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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Jennie Makes: Cookies with Chocolate Chunks.

A couple of days ago I was in the mood to bake something yummy. I was too lazy to pop to the shop to stock up on ingredients so I decided to set myself a challenge of only using ingredients I already had in my baking cupboard. Cookies seemed to be the obvious choice so I had a little look on the BBC food website and stumbled across this Nigel Slater recipe. Me being me I couldn’t follow it to the letter, I much prefer experimenting so I just altered it ever so slightly & the end result was super yummy!

You will need:
75g or 3oz of butter
225g or 8oz of soft light brown sugar
2 free range eggs
150g or 5 1/4 oz of self raising flour
200g or 7oz of dark chocolate
Vanilla Extract

One. Preheat your oven to 180C / 350F / Gas Mark 4.

Two. Since I didn’t have any chocolate chips I started by chopping a 200g bar of dark chocolate into chunks. This is much harder than it looks and I imagine it would have been much easier to do with a food processor! Sadly I don’t own a food processor and honestly, I wouldn’t really fancy washing one up even if I did!

Three. Pop the butter and the sugar into a bowl and mix until they are smooth and creamy. Again this would be much easier in a food processor but I found that it doesn’t take that long by hand. I decided doing it the long way resulted in a nice little arm workout. Always got to look for the positives!

Four. Break the free range eggs into a separate bowl & add as much vanilla extract as you like! I had no idea how much to add and I think I went for about 3 teaspoons in the end! Whisk this mixture gently just until the eggs have broken up.

Five. Gradually add the egg mixture into the butter & sugar making sure to beat it constantly. At this point the mixture looks horrible but smells beautiful!

Six. Next I folded in the chopped chocolate making sure to give it a good mix together. Then I began adding in the flour a little bit at a time and mixing thoroughly each time. You should then be left with a thick, sticky mixture!

Seven. I lightly greased a baking tray with margarine and lined it with grease proof paper. Pop large tablespoons of the mixture on to the baking tray & there’s no need to flatten them down, they’ll do that themselves once in the oven. I baked 6 cookies per baking sheet.

Eight. Pop them in the oven for around 10 – 12 minutes & when you take them out they should have spread and be soft to the touch. Leave them to cool before removing them from the baking sheet so they don’t begin to crumble.

Et voila! I found this mixture makes around 12 – 14 large cookies! They should be beautifully soft with the chocolate inside wonderfully gooey. I think this is the perfect basic cookie recipe that can be experimented with. There’s not a huge amount of butter in them which is always a good thing & instead of adding chopped chocolate you can add anything you want. I think I’m going to bake a new batch today using some chocolate chips, mini chunks of fudge & some glace cherries. Always have fun and experiment with baking!

Let me know if you try this out or if you have a different cookie recipe you think I should try!

P.S. If all goes to plan I shall be baking my boyfriend a pretty amazing birthday cake this week! Hopefully that should be up sometime next week & if you don’t see it then you’ll know it all went horribly wrong!

Monday, 29 August 2011

Monday Lust List 007.

I've been sitting snuggled up in bed on this chilly & slightly rainy bank holiday Monday putting this weeks lust list together and I have to say, I think this is my favourite one to date. I've never been the biggest fan of summer and I think that autumn & winter clothes are far more flattering, the rich colour palettes start to work their way into shops around now and it means that we're getting closer to Christmas - yes I am excited for that already! Until this year I had lived on the South coast of England where the winters aren't particularly harsh or cold but now I live in Derbyshire I have a feeling I'll need to stock up on chunky knitwear & hats!

1. Until this year I shyed away from bronzer in my make up routine because I didn't understand the concept of contouring & just assumed it would make my fair skin look orange. Now that I use my Bourjois chocolate bronzer daily I've been itching to try out some other bronzers. Benefit's 10 boxed powder has recently appeared on my make up radar & I'd really love to try it. I think with a light hand I could make the darker contour colour work & the pinky highlight shade just looks beautiful! These are expensive at £23.50 but I'm pretty confident that it would last for ages even if used on a daily basis!

2. I need a gel or cream eyeliner that isn't going to smudge or transfer on me a couple of hours into the day. I love the winged eyeliner look but I just can't wear it because nothing stays put for longer than a couple of hours. The time has come to admit that Blacktrack fluid line from MAC just doesn't cut it so I've been looking at either Clinique's Brush on Cream Liner or the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner. I'm indecisive so I have no clue which one to try first, I think I might be leaning towards the Bobbi Brown ever so slightly even though it's £2 more expensive!

