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Thursday, 8 September 2011

I'm sorry that I'm not perfect.

Sometimes blogging really hurts. Sometimes it feels like it takes more out of me that it gives. You’ll have to forgive me for this post, I don’t know where it’s going, I don’t know if I’ll ever hit the publish button but I just feel I have to let some things out.

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in thinking about the number of people subscribed to your blog through whatever platform or the amount of hits you get per month and wondering why you don’t get as many view or comments as X does. I don’t get hundreds of thousands of hits per month and therefore I don’t get invited to events or receive multiple parcels of free products every week and you know what? That’s okay! I didn’t start this thinking that’s what would happen and I certainly didn’t expect to ever receive anything for free so why does it matter now? Does it matter because other people get those things as a result of their blogs? Maybe, but why am I letting it matter? I wouldn’t jump off a cliff if it suddenly became the ‘in’ thing to do. I have seen some wonderful blogs suddenly transform into posting press release after press release and lose all of their personality. I don’t want that to happen to Sailboat, ever. I want this little piece of the internet to reflect me. Perhaps not every single part of me, because we all deserve to keep some things back for ourselves and our loved ones but I think I’ve been losing me recently. I don’t know where she’s gone but something just isn’t the same here as it was six months ago. I’ll have to work on that.

Even though I choose to put my life on the internet, it doesn’t mean that anyone has earned the right to know everything about me. I’ve had comments/emails asking me where I live, to the point of wanting to know the street name and number, my birthday and my phone number then getting nasty when I wouldn’t divulge that information. I’m sorry, shall I write down my bank account details while I’m at it? No. That’s not right. There is a distinct line between online and real life, it’s sometimes so difficult getting that balance right in my posts but I hope that I give enough while keeping some things back for myself. Maybe I need to work on that too?

The catty comments, the being nice to someone and then promptly having a bitch with your mates about that someone, taking constructive criticism too far and stepping over the line into just being down right rude are all things I feel the need to take a step away from. Of course these are all natural things, they occur anywhere and it’s only a tiny minority of people who do it but I just can’t cope with it. Anyone can say anything they want, if they want to be rude to me or simply not like me, then that’s okay. I can take that. I’m a strong enough person now to brush it off and that’s something I’ve learned from receiving horrible comments through blogger in the past. Life lesson learned, just ignore it. When I see horrible comments directed to someone else who I know doesn’t deserve it, that’s when I especially dislike negativity. If someone has some happy news it’s all ‘happy happy congratulations yay’ to their faces and then ‘I don’t think that’s a good idea, stupid, boo’ behind their backs. That really sucks. It really sucks. It’s natural to feel the odd pang of jealousy, I can get SO jealous at times – it’s the part of my personality I dislike the most, but you can feel happy for someone at the same time.

Honestly, I don’t know what I’m trying to say other than I’m sorry that I’m not perfect. I’m sorry that I don’t reply to every comment I receive and I’m sorry that I’m not there to reply to emails as soon as they pop into my inbox. I’m sorry that I miss posts sometimes. But I’m just one person. I’m not a robot. If I don’t want to post then I won’t post. I didn’t realise I had some kind of unwritten schedule that I had to follow.

This wasn’t intended as a woe is me type post. If anything I wanted to point out how rubbish I have been focusing on the things I’m not supposed to and ignoring all the good. Honestly, starting Sailboat is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I can say that truthfully now that I’m not letting anything get to me. There are things I need to try harder with, I know that. And I will. Pinky promise.

To everyone that reads my posts, writes me comments, tweets or emails– thank you! You’ve all taught me so much about life and about myself. Thank you for letting me into your lives and thank you for giving me so much in return. I appreciate it more than you can ever imagine, even if I’m not always the best at showing it.
Thank you & I’m sorry I’m not perfect. 
I'll see you soon.

P.S. Thank you so much for all your comments wishing Ralphie a Happy Birthday! I love you guys & so does Ralphie!


  1. Thats such an inspiring post and you seem like such a down to earth relatable girl.
    i am a big fan of sailboat anyway it is always one of my favourites to pop up on my dashboard but its made me sad to hear that people dont appreciate you taking time out of your (im sure) busy life to post. Your not inclined, you dont have to do it but you do and people dont respect that.
    I hope those nasty people just stop and think after this strong post <3
    Izzy <3
    ps. say hi to ralphie!

  2. I read your blog all the time, but I never really comment. I never feel like I have anything valuable to say. I rarely comment on blog's in general..

