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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Giveaway: Sawyer & Scout Jewellery.

Sawyer & Scout is a super sweet online store selling lots of really beautiful items from Bunny fridge magnets that I absolutely adore, to keyring/phone charms and domino necklaces. She also has a Harry Potter inspired necklace for all of you magic lovers! The wonderful Elise, the creative lady behind Sawyer & Scout has been sweet enough to offer these super cute items of jewellery for two of my lucky readers to win!

This gorgeous feather necklace would look so perfect with a simple white dress or a white vest top and some frayed denim shorts for a slight bohemian edge that is absolutely perfect for the summer festival season! 
This adorable little set features a little star charm on a blue bracelet, a dainty leaf charm on a purple bracelet and my favourite, a wonderful little wise owl charm on a red bracelet. These look super cute worn alone & I think they would look equally lovely paired with lots of other bracelets too for that super on trend layered look!

Elise sent me a bracelet with a little anchor charm on it and I've barely taken it off since I received it! It's one of those pieces of jewellery that you can just wear all the time & it'll go with anything! 

To enter: 
I’d like you to pop over to the Sawyer & Scout online shop & then leave me a comment below letting me know what your favourite piece is! In your comment I’d also like you to let me know whether you want to be entered to win the feather necklace or the bracelets – or you can be entered for both if you would like! Finally don’t forget to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win!
If you’d like to gain more than one chance of winning then you can complete one or all of these optional extra entries:

1. Follow Sawyer & Scout on Twitter: http://twitter.com/sawyerandscout & leave your twitter name along with your comment below!

2. Tweet “Jennie @sailorjennie is holding a @sawyerandscout jewellery giveaway & I’d like to win! http://www.sailorjennie.com xo” & leave your twitter name or a link to your tweet in your comment below!

3. Pop over to facebook and ‘Like’ my Sailboat facebook page & let me know your facebook name in your comment below. (I’ve added this option to make it slightly fairer for those who don’t have a twitter account and would like the chance to gain an extra entry!)

This giveaway will be open for 2 weeks and will close on Wednesday 3rd August at midnight BST. I’ll draw the winners using random.org on Thursday 4th August. If you’re under 16 please get your parent/guardian's permission because I’ll need your postal address if you win!
Good Luck! 


  1. My favourite item in the shop is the scrapbook necklace, it's so cute!
    I also follow Sawyer and scout on twitter: @onlyhalfdressed
    And I also tweeted about the giveaway, same twitter name obvs :)
    Alsssssooo I already 'like' your page on FB name: laura ford

    I think that is all :P

    L x

  2. i love all your jewelry but my favorite has to be the gem rings
    i would like to be entered to win both please, my email is sophiefoster@live.com
    i have followed you on twitter, my twitter name is @sophieefoster
    i have also liked your facebook page, my name is sophie foster :)

  3. my favourite item is the wire wrap pendant, it's so pretty! :) I'd like to be entered for both the necklace and bracelets please.

    I'm following Sawyer & Scott and I've tweeted! (@heleneveline) and I've also liked your facebook page (Helen Eveline Vipond) xx

  4. Hi Jennie, I really love the Gemstone Rings M from Sawyer & Scout (http://sawyerandscout.bigcartel.com/product/gemstone-rings), they're such pretty colours! :) Could I also please be entered to win the feather necklace & bracelets, they're so lovely and quirky! I've also followed Sawyer & Scout on Twitter, posted your tweet, and liked your Sailboat page - my facebook name is sophie.harper3, my twitter is SophieHarper_ and my email address is sophiiee.33@hotmail.com :)

  5. How lovely of Sawyer & Scout and you of course for this. All of the the jewellery is gorgeous but it has to be the Deathly Hallows pendant thats my favourite given the timing and I'm such a massive Harry Potter fan. I'd love to be entered for the lovely bracelets please :) You close the competition on my 18th birthday! Xx

  6. i've been so looking forward to this giveaway! they're so pretty - i'd love to be entered to win both the pieces please :D

    my favourite piece on the site is probably the gemstone rings. gorgeous stones!
    i am following sawyer&scout (and tweeted your giveaway) on twitter as @lyface, and like your FB page (i'm alison wood) (:

    and my email is lylylyly @ gmail.com :D

  7. I love the bracelets!


    I like your Facebook page - Charlotte Jane

    Ive followed sawyer and scout on twitter - chareggs

    I've tweeted about your giveaway!

  8. My favourite pieces are all the charm bracelets, especially the silver heart bracelet. I would love to be entered for both please :)I have also followed the Sailboat facebook page (Rachel Humphries) and the Sawyer and Scout twitter (rachelclaire_)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I'm a huuuuuge Harry Potter geek (I cried five times during the new film >.>) so the Deathly Hallows necklace is absolutely my favourite! :D

    I'd like to be entered for both, please :) There's no way I can decide which I prefer, they're both so adorable.