3. I've seen reviews of the new 'they're real' mascara from Benefit & I need it in my life. It's pricey though, so that's what's stopped me from purchasing thus far. I'm one of those people that wants an amazing mascara for a super cheap price. I hate hate hate throwing out a pricey mascara after three or four months - it makes my purse hurt too!

4. This Knitted Sheep Jacquard Cardigan from Topshop is AMAZING! It's so AMAZING I have to type the word AMAZING in capital letters. I'm not going to lie, it would be a thousand times better if it had bunnies on it, but I like the sheep too. I have to have it. Seriously. But why oh why are Topshop prices so insanely expensive? I wish I could afford to spend £65 on a cardigan, but I can't and honestly, I don't know many people who can!

5. Bunny! I think we all know why I'm lusting after this beautiful Grey Bunny Motif Jumper from Dorothy Perkins, I am indeed bunny crazy. This little lightweight knit is £28 which seems a little pricey to me. Maybe I'm just incredibly cheap but I'd spend £28 on it if it were thicker and had long sleeves. I can't deny the design is adorable & I love the bunnies little expression but I have no idea what I'd wear this with since I'm not really a jeans kind of girl! I think I'll just admire this one from afar!

6. I saw this Fantasy Fur Bear Ears Hat on ASOS and instantly fell in love. I showed it to my boyfriend and asked if he'd disown me & not be seen in public with me if I wore this & much to my surprise, he actually really likes it! It's ridiculously adorable and I also think it will be very practical come winter - nobody wants a cold head or cold ears, right?!

7. Okay so these would most definitely not be practical in Winter when the roads are covered in snow and super slippery but they are pretty gosh darn lovely! I think I've said this before but since performing the heel test (where I stand next to my boyfriend in a pair of heels to see who's taller) & my boyfriend ended up being the taller one, a lot of heels have found their way on to my lust lists. I love these brogue heels from Dorothy Perkins a lot, but I'm not sure where I'd wear them. They're not really a 'wear them to pop to the shop' kind of shoe!

Have you got/had any of these items before? Which eyeliner should I try first, the Clinique or the Bobbi Brown? I'd love to know your opinions!
What's on your current lust list?

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sunday Snapshot Instagram Style 011.

One & Two.
I'm still in love with my new glasses although I can't wear them properly yet since the prescription in them isn't quite right. It's either Glasses Direct's fault or Specsavers fault or a combination of the two. I'm getting my eyes tested next week at a new opticians who will hopefully then be able to fit new lenses into my frames for me. It's pretty safe to say I won't be using Glasses Direct or Specsavers again! I'm terrible like that, once I've had a bad experience with a company I'll never go back - I hold terrible grudges!

I ordered some mini cards & stickers from Moo for my new shop & I'm totally in love with them! The quality is perfect & I couldn't be happier with the customer service. I was 100% set on just being a jewellery shop but luckily I've picked a name that doesn't have jewellery in it so I can branch out into other things as well at some point. I want to put my photography skills to use somehow, I've got all these wonderful cameras that I simply don't use often enough and that needs to change! I've said before that photography is my first love so I have no idea why I'm neglecting it so much at the moment!

I got my first book & DVD delivered for my new Open University module, 'Reading and Studying Literature'. This is one of the compulsory modules for my degree, I'm hoping to gain a BA (Hons) English Language & Literature degree at the end of it all, and I know I'm going to find this one quite a challenge. The language side is much more my thing & I've always been better at that naturally but there would be no point in doing it at all if I don't find it challenging! I'll have to remember that saying when I'm knee deep in essays and notes and wanting to cry!

Five & Six. 
That's Ralphie preparing to jump up on to my bed which he knows he's not allowed on! He lives in my room but you know, I don't want the place where I sleep covered in rabbit fur! My Mama went away to visit family last weekend and my poor dog didn't know what to do with herself, she was mopey and whiny for THREE whole days. She pretty much drove me insane but when I saw her sitting on the sofa like this it made me chuckle! She's a silly one!