    But I love your blog, you're a genuinely beautiful person and you can see the passion, care and attention you put into the posts when you do post, which I appreciate more than 1 post every day. A while back I took a break, came back deleted all my posts and started again and I treat my blog as my space where I write what I want, whether or not people want to read that. Don't let the comments get you down, they'll just be jealous 12 year olds with no real life outside the internet.

    You should always post what you want, when you want and when you do that plenty of people want to read it.

  3. This was such an inspiring post and i tink it's so brave of you to go out there and be honest and say what you truly believe. Keep on doing this, your blog is one of my favourites! xx

  4. One of the reasons I love your blog is because it's a blog about you as much as it is about makeup. It really is YOUR blog and I hope you can continue to focus on the positives for a long time! xxx
    Oh and Ralphie is just gorgeous :)

  5. don't even get how anyone can be horrible on here, especially to you jennie! YOU'RE MUCH TOO NICE. you have nothing to say sorry for, you and your lovely little blog are perfect!

    ramz and the flock

  6. I think this post proves why all your followers/readers adore you! I like how this blog isn't one of those X was sent to me blah blah all opinions are my own blah blah As you said, it gets tiring to read that. Another thing concerning the whole being sent stuff which I don't like is how you don't get the satisfaction of actually BUYING it yourself.
    I love the feel of purchasing something and then playing with it as soon as I get home. That wouldn't happen if it was sent by a PR.

    And it's natural to be all GTFO when people ask you for personal details - having a blog isn't synonymous with wanting people stalking you. Some people don't get that.

    I agree with what you say about being jealous AND happy - I get really jealous, I'm the most jealous person I know. Whenever my best friend does stuff with her other group of friends, I resent them cause I wish she would act with me the same way she does with them (she's always texting when we hang out yet when she's with them and I text her randomly it takes ages to get an answer). And as jealous as I feel, I still think it's great they can have fun like that, it just takes me a while to realise that.

    I love how you say all this stuff and admit to being jealous, it makes you seem so much more human (because sometimes we have trouble connecting with people online, y'know?) and it makes you so incredibly likeable :) Nobody's perfect and hell, who wants to be perfect? Imperfection is just as fine.


  7. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i think that it's great that other bloggers want to keep some personality/individuality in their blogs :D xxxxxx

  8. I admire and respect that you're not one of those bloggers, I follow you for that very reason and I think you're just lovely :) you don't have to impress anyone, you said it yourself - it's your own little space on the internet. YOUR. Anyone who tries to bring you down is already below you. Chin up sweet :) xx

  9. Aww lady your blog is the first blog I got proper hooked on! Every time one of your posts pops up on Bloglovin I get a little bit excited because I know I'm about to read a gorgeous, personal, well written, honest post by a lovely lovely person! I don't understand negativity around blogging, if you don't like something, don't read it surely?! I guess we'll never know how some people's weird little minds work though!!

    Keep smiling :)

    Lois xxx

  10. One of the most genuine posts that I've ever seen.

    You are perfect - perfect at being you and perfect at being a mummy to little Ralphie. xo

  11. Don't you dare be sorry for doing something you love the way you want to do it. I love your blog for what it is, but if you don't post one day I'm not going to stop reading it. I totally emphasise with you in the jealousy about other blogs getting more hits, but I remember why I write my blog and just because people don't click the follow button, does not mean that noone reads it.

    Write when you want to write, this blog is a little part of you - it is not your job, it is not your responsibility! If people don't like it they shouldn't want to follow. If you let this become a burden on your life you will give it up and hide it away and lose something you care a lot about (which is the gist I got from the above post).

    You have no need to be sorry, you have every right to have a rant and a ramble. I hope those that have upset you, read this and they realise that they are lucky that you choose to share your blog and everything on it with them.

    Please don't ever give up your blog (unless YOU want to).

    Love of love and support for Sailboat
    Emma x

  12. Oh no, so sorry to hear you're feeling a bit glum at the moment. However much we know certain things aren't important, or aren't worth worrying about, it's impossible to adhere to that all the time. Sometimes we can't help 'sweating the small stuff' and just need a little time to indulge ourselves then get back to remembering what matters.

    And what matters is being happy. What matters is blogging as much or as little as makes you happy. Blogging about things that make you happy. Writing in a way that makes you happy. Taking time away from the blog if thats what makes you happy.

    Followers and stats, just like age, are just a number. An irrelevant number. Write for yourself and just enjoy it :) I love reading your blog, I don't wish to delve deeper than you're willing to share, I don't mind if you don't post in a month and I'm happy if you post 4 times a day. As long as you're enjoying writing, I'll enjoy reading.

