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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sunday Snapshot: Instagram Style 006.

Last week I had a good hair day! Yay! Why can't it look pretty every day, that's what I want to know! I also found GOSH Darling lipstick at the bottom of my make up collection & decided to give it a go. I may have unwittingly broken an unwritten make up law by wearing it on its own, but I actually really liked the result. I may have also piled on the bronzer too that day to make me look more...alive. It sounds worse that it was, I don't think I looked too, what's the word, overdone. At least I hope I didn't. I felt kinda pretty, not gonna lie!

I'm still in love with my new uncut ruby ring. I look at it every now and again and smile. It's unusual & so beautiful and it really makes me appreciate how stunning nature can be.

Three & Four.
I've been testing out these beautiful polishes that were kindly sent to me by the PR company representing Find me a Gift & I've got to say I'm really impressed. I've rambled on before about how much trouble I have with nail polishes just peeling off an hour or so after I've applied them and I was really really impressed when these stayed on. I also secretly really loved having skittles-esque nails for a week!

Five & Six.  
I felt like I was in a glasses rut & I was lusting over new frames desperately so I gave the home trial from Glasses Direct a go and tried these London Retro frames. Now you don't have to mention how utterly ridiculous I look in the second pair, I'm well aware and we all had a good laugh when I tried them on. You're welcome to laugh too, it is pretty funny! I really really did like the first pair, they're the Shoreditch glasses, but the general consensus was that they're too big for my face. That's not a problem I usually have because I have a massive face, but sadly these will not be my next pair of frames. *sad face* If they didn't come quite so far up and cover my eyebrows I think they would have been the ones. Gah it's unfair, I really love them too, but I can't justify £99 on something that's not perfect!

Seven & Eight.
It wouldn't be instagram Sunday without a few pictures of Ralphie! It's hard work looking so cute all the time, oh and causing mischief constantly too! He's figured out when it's time to go back in his cage and since he's not too keen on being shut in (I have no clue why not, he lives in a bunny mansion!!) he decides to sit right under his hutch in a place where he knows I can't reach him. Going back into his hutch is always on his terms now. Thankfully a rustle of his favourite treats and he'll hop in willingly! Thank goodness he's easy to bribe! I've got to remember never to run out of those treats, they're life savers!

Have you had a good week & weekend? Have you had any exciting plans?


  1. Such a cute Rabbit, I have a cat called Ralphie! I'm tempted to get an Iphone just for this instagram app it's so wonderful! That ring is gorgeous, let along even thinking it's uncut ruby! You are so gorgeous too, I can't get over how model-like your face is, you must have done some modelling?

    I'm going to the Gower soon, so hopefully it'll be sunny, it's wonderful today and I'm out photographing a cute little vintage shoot!


  2. My mother's boyfriend now got a bunny and it's just like yours but he's black and white, he's name is Sebastian, SebastiĆ£o in portuguese, and he's so hyper too runs around the house, such an adorable fluff ball!
    I love your glasses Jennie x

  3. Ralphie is so cute and I love your ring, gorgeous!

  4. Haha, I bribe my cat with his food so that he will let me put him out! Aww, those glasses looked so fun and lovely as well. I hope you find your perfect pair soon!

  5. I'm yet to find a lip product combination that works for me with Gosh's Darling ): I'm jealous it looks so good on you, and sad for myself because it has so much potential hahaha. Ralphie is such a gorgeous little bunny. xx

  6. *boyfriend's mother not my mother's boyfriend ahah dear god

  7. Your uncut ruby ring is really pretty, I have some uncut garnets which I might have set into a ring, now! I'd originally thought of having them polished up, but you've converted me to uncut roughness haha. Also, I think you look cute with the first pair of glasses! Rather Buddy Holly :)

  8. Ooh your lip colour is gorgeous!! Funky nails :D

  9. I have Instagram on my iPhone, but have never actually used it. Your Instagram posts have certainly inspired me to try it.

    I absolutely adore your ring. It's so unique and pretty <3

    I love glasses like that, but sadly I look ridiculous in them. I have black, thick framed glasses, but they're much smaller and work better with my face shape than the larger ones xxx

  10. D'aww, hey Ralphie! Pancake hamster never accepts when it is the end of playtime either - when I plop her back in her cage (she has a bit of a mansion too) she always runs around like a wild thing trying to find the exit!
    I actually think both pairs of glasses really suit you, you have proper specs appeal! :)

  11. Good hair days are always the best days <3 they barely ever happen though do they?! I want to try some new glasses, mine seem to hide my eyes when I wear them so want some bigger frames! No doubt I'll never pick a pair I can stick with though :')

    Lovely post xxx

  12. Ahhh thanks so much for linking glasses direct, a home trial is such a good idea. I'm in desperate need of some new glasses so definitely going to try them out. Love the first pair you're wearing :) & your rabbit is so cute! xx

  13. Your hair looks lovely and the first pair of glasses are nice xx


  14. I want new glasses and I checked out Glasses Direct- would you recommend them? I love the London Retro styles they have on there and they have so much more variety than my opticians!!
    Also, I found you as we were both featured Laura's blog and am now following :]]

    Charlotte x


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