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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday Snapshots: Instagram Style 005.

One. Hello!

Two. If you like peachy pink shimmery cheeks and you have a spare £20.50 laying around, you need need need to get Semi-Precious Rose Quartz Mineralize Skinfinish from MAC. If it were possible to be in love with a make up product then I would be with this. I'd be taking it on dates to the cinema and everything. I might even treat it to a yummy dinner after too. Seriously. It's love.

Three. This week I registered on to another module with The Open University and I can already sense that it's going to be a tough module to get through. It's a compulsory course for my chosen English Language & Literature degree and I'm definitely going to have to put in the hours to get the grade I'm hoping for at the end. It'll be worth it though. Someone once told me that if everything were easy, there would be no point in doing it. I like a challenge!

Four. My ears have decided that they no longer get along with cheap earrings. They're now demanding nothing less than silver & I'd rather that they didn't hurt so I'm doing what they tell me! These adorable little silver bow earrings are from Simply Silver by Jon Richard and I got them from Debenhams for just £7.50. What a bargain!

Five. This is Ralphie being cute because he'd just done something naughty. He knows when he's done something he shouldn't have. I think this is his toddler phase. It's okay though, it's impossible to stay mad at that face for any longer than half a second.

Six. This is Ralphie being nosy. He also loves posing for the camera. What a cutie!

Are you having a good weekend?  Have you been on any exciting adventures?
Happy Sunday!


  1. Good luck with your course. Very true what you say about things being easy! I'm taking the plunge and starting a new job next week which will be difficult but I'm sure I'll reap the benefits as will you xx

  2. Aw your rabbit is absolutely adorable! x

  3. One. Hello to you too, haha! Little Ralphie is so cute, wish I had a rabbit now! Good for you doing the English at uni, I'm sure you'll be great. That blusher looks lush!


  4. LOve you in the glasses. Really pleased for you doing another module, think I am going to do another one, level 2 photography maybe. Can't wait to find out my results xxxx

  5. Awww Ralphie looks so cute, my rabbits always try to smell the camera when i'm trying to take photos of them! xx

  6. Hey hun,
    Good luck with your course! Well done for taking th plunge too. I did social science with politics through the Open University, and graduated in 2008 with a 2:1 after spending 5 out of the 6 years working full time as a store manager. It's achieveable and you will feel SO GOOD when you pass!! I am now considering a masters with the OU in English or History (must be mad!)
    Your rabbit is adorable! Soooo cute!

    Much love Amie


  7. Oo I didn't realise you were doing an English degree, I did English at uni :) I used to have similar issues with my ears and cheap earrings, then they got to the point where they wouldn't even accept silver/gold ones. Had to let them close up in the end cause they hurt so much :( Also love your glasses :)

    L x

  8. Good luck with your course!
    I can't wear any earrings other than sterling silver, not even gold! Claire's Sterling Silver range is usually fine for me x

  9. Oo I've bought that mac blusher it is great! Has a lush shimmer to highlight too! Bet it looks fab on you! Hope you've had a great weekend!
    Beth xx

  10. Good luck with your course xx


  11. Ah, i went out today and forgot to check out those mac blushers. To be honest, i dislike the Mac shopping experience. i LOVE their products, 99% of the make up i own is mac, but i hate the loud music they play and the girls are always more concerned about putting make up on themselves than helping customers. Maybe it's just the newcastle branch (maybe i'm just an old fuddy duddy complaining about loud music!) - most likely the latter! xxxx

  12. @Rebecca - Ooh good luck! You'll be amazing at it!
    @Annabellacinderella - <3
    @Beth - Hehe! Thank you lots!
    @Gem - Ooh you definitely should! You're going to do super well, I can already tell!
    @Caz - Awww, that's adorable!
    @Amie K - Oh wow, that's amazing well done! I think doing the masters sounds like a great idea!
    @Lauren - Yeah, bit of an 'eep I have no idea what I want to do with my life, maybe English will lead me somewhere' moment hehe.
    @Zoey - Ooh I had no idea they had a silver range!
    @Beth - It's super pretty! I love the shimmery middle part as a highlight!
    @Lauren - Thank you so much :)
    @Jillian - Thank you!
    @Sarah - Ooh I've found similar things to happen at MAC counters too. It's pretty off putting so I always tend to purchase online now!


  13. Great photos and well done on the open uni course.


  14. your black rabbit is so cute love it ;)


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