    Try not to let the nasty comments, or emails, towards yourself or anyone else get to you- these people are nobodies. Their life is about negativity and hiding behind a computer screen. Have the odd bad day where it DOES get to you, but always know it'll pass.

    I hope you feel better soon monkey xx

    Visit The Other Side Of Cool
    Tweet me! @othersideofcool

  13. You're our bunny and you're perfect to us! x

  14. I really admire you for posting this blog, and being honest. I agree with everything you have just said!

    I really love reading you blog because it's so natural and real unlike a lot of blog I come across!

  15. be strong hunny, I'm a beauty blogger too. I hate how some people review stuff I know is not that good, and they don't point out the bad stuff just because they got it for free. I received some free products this week, for the first time in ages, and believe it or not.. it's more of a burden to me. Because if I don't like the products I AM going to say it. But anyway.. I'm just telling you that you're not alone.. and it's okay to not be the most famous blog on the net.. as long as you get the sweet comments saying that they appreciate your posts.. you're on top hunny xx

  16. <3

    I remember when I first discovered your blog when you were starting out and I loved it so much and I still do. I don't like that there has become an unofficial 'rule book' of what to do, say, act like etc. Hmm I don't really know where I'm going with this comment, but yeah. I hope you are alright. :) xo

  17. It's disgusting that you even have to write this.

    Nobody's perfect.

  18. It baffles me as to how anyone can leave you or write you mean comments because you have to be one of the nicest and least catty people I've ever seen on blogger. That being said, you are right to draw the line. There is a separation between online and real life and people shouldn't expect you to divulge all that private information. In fact, most people don't divulge the information these rude people are asking you for in real life. Can you imagine meeting someone and asking for their address, phone number, etc? It's pretty rude.

    I like that your blog is personal and full of things you love. I don't always comment, but I always read. Press release after press release on blogs really bore me and lately, a lot of posts I see flying around are at "such and such" event. It gets repetitive.

    Chin up, Jennie. You are doing great.

  19. I realised long ago that however much effort I put into my blog, it'll never be one of the biggies, because I don't compromise on what I write or how I write it. If I want to write a pointless story before getting onto the meat, then I will, and I am not jealous of the hits others will get in my stead because I take several hours to get to the point.

    I blog because I enjoy it - and that's why I blog so sporadically. I never set boundaries for myself because my blog is about my love of writing first, and my love of beauty second. Any readers I get are a bonus, and I love people for commenting and following.

    I do agree with you on the press release thing, too. I do not get many products sent to me (or many offers), and I do turn things down if I feel I cannot do the product justice because my blog is the way I want it, and I hate pressure. The moment I am pressured to write about something, I feel my blog loses its integrity and the essence of what it is. The press release thing is such a shame for so many blogs. I, for one of your devoted readers, am glad you don't post them, and I hope you don't let things get you down. You have over 1000 readers who love what you're writing and photographing. Lucky for some that they are on TV, invited to all the events, sent all the free things and given free columns/prizes in magazines. At some point it'll end and ingratiating yourself with PRs by posting some pointless pre-written copy about X new product in the continual pursuit of renown and free shit will have to end. At least yours is a labour of love rather than a PR machine.

    Yours (sorry for the rant, and I'll get off the soapbox now)

    Cami xx

  20. No ones perfect, but i think you're lovely! Have been reading your blog for ages now but don't tend to comment or anything. I sort of find it a bit weird as its writing to someone I don't know, especially as I don't have a blog either, but Sailboat is one of my favourites to read! From the adorable posts about ralphie, to your love of blusher and photography posts I love it :)

  21. I'm always amazed at what people think they're entitled to say on the web, using freedom of speech as their excuse, when talking to people they actually don't know. In real life they'd probably agree that it's very rude but on the web they don't feel the barriers anymore. That's sad.
    But as you said, blogging is a nice thing to do for oneself first and it brings a lot of good things along. I like Sailboat because it's different and I know that when I come on here, I'll never read something I've already read some other place, so keep up the great blogging, Jennie! <3

  22. You are amazing and big inspiration for young bloggers like me. Your blog is amazing and unique. Every time I see you've posted I just have to check it out. Thank you for brightinig some bad days and making good ones even better.

    Love Marta xxx

  23. I counted 8 'sorry's In that post and I feel sorry for you! The world and the internet are competitive and bitchy places and I hope you feel like you've got your mojo back soon!

