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Friday, 16 September 2011

Five Things I Love Friday 023.

One. Adele.
I'm sure I've included Adele in more than one of my things I love Friday posts but I can't not mention her again after seeing her live on Tuesday night. I'm in a crazy fan girl phase right now and I've thought about it a lot but I just can't find any appropriate words to describe just how incredible she is. She's absolutely gorgeous too! The whole room was just electric and I left feeling more inspired than I've been in a very long time. Someone Like You was even more emotional than you could ever imagine and Rolling in the Deep was epic, everyone was dancing along and there was gold confetti and everything!

Two. The Civil Wars.
The Civil Wars were one of the support acts for Adele and I just think they're fabulous. The lady is totally gorgeous and has the most amazing voice & the guy looks like a mixture between Jack White & Johnny Depp!

Three. Wonderful blogger ladies!
I received a wonderful surprise parcel full of goodies for me and Ralphie from the ever gorgeous Kate Louise. This girl is the sweetest girl I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, she's so thoughtful! I adore the little bunny coin purse she got for me, it's the cutest! I also received a beautiful scarf, bracelets & a super cute notebook from the beautiful Ayden which made me smile lots too! I had to put the scarf on straight away because it's beautiful & the notebook is going to be my new blogging notebook, yay!

Four. Autumn.
Image Credit.
Although winter is my favourite season, I love love love autumn too because everything is always so beautiful. I love waking up to those crisp mornings where the sun is shining but it's chilly and there's lots of mist and fog. Everything always looks so hazy and the rich autumnal colours are amongst my favourites! 

I love that whenever anyone spots something that's adorable and animal related they send me the link! I love anything lovely to do with animals and this dog is such a cutie pie! I wish my dog and my bunny Ralphie could be in the same room, sadly all my dog would see would be a tasty afternoon snack!

What have you loved a lot this week? Any favourite blogs?


  1. Hi *shy wave* I enjoyed this post! Adele is wonderful isn't she, love her. Autumn is my favourite time of year also, oh, and here is something animal related:
    :) xx

  2. Ok, a huge thank you for posting about The Civil Wars. I'd heard the name but never listened to them until now and I love them. As an added bonus, the guy is beautiful! Thank you xxx

  3. Oh oh oh, I adore The Civil Wars, their song 'poison and wine' is just perfection!

  4. SO lucky seeing Adele live, I'm glad you had a great time! The story about the dog and the hamster is amazing, the cutest thing I've seen in ages :) xx

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  5. I'd love to see Adele live, how lucky you are! I love Autumn too & I love autum/winter shopping haha :) x

  6. I love Adele, her voice is incredible. Autumn's my favourite season, I love the colours and the colder nights! x
    Sirens and Bells

  7. Thank you so much for featuring my blog! So glad you love it! Thank you! Kerry of Yours Truly, x

  8. I love it when big and little animals look after each other. It's the cutest thing ever! x

  9. LOVE adele - and these are al wonderful picks. :) lovely blog, chick! can't wait to read more!

    - rach.

  10. I love finding new bands so going to have to check out Civil Wars tomorrow!


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