Seven & Eight. 
I baked some cookies yesterday and they turned out super yummy. They're loosely based on a recipe by Nigel Slater & I say loosely because they're really nothing like it! His was the first cookie recipe I found that only used a small amount of butter - I'd set myself a challenge of only using ingredients I already had in my baking cupboard and I really don't think a huge wedge of butter is necessary in baking. I'm not a lover of extremely rich foods & some of the recipes I've used in the past, especially for cupcakes, the end result ends up just tasting like butter & that cannot be good for you! These cookies are wonderful, they're soft and gooey in the middle and Nigel Slater is a true cookery genius!  I had a surprisingly positive response to my first cookery post here which I wasn't expecting, and I took pictures at various stages when making these cookies so I think I'll pop that post up next week!

Nine & Ten. 
Last Sunday I made my first ever roast dinner, minus the meat because I'm a veggie, and I was incredibly proud of myself. I made some yummy onion and carrot gravy, the quick way, some may call it cheating (it's essentially just marmite), but it's still gravy! I also made some roast potatoes with a hit of garlic which were super easy to make but look quite impressive and taste gorgeous! I will be repeating these today!

It's been so cold here that I've had to dig out my winter pyjamas already! I'm a huge fan of childish pj's, anything with a funny print or cute animals on I have to have, the sillier the better to be honest! I can't believe I'm wearing fluffy pj's in August. That's not right! I should be complaining that it's too hot but honestly, I'm secretly glad it's cold! Shhh, don't tell anyone!

...I don't know. I really don't know. *hangs head in shame and walks away*

Thirteen & Fourteen. 
I got Ralphie some new toys & much to my surprise he actually quite likes them! Ralphie's not a toy kind of bunny, he'll usually humour me and play with something once and them promptly ignore it there after. I have, well I had, a lovely wicker basket in my room but Ralphie decided that he'd quite like to spend his time chewing the corners so now it doesn't look quite so nice. These balls are made out of something similar so he's been very much enjoying nibbling these but he seems a bit confused as to why they keep rolling away from him. He gets a little annoyed with them! Ralphie put up a little blog post yesterday that you can find here! Seriously, it's really him. It's not me doing it at all. *whistles innocently!*

Are you having a wonderful weekend? Have you got any exciting plans?

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Ralphie's Diary: Entry Two.

"You know I'm sure I can smell treats hidden behind here! Maybe if I'm especially cute I'll get an extra one today! Paws crossed!"

Lots of Love

Friday, 26 August 2011

Five Things I Love Friday 021.

One. Apple. 
Yes that is me minus make up pointing at an Apple box. I took this when the post man finally delivered my iPad a few months ago. ...I was excited, okay?!
This week Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple and I can't lie, I'm super sad about it. He said if there was ever a time he couldn't meet his duties and expectations as CEO then he would step down. I hope he's okay, you know? I love Apple products, I personally think the iPad is one of the best pieces of technology I've ever owned & Steve's a pretty inspiring guy!

Two. Daily Booth. 

I've set myself a challenge of posting a picture to Daily Booth every single day for a year. I don't know how that's going to work out but I'll sure give it a go! Do any of you have a daily booth account? Leave me a link in the comments or add me & I'll add you back!

Three. Moo. 

I got some business cards for my new online shop yesterday from Moo and I love love love them! I don't think they can be beaten in terms of quality & range of products they offer. They've made me even more excited for my shop and got me thinking that maybe I don't have to be solely a jewellery shop - there are SO many different things that I could do! I'm still keeping my store name under wraps for the time being but it does have a nautical theme - it wouldn't be very me otherwise!

Four. Cooking. 

I've never really been one that loves cooking but after recently getting bitten by the baking bug I've branched out into other things. Last Sunday I made my very first roast dinner, minus the meat of course, and I even made the gravy and garlic roast potatoes from scratch. I was pretty proud!

Five. Reaching over 1000 Twitter followers!

Wow! I don't tweet a lot and when I do I'm usually whinging about something or talking about food so I'm amazed that anyone wants to know what I'm up to! I do love Twitter though, maybe it's because I'm nosey but it's a great way to keep in touch with a lot of people! Thank you to all of you that read my tweets, I know I don't always manage to reply to every tweet I get & I am super sorry but I absolutely read every single one! ♥

What have you loved this week? Any favourite blogs? Link me in the comments!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Jennie Makes: Vegetarian Pasta.

