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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sunday Snapshot Instagram Style 007.

One & Two.
This week I made oreo brownies and they were amazing! This is the first thing I've baked that's actually turned out as I hoped it would and I was so so proud of myself! I've been bitten by the baking bug & hopefully I'll be good enough at it by September so I can make my boyfriend a super amazing birthday cake!

Three & Four.
I've been using instagram for ages and I only just discovered the tilt shift thingy that makes pictures look a little bit more profesh! It basically lets you pick an area of your picture to be in focus and blurs the rest making it look like you've used a camera with a fancy pants lens! Those little doggies are key toppers & I bought them from find-me-a-gift. I love them!

Five & Six. 
Thank you lots for all your opinions on my specs! I absolutely love both of those pairs & since it's buy one get one free it'd be rude not to get both! My favourites are the first pair even though I think the second ones suit me a little bit more. They're both retro inspired & I can't wait to get them! I'm all about the statement glasses, small and subtle frames seriously make my face look even chubbier - it's not a good look for me!

Seven & Eight.
After much faffing around I got my bunny dress from missguided. The tag in the dress says s/m when I ordered a m/l but it seems to fit me fine. If it really is a s/m then it really shouldn't fit me but I reckon it's just got the wrong size label sewn in it. I'm not that small! I absolutely love it anyway, I'm bunny mad right now. Anything with a bunny on it I want! I was even in Sainsburys the other day and spotted salt and pepper shakers that looked like bunny ears & wanted them. ...I don't use salt or pepper!

I battled with my wardrobe the other day & finally managed to get it sort of organised! I find it really difficult to organise my clothes & anything I do usually ends up getting disorganised within a week. But I'm going to try really hard to keep it tidy & hopefully I'll end up wearing more of my clothes because I can actually see them!

I got a Babyliss Waving Wand & I adore it! A lot of people told me to get a conical wand instead but I'm not after proper curls in my hair - I look a bit like Miss Piggy when I do & it's not a good look for me at all. I crossed my fingers that this would give me big & bouncy waves & I think it's perfect!

Eleven & Twelve. 
This is the result of my first quick go at the waving wand. I grabbed 2 inch or so pieces of hair at random & held them on the lowest heat setting for about 6 seconds each and it took no time at all. I combed through the waves with a wide tooth comb and ruffled them up a bit to make it a bit messier & I'm super happy. Can't wait to section my hair properly and give it a proper go! I love how the waves give me so much more volume than I usually have!

Are you having a lovely weekend? Have you had any exciting plans?

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  1. Your curls look really nice :) I got a conical wand recently and it's so fiddley to use..Does your curling wand have a clamp? x

  2. oh your hair looks gorgeous curled! :)

  3. Those brownies look so good! I wish I was any good at baking! The bunny dress is very "you", Jenny, so sweet and flattering. It looks like you've had a very productive week! I have next to nothing of note to show for mine haha. xx

  4. curly hair looks lovely on you (: i've been wanting curlers for AGES, my hair has only just got long enough for them to even work! i'll have to look into the waving wand!

  5. you hair looks sooooo gorgeous ! especially in the left picture!

  6. @Robyn - Nope, no clamp but it comes with one of those little heat proof glove thingys which are amazing! I'd have so many injuries already if it weren't for that little thing hehe.
    @T.Rose - Thank you! :)
    @Michelle - Aww thank you lovely! <3
    @ly - really recommend the waving wand if you're not after tight curls!


  7. @Lozzii - Aww thank you so much, that made me smile! <3


  8. Those brownies look so good! Your hair looks lovely like that, it really suits you :) I shall definitely have to look into that Waving Wand xx
    Sirens and Bells

  9. The brownies look delicious and the waving wand seems really good xx

  10. omg bunny dress. want. need.

  11. oh god, those brownies look so nice. <3

  12. Love your hair, may have to give the wave wand a try!

    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth

  13. Oreo brownies did i hear you say?...YUM!
    Your curled hair looks beautiful xx

  14. You look so sweet and gorgeous! :D

    Oh, great and cute stuff!


  15. You did so well with the waving wand girlie, your hair is lovely :) and high five for the oreo brownies! I did them a few weeks back for my friend engagement party, and was secretly chuffed when they were snapped up by everyone so quickly. Your glasses are gorgeous too by the way. Wish I'd got BOGOF with mines :( could do with a second pair majorly xx

  16. I also have a bunny print dress! Different to yours though, but yours is cute! :)

  17. love love love your hairs in curls! pretty girl xo


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