previous things I love post, but shhh, I'm allowed to mention it again, right?! It's freezing cold here right now (so much for summer!) so I'm wearing my favourite fluffy pyjamas and I'm sipping on a huge mug of hot chocolate. Heaven!

Two. Wimbledon.

There is one sport that I enjoy and can watch for hours on end and that's tennis so I love it when Wimbledon rolls around each year. My favourite player is always Nadal, I couldn't tell you why, I just think he's really good and he doesn't come across as super arrogant like some other players do! Mentioning no names of course...

Three. Holding Hands. 
Holding hands was one of the things I missed the most when I was apart from my boy. I just think it's cute. I always have & I always will! My heart melts when I see an old couple walking down the street together hand in hand, that's ridiculously cute and it always makes me smile!

Four. Rinko Kawauchi photographs. 
 Image Credit: Rinko Kawauchi.
Rinko Kawauchi has been my favourite photographer for years and years now and I don't think I'll ever tire of looking at her beautiful images. They're so whimsical and beautifully shot, yet the ideas behind each image are so much deeper than just pointing and clicking at something pretty. She's wonderful and I think you'll love her too! 

Five. Essie Nail Polish.
For some reason, Essie polishes are the only ones that don't peel off my nails after 5 minutes & I have no idea why. The ASOS sale is currently on and I was very restrained & have only purchased one thing, an Essie polish in the shade Borrowed and Blue that I'm very excited about because it looks super pretty. I've slipped back into my old nail biting habit but hopefully I'll stop now because I want my nails to look pretty and not icky! 

What have you especially loved this week? Don't forget to link me to your favourite blogs in the comments!


  1. I'm completely the same about old people holding hands - I want to be like that when I'm old with my mister. And Borrowed&Blue is gorgeous - I'm wearing it now as got the mini Wedding 2011 collection. I really want the French Affair collection from your post too x

  2. having a cup of hot chocolate right now haha! this is such a sweet post, especially agree to the bit about holding hands.


  3. I love the colours of Essie polishes, really sweet!

  4. Lovely Post :)

    This week I have loved,

    1. getting freelance graphic design work (WOOP)
    2.Having girlie nights with pizza and hair dying
    3.The Online Sales
    4. Having lots of free time
    5. generally playing around with false nails


    It's the simple things eh



  5. Is it really that cold in the UK?? Do you live up north? We're struggling with the heat here..(Greece)
    ps. I really want some chocolate now! :)

  6. Five things we love? ....Jennie Jennie Jennie Jennie Jennieeeee! Very kind of you to give us some blog love! Think you're the first to do that, so thank you very much. xxx

  7. The Rinko Kawauchi photo is so nice, I agree with you too an old couple holding hands is really cute x

  8. I'm such a HUGE fan of Wimbledon all my friends think I'm really sad but i love it. Nadal and Serena to win! great blog post! xx


  9. just found your blog and I love it :)


  10. Hot chocolate is so goooood! :) X

    P.S. Don’t forget about my new giveaway!


  11. Hiya Lovely,
    Thanks so much for the blog mention! First one yey! Hope you have a great weekend, well only Sunday left, but have a great Sunday. This week im loving the film Bridesmaids! It is a def must see! Soo funny!
    Thanks again.
    Beth xx

  12. I have a bad obsession with Essie nail polish. And I completely agree about holding hands. It makes me feel a little safer whenever I'm holding my boyfriend's hand. :)

  13. I love these types of posts :} I absolutely loveee watching Wimbledon and have to agree with you, Nadal is my fave player. He's not super arrogant but another plus is that he is deliciousssss. Phwoar


  14. I had a friend that had nail polish always peel off her nails too. It usually means you havde too much something in your nails....but thats weird that essie works for you!! Love those colors!!


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