My favourite food is pasta & I would quite happily eat it every single day if I could. Simple sauces are the ones I love the most, this one is my favourite and it only uses 5 ingredients & a touch of oil! There's always the opportunity to be more adventurous, I love adding lots of extras too like mushrooms, red peppers and butter beans. Be creative & experiment! Being a vegetarian isn't all (in my opinion) yucky vegetables like pumpkin and swede & you're not destined for a life of lentil soup, honest!

Start by dicing two medium sized onions & peeling as many garlic cloves as you like. I only chop my onions roughly so it’s over quicker – my eyes stream SO much when I’m doing this, they’re even watering a bit just thinking about it! I'm pretty sure pre-chopped onions are the best thing ever, I don't know why I never buy them!

Pop a bit of oil into a pan and fry the onions over a high heat and add in some crushed garlic. I used 3 quite large cloves because I love love love garlic! After leaving those to cook for about 5 minutes until they start to soften slightly I added about half a packet of Quorn mince. Keep the pan over a high heat so the onions sizzle nicely & the Quorn mince starts taking on some of the flavour.

When the onions & mince have started to get a bit of colour on them I add 2 tins of chopped tomatos – one with herbs and one without. I’m not a big herb fan at all so I don’t add any extra fresh herbs but you absolutely could if you want to!

Then I added 1 tin of red kidney beans & would have popped in some butter beans too but I didn’t have any – bad times! After giving the sauce a stir I turn the heat right down and let it simmer with a lid on the pan for around 40-50 minutes.
Et voila! It's super simple to make, 10 minutes preparation time and then you can let it simmer away on its own while you're catching up on your favourite show maybe giving it a good stir every so often. If you've got left overs then you can make a pasta bake later in the week or it's even a good accompaniment to a baked potato!
What's your absolute favourite food? 

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Face Of The Day with added Glitter & Jewellery.

I'd like to start off by saying a huge thank you to Fee from Make Up Savvy because I think that's how a lot of my new readers have stumbled across my blog! Fee said some wonderful things about mine and several other wonderful bloggers which was super lovely of her and I appreciate it a lot. It came at a time where I was feeling negative about the posts I was writing and a bit upset about receiving less comments than I used to get. Her lovely words kind of reassured me that I'm doing okay and I honestly do appreciate every reader I have and every single comment I receive, thank you so much! I should stop being such a negative Nelly and use this as an opportunity to write more interesting posts! 

Today while having a little rummage through my jewellery box I found the first necklace I ever made which was probably about a year ago! I was going through a super duper Alice in Wonderland phase and to be honest, I've still not grown out of that phase. I adore cutesy jewellery - Alice in Wonderland, cute animal charms and lots of bows & hearts. I'm still not 100% sure on the direction I want to take my jewellery shop in, I think it's probably going to end up being a mish mash of different styles because that's me - indecisive and a lover of lots of different things!

Dress: Love Label.
Necklace: Handmade.

Maybe the cutesy jewellery ship has sailed already & I missed the boat! I'm not sure. All I know is I'm not the biggest fan of the tribal inspired pieces that are on the high street at the moment & I definitely don't want to make things that I'm not in love with myself. I think a little bit of market research is in order for me tonight! 
The sky last night was a stunning midnight blue scattered with lots & lots of tiny stars & I was inspired to create something similar on my nails! I'm no nail artist at all, I can barely paint my nails one single colour without it looking like a three year old has done it with a spoon so I'm forever in awe of those who can create beautiful nail designs. Charlene from Dainty Dresses is one of those talented ladies who can paint nails like a pro! She's just opened her own online shop called Dainty Nails that I think everyone should go and have a little nosey at! I decided to just smother my nails in glitter since I have no talent what so ever & I LOVE it! I used Barry M Blue Glitter & then layered a bit of Eyes Lips Face Golden Goddess over the top! No talent or skill required & it satisfies my need for lots of glitter in my life - perfect!

What's your favourite type of jewellery to wear. Do you like cute items, more grown up pieces or a mixture of both? 
Also, what's your absolute favourite nail polish colour? 

Monday, 22 August 2011

Monday Lust List 006.

1. Whenever I get newsletter emails from Yumi I fear for my bank balance because everything is so ridiculously cute! This Yumi Hummingbird Dress is just beautiful. The print is stunning, the cut looks super flattering & I love the length of the sleeves and the button detailing on the bust.

