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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Monthly Favourites: July.

Okay, so I seem to have accumulated a ridiculous amount quite a lot of favourites this month! Grab a cup of tea & a slice of cake and put your feet up because this may just take a while!
My decision to shake up my skincare a little bit has proved to be a good decision so far. My skin is a lot less dry so my foundation goes on a lot smoother in the mornings & I've been getting less blemishes & redness.

I'm beyond happy with the Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser and I think it does a wonderful job. It's not incredible at removing make up which is fine for me since I use a baby wipe & face wash before I cleanse at night time but if you don't then that's something to consider.

The Vichy Aqualia Thermal Fortifying & Soothing moisturiser is gorgeous & I'd go so far as to say it's the best moisturiser I've ever used. I've been using this morning & night and it works beautifully for both but I do seem to be getting through the pot quite quickly. I am on the lookout for my perfect night moisturiser, just something that's slightly heavier, but until I find that I'm so happy with this one. It's quite pricey at £15 but skincare is something I'm always willing to invest in.

Since my skin is looking better than it has done in a really long time I've been seizing the opportunity to go for a lighter coverage foundation and Face & Body from MAC has been my number one choice. On extremely good skin days I'll just apply 2 layers of Face & Body and a tiny bit of concealer but on days where I have a few more blemishes I'll apply 3 layers. I have the shade C1 & it's a tiny bit too dark for me which is a shame but I've been experimenting with other products to lighten it up a little bit so hopefully I'll be able to wear Face & Body into the winter months too.

My concealer of choice to use with Face & Body is Boi-ing from Benefit. I still love my Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer but I think that becaue Boi-ing is slightly thicker, it provides a heavier coverage which I often need with a more sheer foundation.

To set my make up I've been reaching for the Witch Anti-Blemish pressed powder every single day & you can see it's well loved! The packaging is rubbish, it broke on me almost instantly but that's not a huge negative since the product is so good. I have dry skin & this doesn't accentuate any dry patches at all & leaves my skin looking pretty flawless and it keeps my make up on all day.

My lips were getting super sore & chapped and my usual Carmex just wasn't doing the job anymore so I decided to give the Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner a go and I absolutely love it. For a start this one tastes a million times better than Carmex and I honestly think it does a far better job at healing and soothing sore lips. I love this & will be sticking to Blistex lip balms from now on!

Since kicking my horrible nail biting habit I've been really enjoying looking after my nails & being able to paint them lots of pretty colours! My three favourite polishes have been Vivacious and Tenacious by MeMeMe and Miami by Mavala. All three last an amazing amount of time on the nails without chipping and are opaque in just two coats. Vivacious is a super bright pink, Tenacious is a gorgeous turquoise teal & Miami is a beautiful blue toned pink. They're all wonderful and really affordable too which is always a bonus!

The scent of this Raspberry Blower Ice Cream Body Wash from Bomb Cosmetics is just gorgeous. I've been leaving the lid of this slightly open so the scent fills my entire bathroom and I adore it. The packaging isn't the most practical for using in the shower but it's all worth it because the product inside feels so luxurious.

I'm not a huge eyeshadow person but this month I've loved sweeping this beautiful light champagne colour from the Sleek Storm palette all over my lids and into the inner corner to really brighten up my eyes. With a primer underneath these shadows last a really good amount of time, even on my oily eyelids, and the Storm palette is my favourite!

My fragrance of choice this month has without a doubt been Stella by Stella McCartney. I can't describe scents at all but I would recommend this one to absolutely everyone. To me this is quite a sophisticated scent & I feel really grown up whenever I wear it. I don't think I'll ever be without a bottle of this in my collection, it has quickly become my favourite perfume ever.

This lip gloss from Natural Collection in the shade Sherbet Fizz is pretty much the exact same colour as Mavala Miami nail polish. It is a gorgeous blue toned pink with a tiny bit of shimmer and it tastes like cake. It's not ridiculously sticky, it's really well pigmented & did I mention that it tastes like cake? I'm really impressed with this gloss & I'll definitely be popping back to Boots to check out more colours in this range!

Another lip product that has made its way into my favourites is one of the new Collection 2000 Cream Puffs & I have the shade Cotton Candy. I do wish that I had picked up one of the slightly more nude shades because this is a much brighter pink than I had expected it to be but the formulation is really lovely. It has a matte finish which I find can be quite drying but a slick of lip balm underneath makes this much more wearable for me. These also smell really good too. I think I'm a sucker for lip products that smell lovely, I just can't stop buying them!

