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Friday, 5 August 2011

Five Things I Love Friday 018.

One. My baby!

I love him every single day of the year. This photograph makes me smile more than ever! My instagram post on Sunday will probably just consist of pictures of Ralphie. But that's okay, right? 

Two. Baking. 
My brownies disappeared in record time, my mama just couldn't resist having one or three with her lunchtime cuppa every day! My next baking mission is to find a super amazing cookie recipe, does anyone have one?

Three. Muji yarn animals. 
I know they're for children but these four little guys have a lot of sentimental value!

Four. Sushi.

Yum Yum!

Five. Film photography.
There's something extra special about film photography. Everything feels so much more magical.


P.S. The winner of the Sawyer & Scout feather necklace is Marta from Glitter Detector and the winner of the bracelets is Sophie from The story of a girl who lives above her means. I'll send both winners an email this evening!! Congrats!


  1. I love your Ralphie! I'm deff getting one after my first year of uni! :D

    Rhiannon xo

  2. This is the best cookie recipe I've found, they're so yummy:


    Ignore the part where it says "4 tablespoons" that's a misprint I think and one tablespoon is enough for a big cookie!

  3. Japanese food is my favourite, i love sushi! I knew you had great taste! x

  4. Mmmmmmmm, them brownies are making me hungry! xxx

  5. I love everything here! Your bunny is adorable, the brownies look yummy and those yarn animals are so sweet! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  6. I really crave brownies now, home made ones are so much better than shop ones aren't they! x

  7. Wow, so shocked you have included me in your '5 blogs i love friday'- thank you so much :) Also, Ralphie is TOO CUTE xxx

  8. Bunnies, brownies AND film photography - what a beautiful post! So grateful to be part of your 5 blogs; thank you very much. x

  9. Your rabbit is soooo cute! i think im going to get one this september xx

  10. Ah I love Ralphie! He deserves a post all to himself!x

  11. Such a lovely post, Ralphie is the sweetest little bunny! Hope you have a lovely weekend x

  12. I don't think I'll ever tire of photos of Ralphie - he's such a cutie! xx

  13. hi what camera are you using?love the effect on the pics x

  14. you have a bunny?!?! so jealous!

  15. Ohhhh I made some gorgeous cookies last week and followed this recipe:

    If you've ever had Ben's Cookies they're just like that- heavenly!!

  16. Great, now I'm hungry. Looks like I'll just have to go eat some sushi, what a shame...


  17. Ralphie is such a cutie-pie!
    Owning teddy bears as an adult is fine-i know that I can never throw away some of mine.
    A great (but sickly)recipe for cookies are these double chocolate ones by Lorraine Pascale. I can't find the recipe online for some reason but they're in her Baking Made Easy book. I'm constantly making them.

    Much Love


  18. Those brownies look amazing! Agh, i have yet to try sushi! Love film photography, definitely agree that something about it is just magical & romantic. :) xo

  19. yum brownies and such cute multi-yarm toys :)

  20. Thank you so much, love! I'm honoured that you thought of me :)

  21. Hello! Thank you so much for the mention! That brightened up my rainy Saturday ever so! x x x

  22. Ralphie is so cute! I never realised you live in Derbyshire, so do I :) I live in Belper, not sure if you know it or not xx

  23. That last photo is incredible and I <3 Ralphie! Such a cutie x

  24. Oh my gosh I won! Wow that is amazing, thank you so so much!
    Raphie just just cuter everytime I see him! He is a darling.


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