2. During my teenage years Nirvana were my favourite band and even now I have a little soft spot for their songs so when I spied this Nirvana vest top from H&M I instantly wanted to own one! I think this would be really nice bought in a few sizes larger so it's super over sized with a pair of thick black leggings for a laid back look. I also love the Jimi Hendrix print & The Beatles print too but the Nirvana one is my favourite! 

3. I'm not usually a huge fan of the clothes in New Look but this shirt dress is just gorgeous! The rich blue colour is beautiful & perfect for the upcoming Autumn season & the ribbon belt around the waist makes it wonderfully flattering! 

4. The Topshop Gel Eyeliner in Ink went on my lust list as soon as I read Lily's review here. I have Blacktrack Fluid Line from MAC and although I like it, I don't love it. It doesn't stay put very well at all on me so I'm pretty disappointed. I can't use liquid liners at all, my hands just don't co-operate so I'm after the perfect gel liner!

5. I only have one of Topshop's blushers and that's a cream one in the shade Neon Rose. I've just spotted that Topshop have now introduced some new powder blushers to their make up range and this shade which is called Powdered really caught my attention.

6. I only ever tend to wear flat ballet pumps because I never manage to find any other shoes that I really like. These Cut Out Lace Up shoes from New Look are a little bit unusual and that's why I love them so much. I like that they have a tiny heel & I think they'd go with a lot of different outfits. They're a bit of a bargain too at £17.99!

7. I'm in desperate need of a good eye cream. I don't think anything would be able to reduce my dark circles but as I get that little bit older I'd like to invest in one that will keep my under eyes hydrated. Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream from Origins has had a lot of positive reviews & I'd really love to try it!

Have you tried either of these Topshop make up items before?
What's at the top of your lust list at the moment?

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday Snapshot Instagram Style 010.

One & Two. 
I've been really loving using my bomb cosmetics bath bombs & Lee Stafford hair treatment! Although I've only used the treatment for hair that never grows past a certain length 3 or 4 times, my hair feels a lot softer and healthier already!

Three & Four. 
My boyfriend and I decorated the master bedroom in his new house and I got completely covered in paint! It was fun though and the house is almost done! Yay!

I got a huge box of envelopes for when my little online shop opens! I was super excited opening this even though it's just envelopes, but it means my shop is one step closer to being ready!

My boyfriend got a Henry hoover! I love him. I totally want to get a Hetty hoover now too!

Seven & Eight. 
My boyfriend being silly & me being a poser on photobooth. Seriously, photobooth will never get old!

Nine & Ten. 
My baby! ♥ 

Eleven & Twelve. 
Ralphie ripping a magazine to shreds & a very whiny dog! My weekend has been full of misbehaving animals!

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Ralphie's Diary: Picture Day!

Today mama decided it was picture day for me and I can’t lie, I pretty much loved every second of it. It was extremely funny watching her take these pictures sprawled out on her tummy across the floor, honestly you should have seen her, she looked ridiculous! I tried my best not to laugh too much!

The pictures of my face I get. I’m a bunny, I’m pretty cute and I have fluffy ears. I can see why people may like to see those kinds of photos. The bum shot however I don’t get. She said it’s because I’ve got a cute little cotton-wool-ball tail and super fluffy feet. Even so, was it really necessary? It’s a bit embarrassing to tell you the truth so please be nice!

Hopefully mama will let me borrow her blog again sometime soon, this was fun!

Bye for now!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Five Things I Love Friday 020.

I cannot believe it’s Friday already, the weeks are quite literally whizzing by right now and I just know it'll be Christmas before I've got a chance to blink!

I can’t get over how adorable this website/tumblr account is & I know that one day I’m going to sit and go through all the previous pages because all the bunnies are SO cute! The beautiful Caz pointed me in the direction of the website and I’m super happy she did!

Two. Harry Potter.
Image Credit.
This week I watched Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince for the first time and loved it! I don’t know why I haven’t seen the last few films, maybe because I don’t want it to be over? I know that one day in the future I’ll be reading the stories to my children and I know they’ll love them as much as I do! I kinda feel like I grew up with the series and I wish there were more books!

Three. Long hot baths!
Preferably ones with something from Bomb Cosmetics in them! They’re super relaxing and are something to look forward to at the end of a stressful day! I’m kind of really glad that we haven’t had much of a summer this year because hot baths in hot weather are a total no go!