    I haven't noticed any problems, I love this blog its escapist and beautiful.

    Keep your pecker up!
    xx H

  24. I completely understand where you're coming from with this post. I think the double-edged sword of blogging is that even though everyone starts off with the intention of just writing for fun, and writing for themselves, there are people who, in the end, cannot resist the allure of free products, being involved with PR companies, being invited to events and so on. I can completely understand why people would want that for their blog but it does seem a shame to sacrifice a blog's individuality in the pursuit of those things. I do see jealousy manifesting itself on places like Twitter where people wonder why some bloggers (with less followers than them) get invited to events or contacted with offers and they haven't, and it does make me sad to see blogs I've previously enjoyed turn into generic fashion/beauty blogs intended to attract PR activity. I love blogging but through doing it I do feel more pressure to post more often, or have a presence on Twitter more regularly otherwise I worry people will forget about me, and I feel out of the loop. This makes me sad because I started a blog as a sort of catharsis, not to put extra pressure on myself! I find turning off the computer for a few days and taking a break works wonders for realigning priorities. I think it's awful that people see bloggers at a certain level of popularity and think they 'own them' in some way - demanding personal information and trying to delve deeper than what a blogger is prepared to divulge is just plain wrong! In any case I adore your blog and don't think you should feel you have to apologise for anything, it is your blog and your rules and your schedule and you don't have to answer to anyone.

  25. It's so great when you see people putting their own personalities into their blogs, when you can tell that they are really enjoying writing the posts. However it is difficult not to compare your own blog to others sometimes, I think we're probably all guilty of that.
    I think it's ridiculous that people would expect you to give out all of your personal information over the internet, we should all be able to choose how much of our personal lives we divulge and I'm sure they would feel the same way if it was someone asking them for their details. I love your blog Jennie, keep doing what you're doing :) x

  26. People that want "perfect" want an unoriginal, unimaginative robot. You're not that and that's why I love your blog, Ralphie is a big plus point for me too! I love that I don't see the same posts on your blog as on every other one that's got the latest free goodies from a PR. You do a little bit of everything which makes yours different. I hope the negative side of blogging doesn't put you off forever. Sailboat should be your haven, not a chore x

  27. I'm so sorry that people have made you to feel this way, Jennie, and i think that Sailboat is the perfect little bit of you. I (we) enjoy reading your posts and knowing just as much as you want to share, nothing more, nothing less. Please know that there are some of us out here who love Sailboat for what it is, and appreciate all that you give to this little piece of the internet!

    Keep smiling, Ralphie too!

    K ox

  28. I understand where you're coming from with this post; I can feel the same way sometimes and think I'm a rubbish blogger recently as I have so little free time, but real life does have priority I guess lol. I'm sorry to hear about people demanding your address, that's pretty creepy :/ chin up lovely. And I hope Ralphie had a lovely birthday! :)

  29. Aw Jennie, there are so many people (myself very much included) who love you and your blog for what you are!
    You should just ignore the meanies, they're just jealous they aren't as lovely as you! xx

  30. Oh Jennie, I can relate to how you are feeling. Blogging is tough.

    I think it can be a bitchy and competitive place, though for me the true personalities and passions of girls stand out from those who are just in it for the 'freebies' as such.

    Your blog always enchants me. Even if I don't always have time to comment, I wouldn't be without Sailboat on my reading list♥xxx

  31. Life can be hard. Believe me, I know.
    The things people do or say can hurt, even if you pretend they don't.
    Don't let people get to you.. Make your blog wonderful for yourself and for the people who follow it.
    If the nasty comments people post make you change the things you post then they will have won.
    I love your blog and it always cheers me up :)
    Keep smiling, and if you ever want to talk feel free to email me - Lauren-Zoe@hotmail.co.uk :)
    Lauren x

  32. Wow, people online are actually asking for your phone number and street address? Creepy much :/

    Sorry you've been made to feel this way, but I bet you feel better now that you've let it all out *hugs*. I hope you carry on doing the blogging regularly, we love it! And of course, don't feel stressed to do things you don't want to :)

  33. Hey, I think most of us know where you're coming from. I know I do! It's hard to ignore negativity and agression, in real life and online. Do the blog for yourself, no-one else! I really like your blog, so, keep doing what you're doing :)

