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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Face of Today & Outfit of Today: Red Lips & H&M Tunic.

I'm sure that if you follow me on twitter you witnessed my incessant whining about how much I needed to purchase a certain tunic from H&M in other colours but they weren't online. The H&M website is utter rubbish & I've yet to see anyone have a hassle free transaction with them so I braved the 50 minute bus journey to my closest H&M (living in the country isn't all sunshine & roses! 50 minutes is insane!!) and hoped that I'd be able to find what I was after in store and I did - yay! I no longer need to be whiny and irritating, well, for now at least!

Tunic Dress: H&M - £7.99.
Cardigan: Boohoo.com. Very similar to this one!
Leggings: Matalan - £6 Similar to these.

I’ve never been one to stock up on wardrobe basics before, I’ve always just preferred filling my wardrobe with pretty dresses and it took me a long time to jump on to the leggings bandwagon! I’m finally at that stage where I don’t feel the need to look ‘cutesy’ every day in a floral or patterned dress because sometimes it’s okay to go for the comfy look! The slight empire line cut of this tunic makes it incredibly flattering. It would be even more flattering for me if I cinched it in with a skinny belt which I ordinarily would do, but I was channeling comfortable and relaxed & cinching doesn’t really sound like a comfortable or relaxed word!

Like many tops/dresses on the high street I wish it were just an inch or two longer. I’ve come to the conclusion that I have an abnormally long body & that’s why things that are a good length on most people, look a bit short on me. Never mind, after all, project tone-up-legs is the reason I’ve just purchased an exercise bike! In leggings I don’t think my legs are that bad, I’m certainly not as repulsed by my thighs as I used to be, but no way will I be showing them off without leggings, or at least tights, just yet. Nuh uhh!

Initial Necklace: 16th Birthday Present.

I’ve had this necklace since my sixteenth birthday and only since I turned 21 have I started to wear it. In my late teens I went through an I-hate-gold toned-jewellery phase because back then it was synonymous with chavs and I did not want to be be a chav! But now I absolutely adore it. Recently I’ve been longing for a classy name necklace but at the same time, I’m not sure I’d want every Tom, Dick and Harry in the street knowing what my name was. A simple initial necklace solves that problem, I think it still looks classy and elegant, but no one knows my name!
Feather Necklace: ASOS - Similar to this one - £5.50
Amethyst Ring & Silver Ring: Vintage. 
Gold Peace Ring: ASOS - £5. 
Nail Polish: Revlon Purple Petal.

Wearing more simple items of clothing means I can go all out on the jewellery front, which I’m loving. I’ve had this long feather necklace from ASOS for a little while now and I’ve barely worn it, which is a shame because I love it so much. I’m also on a little bit of a ring kick, not so much costume rings because I’m growing tired of how quickly they tarnish, but I’d really like to find a few more inexpensive real silver rings to add to my collection.
Cheeks: NYX Natural Cream Blusher, NARS Douceur Powder Blusher & a touch of MAC Rose Ole Highlighting Powder.

These photographs really show how much my hair has been lightened by the John Frieda controlled lightening spray! I’m so happy with the colour & strangely, for a product that contains bleach, my hair feels much much healthier and stronger! I’m not complaining there, it needed a bit of a boost!

Do you have a lot of basic items in your wardrobe? Do you feel that they help you to put together a wide range of outfits? Or do you prefer stocking up on more detailed pieces & styling them in a similar way each time you wear them? I’d love to know, I’d love to learn some more fashion and styling tips from you stylish bunch because I'm clueless!


  1. Cute little peace ring!

    I've got a mix of basics and more detailed stuff, it's always nice to have the option of basics when I can't decide what to wear :) I like wearing a printed belt if the rest of the outfit is too simple though xo

  2. Ooh I have that tunic too! I had to go to 3 different H&Ms just to find my size. The H&M where I live is rubbish, I have to travel to Birmingham if I want to find something decent. I really love the colour! It's so pretty, I've actually dyed my hair that colour! Obsessed much?

    Great post xx

  3. The tunic looks awesome on you! Especially love your jewellery!

    btw.. I actually had a hassle free experience with H&M but am now too scared to buy again in case they mess up my order haha!



  4. Your necklace is so lovely! I'm loving the tunic dress also! The colours in this outfit are lush c:
    I need to get some more basic items for my wardrobe! xx

  5. your hair does really look lighter; absolutely lush! exact same thing with the long body thing, annoying!


  6. LOVE the top and the peace ring. I think I'm going to have to buy one of the tops, I'm always after long ones but never seem to find them :/

  7. i absolutely love the colour of the dress, it goes beautifully with the grey too x

  8. Your hair looks lighter indeed!
    Love the dress.

    I have tons of clothes and can never find anything to wear LOL, so what I've been doing recently is join Pinterest to get ideas of outfits I can create with what I already own. I've found a few great outfits already!

  9. wow 50 minutes travel time for your H&M store?! That is a long ride. Glad the shopping trip wasnt a bust.

  10. Oh how I wish my hair went like yours!

  11. I'm loving that tunic - I'd seen it online & not thought much about it but it looks really nice on. I've spent about the last year stocking up on basics & I've found the more detailed pieces work really well with them now - definitely far more options & I'm less bored with my wardrobe!

    I love your blog :)

    Lois xx

  12. Ooo I love more basic outfit that you can jazz up with jewellery. Gorgeous items you have there too the heart and peace rings are so cute! :)

    L x

  13. Looking lovely xx love those tops best get myself to h&m!! Love the peace ring too, I've got an obsession with peace symbols!! Haha!
    Beth xxx

  14. I've been looking at these tunics, I'll definately be buying some now! xx

  15. I love your hair! So pretty.
    Also love the jewellery. Of course! x

  16. lovely! the tunic flatters you so well. I really love your jewelrry too xx

  17. you look lovely, that burgundy red really suits you <3

  18. for me basic pieces really help, specially because I love lace clothes so sometimes it's hard to combine them with other detailed pieces.
    you're so pretty! x

  19. Yes, your hair definitely looks lighter and very pretty too! :) I love the outfit -- your eye colour is so beautiful by the way! xoxo

  20. Gorgeous. I love your little heart ring x

  21. You look beautiful - red is definitely your colour! I'm so in love with your heart ring, I'm going to be dropping hints for something like that from my boyfriend. It's so 'me'! <3 x x

  22. You look lovely, love the colour of that tunic and make-up looks pretty. x


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