Four. Comfy lounge clothes.
I wish I was wearing this outfit right now, sadly I don't look even half as nice though in my tatty old yoga pants!

Some days lounging around clothes are the best! Today is one of those days!

Five. Painting.
This obviously isn't our room but we did pick the cool toned blue/grey colour called Boutique & it's lovely!

I wouldn’t say I love painting/decorating but yesterday we managed to (almost) finish decorating the master bedroom in my boyfriends new house. It’s been a long road but we’re getting there and it’s very exciting!

What have you especially loved this week? Any favourite blogs?
Let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Bath Time Treats For Body & Hair Featuring Bomb Cosmetics & Lee Stafford!

Every now and then one of those days happens to everyone when you just need a bit of a pick me up & my turn for one of those days was yesterday. You know the ones I mean, you feel a little bit down for no real reason and a bit rubbish about yourself & you need a bit of relaxation and pampering. I decided enough was enough & a hot bath was in order! I reached for two products, a bath bomb from Bomb Cosmetics courtesy of find me a gift & a tub of Lee Stafford’s treatment for hair that never grows past a certain length to give me that much needed pick me up.

I can’t fault Bomb Cosmetics on their packaging, especially for these bath bombs. It’s simple but really lovely & the cute ribbon tied around the box gives it that luxurious feel, like you’re in for a real treat when you try the products inside!
Following the directions on the back of the box I dropped the pink bath bomb with adorable little hearts on it which is called Sugar Kiss into warm water and watched as my bath instantly became bright pink & the entire room was filled with a beautiful floral scent. It was pretty much heaven! I’ve yet to use the other two bath blasters in the set which are called Natures Candy & Crazy After Dark but they smell incredible even just sitting in the box so I have really high hopes for them both!
I’ve never been a huge bath product kind of girl, in my previous house I used to only have a bath & I washed my hair every day so I never really had the chance to indulge in bubble bath or bath bombs. Now that I have a lovely shower & bath I have the opportunity to indulge whenever I like and I can see a bit of an addiction coming on. At least it’s a nice addiction! One that will keep my bathroom smelling nice all the time! I rinsed the bath out afterwards as the directions said and the product hadn’t stained my bath pink at all, which is good! The beautiful floral scent managed to linger in my bathroom for a whole day afterwards, which I thought was pretty amazing! Next on my list of Bomb Cosmetics products to try are these beauties that really do look good enough to eat!

My hair is in desperate need of attention. I’m not at all impressed with my natural colour now which seems to be dirty blonde with grey undertones. Dirty blonde I can handle but not grey undertones – I’m only 22. There’s plenty of time in the future for me to be grey! Thankfully I have discovered the John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray, which I will be stocking up on, and using forever and ever. So that’s the colour sorted out, I’d just like it to be healthier, more voluminous & most importantly, a little bit longer. I asked for help on twitter and many lovely ladies responded telling me I should give Lee Stafford’s treatment for hair that never grows past a certain length a try. That’s possibly one of the longest product names in history but I’m intrigued and extremely hopeful that it will work for me because of the sheer number of extremely positive reviews it’s got online!

I popped into Boots & indulged in the 3 for £12 offer and slathered this on my hair at the first opportunity I had. Before my super relaxing bath I shampooed my hair under the shower and scooped out slightly smaller than an egg sized amount of the treatment and massaged it all over my hair. The directions say to leave on for 5 minutes but I probably left it on for about 40 minutes before rinsing out. I didn’t condition my hair afterwards and probably never would purely because my hair is so fine & I think it would be a bit much. After I blow dried my hair it was gorgeously smooth and soft without looking weighed down which is extremely important in my opinion. I adore the scent of this which is good because it really lingers in my hair!
I’m excited to see if this does live up to my expectations. My hair isn’t in terrible condition so I’ll probably use this again on my next wash and then maybe twice or three times a week from then on. The tub is quite a bit smaller than I thought it would be and it’s fairly pricey at £7.99 but if it works then it’s worth it! I can’t lie that I love the bright pink packaging & although the alternating upper and lower case writing annoys me a bit, it’s eye catching!

After my little mini pamper session I felt much better & ready to take on the world once again. Everyone has down days but I think they’re the perfect excuse for some time to yourself to relax and recharge.

Have you tried either of these two products before? Do you love to indulge in a lovely bath every so often?