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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday Snapshot Instagram Style 010.

One & Two. 
I've been really loving using my bomb cosmetics bath bombs & Lee Stafford hair treatment! Although I've only used the treatment for hair that never grows past a certain length 3 or 4 times, my hair feels a lot softer and healthier already!

Three & Four. 
My boyfriend and I decorated the master bedroom in his new house and I got completely covered in paint! It was fun though and the house is almost done! Yay!

I got a huge box of envelopes for when my little online shop opens! I was super excited opening this even though it's just envelopes, but it means my shop is one step closer to being ready!

My boyfriend got a Henry hoover! I love him. I totally want to get a Hetty hoover now too!

Seven & Eight. 
My boyfriend being silly & me being a poser on photobooth. Seriously, photobooth will never get old!

Nine & Ten. 
My baby! ♥ 

Eleven & Twelve. 
Ralphie ripping a magazine to shreds & a very whiny dog! My weekend has been full of misbehaving animals!

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!


  1. ohh I really want to try the Lee Stafford products also, I might have to buy some soon >_<
    looks like a lovely weekend ♥

  2. Ralphie is just TOO cute! (I love the Lee Staffford stuff as well, not sure if it's working because my hair is super long anyway, but it smells yummy and negates the need for conditioner, yay!)

  3. Aww I love Henry hoovers - we have them at work and use his name all the time instead of 'Hoover'

  4. I love these instagram photos! I used to have a Henry hoover but he died :(

  5. i love henry hoovers! and it would be interesting to know if the hair treatment actually makes your hair grow any longer, could you do a review?

    check out my little blog?

  6. Looks like a fab weekend, henry hoovers are the best! Loved your bunny's blog by the way- too cute!!


  7. can't wait to see your little online shop :) x

  8. I might have to come and kidnap Ralphie one day!

  9. love the vacuum lol!! it's too cute!!

  10. naww your rabbit's so cute! reminds me of regis rabbit :) (see link) http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1516875048&sk=wall&notif_t=wall#!/regisrabbit
    Flora x


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