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Monday, 25 July 2011

Monday Lust List 002.

I really enjoyed tinkering around in photoshop putting together a little visual representation of all the pretty things I would very much like to own last week so I must say, I was looking forward to another Monday rolling around so that I could do it again! ♥

1. Essie nail polish names are always ridiculously adorable, this one is called Smooth Sailing & there's no prizes for guessing why this is on my lust list! Cute name aside, I think this looks like a beautiful lavender toned blue & I currently don't have anything remotely like it in my small polish collection.

2. There's no denying the Benefit stains look adorable in their little nail polish-esque packaging and the colours often don't disappoint either. My heart always tells me that this tiny bottle will last me pretty much forever but my head says it's just far too pricey. For once I'm going with my head (for now) but Cha Cha Tint will remain firmly on my wish list for a long time!

3. I'm completely in love with this Little Nell half penny necklace. It would go with so many outfits & I know that it would quickly become one of those pieces that I just wouldn't take off, except you know, to shower of course!

4. Another beautiful piece that would go with so many of the dresses I own is this feather necklace from Temporary:Secretary. I've seen (and loved) so many feather necklaces over the past few months but the cut out detail of this one makes it a little bit special & extra pretty!

5. How Sarenza, the online shoe shop that everyone is talking about, has completely passed me by in the last few weeks I have no idea! I must have been living under a rock because I've only just discovered the site and had a good ol' nosey through. These Melissa boots in particular caught my eye & I love how simple they are, yet they have that added bit of beautiful detail. I'd love them to be sitting in my wardrobe waiting for the autumn and winter to arrive & since I conducted the boyfriend test (the one where I put on my highest heels and stand next to the boy to see if I'm taller) & found that he's still taller than me, my lust list has gained quite a few pairs of heels. There is, of course, absolutely nothing wrong with being taller than your significant other, I just have a ridiculous complex about being taller than my boyfriend and I have no idea why!

6. This beautiful blush is Mata Hari from NARS and I'm pretty sure that this will be the next luxury make up purchase I make whenever I find myself with a few extra pennies. I have more than enough make up, especially blusher, but this is a colour I've been longing for for a really long time & I know that it would get a lot of love forever & ever!

What's sitting at the top of your lust list at the moment?


  1. can't afford any, like, high-end makeup but I've just ordered quite a few pieces from topshop's make up and can't wait for them to arrive! trust me not to know any recent bandwagon either, those shoes look lush x


  2. That essie polish is actually stunning! x

  3. I really want that essie polish too, it looks so nice :) That feather necklace is beautiful :) xx

  4. Smooth Sailing is really nice on the nail. You won't be disappointed!

  5. I've been dreaming of buying Cha Cha Tint ever since it came out too, but don't dare buy it. Well at least until my Benetint and Posetint run out that is ^_^

  6. the polish is gorgeous, and i LOVE both of the necklaces!xx

  7. That Essie polish looks beautiful! x

  8. Oh those boots are gorgeous. I love the benefit benetints too, I was lucky enough to pick one up in glamour, and although they're quite pricey they're really good!



  9. oh my goodness, those shoes are to die for! I have bought soooo many shoes recently (and then taking them back because of guilt) so i'll have to do a shoe post soon. Do you always buy shoes that you never wear? Or is it just me? i hate myself for it! xxx

  10. I love the Essie polish, looks gorgeous. And I really like both the necklaces, I just don't wear them enough!
    And I am also partial to a blush or two, tempted by Mata Hari!x

  11. I love both the cute necklaces :) so sweet. Love H xx

  12. @Beth - Ooh I'm excited to see what you got!
    @Amy - Swatches online look amaze too!
    @Ellie - It's so pretty, right?! Love it!
    @Sirena Sparklestar - Ooh really? I may have to invest!
    @Claire Louise - Ooh benefit and posietint are gorgeous!
    @Lilly - They do look super cute!
    @Elise - It looks like an unusual colour!
    @Sarah - I got the mini Benetint & love it. I'm not sure I could pay the money for a full sized one though!
    @Temporary:Secretary - Yes!! My boyfriend always rolls his eyes at me when I get new shoes, they're usually not what he calls 'practical shoes either. Who wants practical shoes? hehe. Definitely do a shoe post!!
    @princesselfy - Mata Hari looks really stunning, it'd suit you perfectly!
    @HannahRoyall - They're super cute!


  13. Oh I love everything in this post...Particularly those boots. They are gorgeous <3 xxx

  14. You will LOVE Essie "Smooth Sailing"! It is even more gorgeous on your nails than in the bottle. <3

  15. I really want cha cha tint but I'm a lil worried I'd look ridiculous with that shade! Those shoes are amazing.

  16. I really want cha cha tint and those boots are lovely xx



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