    Email - hbicemily@gmail.com
    Twitter/Tweet - @specialshark/http://twitter.com/#!/specialshark/status/93735409913298947
    Facebook name - Emily Thompson (username: etacanis)

  10. I love the teapot rings there so cute! The Harry Potter necklace is cool too!

    I would love to be enetered to win the charm bracelets. I have tweeted and & added (my name is XStary_eyesX)and have liked on facebook (Amy Kate Daniel).

    My email address is amydaniel@rocketmail.com.


  11. Ooo am i first?
    My fave piece is obviously the Harry Potter pendant, definitely one for the devoted!
    I would like to be entered for either competition really, they are both lovely pieces, and I am tweeting as MsBennett881 and FB-ing as Georgina Carr :)

  12. my favourite piece would definately be the feather necklace, it's beautiful! Enter me for both please but i'd be sooooo happy to win the necklace :) Been trying to find a necklace like it for a festival so its perfect!

    I have requested to follow them on twitter and have tweeted your tweet! My twitter name is lornapatrick_

    I also like you on facebook! My name is Lorna Patrick.

    And my email is lornapatrick@hotmail.co.uk :)

    Good luck everyone, got my fingers crossed!

    Lorna xo

  13. I love this:


    Please enter me for both!

    email: billibobbob@yahoo.com

  14. also liked your page on fb.(Juliet Z.)

  15. GFC Name: preciouspearl
    email: preciouspearlmakeup@gmail.com

    I would love to win the bracelets. They are so lovely.

    Liked your FB page.
    FB id: precious pearl

    Twitter id: pearlmakeup
    tweeted link: https://twitter.com/pearlmakeup/status/93767418983354368

  16. My favourite is the Harry Potter necklace :)

    I'd like to enter for the necklace and bracelet!

    I've followed on twitter @LowriBevan
    and liked on facebook: Lowri Bevan

    email: lowriovsneg@hotmail.co.uk


  17. I really like the silver heart charm bracelet, it's so delicate and pretty. I'd like to be entered for the bracelets please :) I'll tweet about your giveaway, I'm @LovelyLollyB. Email is beautyjunkieuk@gmail.com xxx

  18. Hi Jennie, thanks for another giveaway with lovely prices!
    My favourite item from Sawyer & Scout is the Scrapbook Necklace, I follow their twitter and I tweeted too http://twitter.com/#!/glitterdetector/status/93779770994728960
    my email address is glitterdetector@hotmail.com xx

  19. And I want to be entered to win the Feather necklace, sorry I forgot this part xx

  20. I LOVE the feather necklaces on the website, so unique. so I would like to be entered for that please :) I have also requested to follow sawyer and scout on twitter, my name is kbracegirdle

    and my email is keeleylaura@hotmail.com :) Xx

  21. I'd love to be entered for both if i may!
    My favourite product is: the gemstone rings, so pretty!
    I tweeted! @jezzzg http://twitter.com/#!/jezzzg/status/93780136410886144 and followed Sawyer and Scout on twitter
    I also liked your facebook page, my names Jess gostelow!

  22. I am following on GFC as Bex Smith, on Twitter (& tweeted) at @OhNoItsBex and on Facebook as Bex Smith.

    My favourite item from the Sawyer & Scout web site would have to be the Deathly Hallows inspired pendant...being a Harry Potter geek and all :)

    My email is rebeccajlsk@gmail.com

    Thanks for such a great giveaway xo

  23. can you enter me for both please? I follow you on facebook under Shannon Burke :) this sounds like i'v made no effort, but genuinely my two favorite pieces from the website are the ones in the giveaway! i did look, promise! :') but i just kept coming back to these two, i love how they're summer but understated :)

  24. My favourite piece is the necklace in the giveaway I'd like to be entered into the giveaway for the necklace. I'm following sawyer & scout on twitter and i've tweeted. My twitter name is laurenycaton xx

  25. Eeee
    I hate writing comments i always feel like such a dweeb, anyways,
    My favorite is the black/red wire wrapped pendant,
    infact i wish there were more colours i'd buy them all!
    I'd like to be entered to win the bracelets, they're so cute.

  26. I really love the Gemstone Chip Necklace, the one with the all white chips :) so pretty and neutral! Great for everyday. Also can I please be entered to win both items? I feel greedy haha but they're both so pretty! Also since I live in America its a bit harder to get a hold of products like this. My e-mail is trigg.donna@gmail.com. Thank you so much for the opportunity :)

  27. Oooh yes please :) my favourite would actually be the feather necklace but i love the button charm bracelet too!

    I'd love to win either prize!


