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Friday, 22 July 2011

Five Things I Love Friday 016.

One. Folksy.
I think it's super important to support sellers on Folksy & Etsy and any other handmade website! It's really lovely to purchase an item that's original & unique and you know that a thousand other people won't have it too!

Two. Floral patterns. 
They're just pretty, right? Floral dresses are especially pretty. They always remind me of being a little girl prancing around in the sunshine pretending I was a ballerina! Happy times!

Three. Prawn Cocktail crisps.
I don't know how something can smell so yucky but taste so good at the same time but these manage it! These couldn't be more inappropriate for eating in a social situation so they're reserved for at home lunch times only!

Four. Comfy clothes days!
My boyfriend let me borrow this hoodie many many weeks ago now and I've still not got around to giving it back. It's too comfy and warm to give back! I apologise for my thumb in the bottom picture, I was supposed to be doing a thumbs up but it just looks...broken! Eww.

Five. This amazing coat from one of Motel's upcoming collections!

I need this gorgeous creation in my life! It would be so so perfect for this autumn/winter & to be honest, I'd wear it in the evenings now since we don't seem to be getting much of a summer here in the UK! This is sitting firmly at the top of my lust list!

What have you been loving this week?


  1. There's nothing better than wearing comfy clothes on a slobbish day!

  2. Yes I completely agree about the prawn cocktail crisps! Especially the Seabrook ones for some reason.
    Enjoy your weekend :)

  3. @Cherry - That's so true!
    @Carly - Haha I'm glad someone agrees! Have a lovely weekend!


  4. I love the floral dress...their so feminine and fun to accessorize!


  5. Thank-you so much for featuring me! Thats so kind of you :] I'm in love with your blog and I'm now definitely going to follow you I don't know how I haven't seen it before it's wonderful! xx

  6. @howficklymyheart - totally agree!
    @lilyfm - you're very welcome sweet! thanks for following <3


  7. In love with pretty much all of these. I'm obsessed with scouring through Etsy for pretty things and I adore a floral print or 100.

  8. Love these posts! Always love floral prints. :) Definitely agree that it's important to support Etsy (and similar websites) sellers, there's always super gorgeous stuff to be bought! Love wearing men's hoodies, they always seem comfier than women's for some reason! Haha ;) xoxo

  9. I love browsing Etsy and Folksy, its so lovely to find individual products. I like prawn cocktail crisps too haha - guilty pleasure! xxx

  10. love your wee friday posts, very optimistic. your hair is gorgeous! me want. i love floral prints in abundance, i have floral bedding and I love it! not keen on prawn cocktail crisps though, can't get past the smell! ;)

  11. There's nothing better than lounging around in your boyfriends clothes, so comfy. That coat is pretty nice xx


  12. I agree with you on the prawn cocktail crisps haha! That's why I like skips - I don't think they have too strong of a smell but they still taste good! And, i've had a week off work this week and i've been practically living in comfy clothes lol - definitely agree there! xx

  13. @bee - etsy is amazing, so many beautiful creations!
    @Laura - they definitely do!!
    @kittens and cute stuff - you're welcome!
    @Katie - thank you sweet! They do smell awful!


  14. Hoody looks very comfy! Perfect for the lazy sundays!

  15. YES to Prawn Cocktail crisps.


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