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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sunday Snapshots: Instagram Style 002.

One. Blacktrack fluid line by MAC is my new love. I apply it to my top lash line with an Eyes Lips Face studio angled brush and wing it out a bit at the ends. It takes me a little while to do it at the moment but hopefully with practise it'll soon take no time at all.

Two. I stumbled across Glamour magazine with the mini Benefit freebies inside and although I was going to get all three, I decided to be good and just get Benetint. Posie tint is too similar in colour to a lot of products I already have but I'm starting to regret not picking up high beam as well. But nevermind, I adore Benetint as a stain on the lips. It's such a pretty colour!

Three. Thick slipper socks aren't something I should be wearing at the end of June. It should be too warm but it's not & Ralphie likes to bite them!

Four. I'm going through an 'I'm incredibly bored with my hair' phase so I purchased the John Frieda lightening spray thingy that's supposed to lift blonde hair within 3-5 uses. I haven't seen much of a difference just yet but we'll see. I also gave the layers in my hair a bit of a trim. I'm sure any hairdressers would have had a fit watching me do it but I think it turned out alright!

Five. Ralphie got photoboothed! I think he looks like a cute cartoon character here! Ahh I just love him. He's such a cutie!

Six. I got this adorable polka dot dress from Peacocks a couple of days ago and I adore it! It's the perfect shape, has a little tie at the waist and reaches my knees. I'm trying to stay away from floral patterns because I have a wardrobe full of them so this beauty is perfect! My little town only has a couple of clothes shops and Peacocks is one of them so I have a feeling I'll be popping in there a lot. I wish they'd give me a job, I would love to make use of the staff discount if they get one!

Have you had a good weekend?


  1. I got high beam, and really glad I did actually. I'm not one for a shiney/glimmering face, but for a night out- it looked really pretty.
    My friend used the blonder stuff & it worked WELL!! Make sure you don't over use it though, and it started to send her more of a gingery shade

  2. very nice. my weekend's featured in my blog!

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  3. Good choice on the fluidlide, it's amazing eh!! It's time for me to buy a new pot *sobs*

  4. that dress is gorgeous! love it! x

  5. Good to hear you're liking fluidline, I've been so tempted to buy it. My friend swears by it and says it hardly budges all day. Love the polka dot dress, I don't own anything polka dot atm actually, one of my favourite prints (after stripes of course haha) xx

  6. Ooh let us know how the lightening spray goes, my ombre has gone a bit dull and I don't want to bleach again so that might do the trick.
    I love that dress, such a cute cut and pattern!

  7. Love your dress, it's really pretty! The "go blonder" has worked amazingly on my hair. I haven't had to do my roots in 6+ months!


  8. the dress is so pretty :) Ralphie's so cute as well!

    half the world away.

  9. Awww... Poor Ralphie! But he still looks cute though! ;) X

    P.S. Don’t forget about my new giveaway!


  10. I love blacktrack as well! Just a tiny warning (you probably already know) be really, really careful about sealing the lid tightly and maintaining room temperature. I moved, it was about an hour drive, and mine cracked. It was only about ten degrees F warmer than normal, and it was sealed well, but I have no idea what happened.

    Also, it is so cold here in the States! My boyfriend just bought me cashmere socks... and it is nearly July! I'm constantly freezing.

  11. Ralphie looks crazy there! I love Benetint!

  12. this makes me want to get an iPhone so bad just because of instagram XP i'm still on the hunt for the perfect smudge-proof gel eyeliner. i hope mac fluid line would work for me! :/

    - Coco

  13. @Elise - It's super pretty!
    @Steph - I never notice much of a difference with highlighters usually but everyone's loving this so I think I've missed out big time! silly me hehe.
    @Florence - :)
    @Jess - I love it! It's so easy to apply with a brush!
    @The Style Box - It is lovely. Peacocks have some beautiful pieces at the moment!
    @Sarah - Definitely give it a go. I love polka dots too and this is my first polka dot item of clothing!
    @Emma Jade - I will do! I've heard lots of good things about it!
    @Charlotte - Ooh that's amazing! Hopefully I'll start seeing a bit of a difference soon!
    @Helen - Thank you!
    @Mademoiselle Lala - Hehe
    @Kat - Ooh thanks for the heads up!
    @Hollie Ann - I know hehee
    @Coco - Hehe I love instagram! Really like the fluidline, it does transfer a little bit on me though so it's not perfect!


  14. I like your slipper socks and dress. :)

  15. I kind of wish I'd picked up Benetint rather than Posie Tint! I adore that dress on you, it's lovely.


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