  34. I always read your blog, and even though I don't comment I love it! I definately don't understand those who don't see the fine line between whats going on and invading your privacy to the extent of getting horrible about it! A blog is what it is and to me I actually think Sailboat is perfect! Even if you might not think it. The personality shown through it is beautiful and even if you might be having a bad time and not writing in the same way etc then thats still what it's all about. Your human and your allowed to be! And i definately love Sailboat all the same. Even more so! I don't think it would be near as good if you were a "robot" it wouldnt be the same at all! Try not to worry Jennie :)You do have some very loyal readers and I would hope that I would be counted as one! I just don't feel like i can comment as much since I don't have my own blog and find that it doesn't actually always let me post the comments. But reading this post made me want to show you that i'm here and am reading all of the time! :)



    xo :)

  35. I don't even get why you should be sorry. The a&$!oles who pull others down while trying to be little miss perfect blogger, while they really are sad sad people should be sorry.
    It's only blogging.
    It's not a cure to cancer or the greatest thing in human life.
    Do not change a thing love.

  36. I love this post!
    I feel exactly the same! Sometimes I don't know what I want to achieve from my blog.. It's just somewhere to write I guess!
    Your pictures are incredible too! :-) x

  37. standing up and applauding you x

  38. i love your blog - keep doing what you do :)

  39. I've just read through your post and I can understand where you're coming from.

    I don't think you should be upset about it, just take everything as it comes and do whats best for you.

    I enjoy the pictures of Ralphie and all the camera and photography goodness this blog gives me, and I hope that you continue for a long time yet!

  40. I have no words other than you are a beautiful girl with a wonderful personality and your blog is one of my favourites. I'm so sorry you're feeling like this and hope you are okay lovely lady. Lots of love xxxx

  41. Big hugs <3 I adore both your blog and you. Keep doing what you're doing kiddo xoxo

  42. You shouldn't apologise for being you! Your blog is one of my favourites and clearly other people enjoy reading it too so don't beat yourself up for not been perfect, no one is! Keep on doing what your doing because I love your blog! xxx

  43. This blog post really had me thinking about some things.. i think i have to say im in the same boat as you pretty much.. i post when i want to post, when im inspired to post and when im excited i have something to tell the world.. i feel that a lot of blogs have become quite personalityless (not a word i know!) and it seem more like a lot of people blog for their followers or to gain followers and not for themselves.. which surely isnt that the point of having a blog. I also agree with the bitchiness as well.. i mean i have been involved a few times but very rarely has it been from a two faced perspective.. because in all honesty there are a few people who i dont feel blog with the 'right intentions' I think blogging has essentially become a popularity contest in many ways and there are some people who write from their hearts and have good intentions that get lost amongst it all or caught up in the free gifts and event invitations. to say none of us have felt jealous at these people would most probably be a lie.. but then i think about it logically.. if i went to an event i probably wouldnt blog about it because a hundred others would too.. and if i was one of another hundred sent a product.. would i really feel inspired to blog about that.. probably not..

    Oh gosh i have written an essay and its probably full of spelling and gramatical errors but i felt i needed to add to this to get some things off my own chest.. quite a thought provoking post in terms of the blogging community..

    Laura xx

  44. i'm really sorry this is the impression you ever have to get from people. there's always going to be a few who try to wreck nice things, isn't there?
    and while i can't say i've really experienced this, my blog is only a tiny little thing, but i've seen the way people do it to other lovely bloggers who are just trying to do something fun, and enjoy this aspect of the internet, and it's so unessicary and so unkind.

    i hope you don't feel sad about it. and i hope that people will treat each other better. :) xx

  45. we love you and your blog Jennie! chin up lovely :) xx

  46. Nobody is perfect and we all love you just the way you are. I don't get tons of hits but all my 'real life' friends tell me how much they enjoy reading my blog and how much it makes them laugh and cheers them up and that's enough for me.
    I really hope that online negativity isn't going to make you stop blogging because that would be a real shame and has already happened to far too many bloggers.

  47. It’s a shame that the anonymity of the internet allows people to behave in a way which would be unheard of in their daily face to face interactions.

    Just remember that everyone feels inadequate at some point, it’s part of being human. The people who claim never to suffer from self-doubt are liars.

    And finally, don’t give up.

  48. You are not perfect and that's okay. I'm not either! I admire your courage for posting this and honestly, I feel the same way. There's too much negativity within this community and we need to support each other and begin to change that.

  49. I love your posts, and I think you give out just the right amount of information about yourself. I enjoy your blog, and if people don't, they don't really have to read it, do they? That's what I don't get about the internet sometimes- I mean, there are blogs that I don't like, and it bothers me to no end that people love them as much as they do or that they get as much money as they do for blogging, but I don't have to read their blogs. So I don't and I forget about it because it's just the internet.