I definitely haven't had this Good Things Ultra Rich Body Butter for long enough for it to be a July favourite but I wanted to include it anyway because I think it's a beautiful product! It has a really thick consistency but it sinks into the skin so quickly and effortlessly which I adore. There's nothing worse than standing around for ages just waiting for a body moisturiser to skin in! I've found that a little goes a long way so you shouldn't find yourself going through a pot ridiculously quickly & it smells divine. Honestly, divine!

My favourite lip combination of the month has been two Revlon products; one of the matte lipsticks in the shade Pink Pout & a Super Lustrous Gloss in the shade Wild about Violet which I believe is from a little while ago. The two products together give a really beautiful fairly bright pink lip with a hint of purple. I absolutely love Revlon lip products, I think they're incredible quality for fairly affordable prices.

Finally it wouldn't be my July favourites without including this beauty. Yep, I'm still head over heels in love with Semi Precious Rose Quartz mineralize skin finish from MAC & yes, I still love just looking at it. I've been using the super pretty shimmery pink colour as a blush and then swirling a smaller brush into the centre part & using that as a highlight. Whenever I use this I find my cheeks look healthy and glowy which I love! This really was worth every single penny!

Phew, so those were my July favourites, I told you there was a lot! What were your favourites during last month? Did you discover any new products that you now absolutely love?


  1. Amazing collection of make up!! I still haven't had a chance to check out the Mac blusher. :( I'm going to write myself a memo. "check out the product jennie recommended" and then i won't forget!! x

  2. So many goodies :)
    I want to try the ultra thick body butter mostest :D

    Much Love H

  3. Haha this a mammoth favorites post - but I love it! So interesting to see what everyone else is using. xx

  4. Lovely favourites! I love the look of the Cream Puffs! I also love the Sleek Storm palette, I think it's gorgeous. That ice cream body wash just sounds amazing xxx

  5. lovely post :)I've been thinking about trying the Good Things range for a while so i think i might now :) I love that natural collection liploss!! I thought i was the only one who thought it tasted like cake :D

  6. These are all super pretty! Glad that you're liking the Avene and Vichy skincare :)

  7. I really want to try out the max face and body! Im currently using the sleek palette a lot recently, amazing for the price! x

  8. I finally bought the Mac Face & Body, well I asked for it as a birthday present, but still, I love it all the same. It goes on so smooth and makes my skin look so glowy! I really do love it, I'm worried that it won't match my skin in the winter though! I've only had it for a few weeks, and have been wearing it everyday. How do you apply yours?

  9. You must have a lovely collection of cosmetics! I only have the essentials, I need to buy me some more stuff to play with! x

  10. @Sarah - Haha! You definitely should!
    @Hannah - Really recommend it!!
    @Lydia - It was a bit insane haha
    @Amy - It really is lovely!
    @Ellie - Hehe you're not the only one! Love that they're super cheap too! Definitely recommend the Good Things range!
    @Musing on Beauty - Love them alot!
    @Lisa - Totally agree, bit of a bargain!
    @That Girl - I use the ELF studio powder brush to apply it!
    @Rebecca - I think I have too much!


  11. I didn't know MeMeMe did nail varnish, well I'd never really thought about it, but now I'm very excited to check them out. I may also have to check out the witch range. I've heard so much about it and al good. That many people cannot be wrong. Plus the amount you've used really tempts me. x

  12. I love the Avene skincare products, they have worked absolute wonders for me!

  13. Ha, this is like a mega favourite post!

    Need to get my hands on the cream puff lipgloss. It looks absolutely stunning!
    Major kudos for having the energy to sit and right all this, mine was significantly shorter

  14. Oh my goodness so many faves!!!! I just recently got the storm palette and I LOVE it, I've had soo much fun experimenting with the colours!

    L x

  15. So many products I want to try here! I'd quite like to try MAC Face & Body foundation but I think I'm still too in love with my current foundation to make the change at the moment! One day hehe :) xx

  16. Yay, I'm glad to see the Storm palette still getting love! It's one of my staples in my makeup bag!
    Oooh, I reeally want to try the MAC face and body foundation, and you just make me wanna try it even more!

  17. I need to try the Benefit Boing! I discovered a few new products this month but my favourite was the S Factor Flat Iron Shine spray it works really well x

  18. @Katie - I didn't either until recently & they're great quality! Definitely recommend the Witch products too, I've loved everything I've tried!
    @Cherry - They're beautiful products, worth every penny!
    @Rachel - Hehe thanks! Definitely recommend the cream puff.
    @Laura - It was a bit insane haha. It's a great palette!
    @Kim - Hehe there's always time!
    @Binia - I forgot about it for ages but it's brilliant for the price! It's really nice, try and get a sample of it first!
    @Glitter Detector - It's a really good concealer! Ooh the shine spray sounds lovely!


  19. I use the blistex daily lip conditioner and I love it xx


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