  28. Hi Hun.
    Lovely giveaway. So many nice things in the shop I do like the charm bracelets best though! (However I do not mind which of these two prizes I win!)

    I have tweeted and followed Sawyer and Scout on twitter.

    Thank you!
    Leannemarieamor(at)gmail(dot)com xx

  29. Please enter me for both, they're both so cute!
    I also really like the tooth pendant on the website and I was surprised at how affordable they are!
    Thanks x

  30. Please enter me :) I would love to win the bracelets :D
    My favorite item is definitely the gem stone rings.. their gorgeous!

  31. favourite piece: Gemstone Rings S
    follow you, GFC: miha.ela
    mihaela.mihordea(@) gmail(.) com
    FB: mihaela pojogu
    tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/MihaelaPojogu/status/94019428932530176
    I want the bracelets please.


  32. What a lovely giveaway! Being the Harry Potter geek that I am, I think the Deathly Hallows Pendant is my favourite piece, but it really is all so pretty!

    I'm following you on GFC, I tweeted about the giveaway and I'm following Sawyer and Scout on Twitter too (username @littlecurlygirl)

    I'd love to be entered for both prizes if that's ok? xxx

  33. I adore the Wire Wrap Pendent, the colour is gorgeous and i'm loving this style of jewellery lately. The charm bracelets are also adorable, and i'm looking for something similar myself!

    K xo

  34. I also like your FB page,
    FB name: Kathryn Adams

    K ox

  35. Mine are definitely the bracelet sets!!

  36. My favourite item is the Tooth Pendant Necklace! I would love to win the feather necklace :)

    I follow via GFC as Whimsical Wolf.
    I tweeted here: https://twitter.com/#!/WhimsicalWolf/status/94124129975930880



  37. Wow what gorgeous jewellery!

    My favourite from the shop is the wire wrap pendent, it just looks so pretty and I love the colour of the stone.

    I like both the prizes so either one would be lovely :)

    I have tweeted about the giveaway and I am now following Sawyer & Scout. My twitter name is @sophiesophuk

    Finally I have also liked your facebook page. My facebook name is Sophie Warner


  38. Wow such lovely jewellery! I would love to be entered fpr the bracelets as they are definately my style! My favourite piece has to be the Shell Charm Necklace, although theres so much more that I liked! I followed Sawyer & Scout on Twitter and tweeted - im daisylovesxo.


    Thankyou xx

  39. I love the Deathly Hallows Inspired Pendant!
    My GFC is iamnotarobot, my email is chloepower@live.com, my Twitter is _ChloePower_ & my Facebook is Chloe Power! :) I would like to be entered for both prizes, please & thank you!

  40. my favourite item is the gemstone S ring,
    I follow you through google connect,
    I'd love to win the bracelets :)

  41. liked you on facebook! thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    ohgeezlauren at gmail

  42. i'm loving both of the feather necklaces and the bunny magnets! i would definitely buy those magnets for my friend who loves bunnies.

    ohgeezlauren at gmail

  43. i love the Deathly Hallows Inspired Pendant !
    i follow sawyer & scout on twitter as @evajiang

    evil_eva12 at hotmail dot com

  44. oh i forgot to mention above; enter me for the bracelets please ! :)

  45. Yayy thanyou :)
    I love the gemstone rings but the deathly hallows pendant is just genius ! :)
    I follow through GFC - Ellie
    I would like to enter for both please - greedy i know ;)
    I follow on twitter as Pelsy27
    and my email is elliesmellie27@gmail.com
    Thankyou xxxx

  46. right, sorry for this crazy comment, hope I won't forget anything;
    already love the slice of shell necklace (genius!)
    like you on facebook (Beth Ramsay)
    following as Beth Ramsay (@ramzandtheflock)
    and tweeted about it too!

    fingers crossed for such an awesome giveaway xx


  47. My favourite piece is definitely the feather necklace. I'd like to be entered to win both of these beauties :)
    I follow Sawyer & Scout on Twitter as rmcatalina, I tweeted about this giveaway http://twitter.com/#!/rmcatalina/status/95028877738512384 and I liked the sailboat fb page as Radu Catalina.

    Have a great weekend :)

  48. My favourite thing in the shop is the medium gemstone rings, they're lovely :) I'd like to be entered to win both please, my email is dara__355 AT hotmail DOT com :) x

  49. Ooh what a lovely giveaway. the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows inspired necklace is my favourite thing on the website. I would like to be entered for both goodies please, and as well as following you, I'd liked your FB page (Cassandra Addai) thank you! -x-


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