    Lauren @ See Parrot

  50. Also, because of how much i admire you, i've nominated you for a blogger award :) Hop on over to http://legs11eleven.blogspot.com/2011/09/mush-gush.html to see the details!

    K ox

  51. Honey, you have absolutely nothing to apologize for. I think it is amazing that you still hold to yourself and make this about you, not some product. You are a beautiful, amazing woman, and I for one love reading your blog <3
    Rae http://raesbeautifullife.blogspot.com/

  52. LOts of love on your blog, as you deserve :) no ones perfect && that's what makes us different, and unique. Keep it up

  53. You come across as a really lovely person so it's sad to see someone be so affected and brought down by a few nasty people. Keep your head up-look how many encouraging comments you've had on this post! :)
    Mairi x

  54. Thanks for sharing this post with us. I completely understand where you're coming from too. I think every now and again it's good to address these things as it helps you move forward. I really think your blog is perfect the way it is, and judging by the rest of the comments on here everyone else does too :) xx

  55. I love this post of yours <3 I haven't been following you for so long (3 months?), but you're one of my favorite bloggers. I love how 'real' you are, and how much of your life you share with us. You're absolutely beautiful inside & out! Don't ever change! :) x

  56. Oh lovely I'm so sorry that you've had to put up with idiot comments, I just don't understand. Please know that your blog is one of my absolute favourites and I adore you and what you write about. Keep doing what you do. Huge virtual hug from me.


  57. It genuinely makes me upset when I read post like this where bloggers have been made to feel inadequate and pressured to conform by certain individuals.

    Blogging is about expressing what interests us ourselves and we are lucky to have such a large and ever growing online community to share our thoughts and interests with. It's a granted that your not going to please everybody with your content or even opinions but I'm afraid that's just life. It's very easy for certain 'brave' individuals to dish out nasty comments and try to tell you how to run your blog while hiding behind their anonymous profile.

    People are free to share constructive criticism when it's justified but honestly if you don't like the content of a certain blog, simply don't follow them. I can honestly hold my hand up and say that I have un-followed a few blogs over the year and for what ever reasons are entirely up to me.

    If someone leaves you any nasty comments Jennie please simply delete them and don't spare them a second thought. I understand it's natural to feel upset after you've read them, we all feel like that but seriously delete, ignore and forget. Just look at how many lovely comments you got from people who enjoy reading your blog.


  58. I know EXACTLY how you feel Jennie :( You know I do eh. Love you lady, you really are more amazing than you know ♥ xx

  59. Hear hear, Jennie!
    If anyone leaves you nasty comments, they are just jealous because you have one of the most fantastic blogs around right now, and you don't seem to realise how amazing you are!
    You just keep doing your thing, your true & loyal readers will be right here behind you, reading your every word :) xo

  60. I think your blog is beautiful. I come here to relax, feel inspired and drool over lovely pictures.

    Rule #1 in life is to always be true to yourself. I think you're doing an excellent job of that. XOXO to you and Ralphie!

  61. Your blog calms me!

    Even when you're trying to rant you're just too sweet..haha!
    Keep up the good work and of course keep things to yourself, god knows its safer..the internet can be crazy.

    Loves xxx


  62. Awhh Jennie! That blog post felt like it felt good and cathartic. I know there are people out there who won't always be nice to you, but please remember there are so so so many more people that love YOU and love your blogs and never want you to stop. I love reading about your life and Ralphie and I hope you keep at it.

    We're with you...even if you won't tell us your bank account number ;)

    lots of love xoxo,


  63. Don't apologise, the reason we following is because you are you. I appreciate that you are not like a robot, a robot is boring and has no personality, you have and thus you are relateable..


  64. Eeek! That is lots of people looking in on you! So brave!

    You are doing good and inspiring and encouraging others. Perfect is boring anyway!

    keep being yourself :)

  65. well, I think you have a lovely blog and it's very distinctive which I love-it's really refreshing to read and I always try and stop by even if I don't comment regularly. I appreciate what you're saying-manys the time I feel like closing my own blog because no one really follows it and I have been doing it for ages so I think, whats the point? But then when I think about it, like you, I never expected any freebies or attention from it and I've been lucky with the opportunities my blog has brought my way. I can also tend to be jealous which is the trait I hate in muself the most, but hey we're only human and thats just another emotion! I know I am not the prettiest or most stylish blogger there but oh well-I'm me and thats what my readers get! So thankyou for this post it's so nice to see that I'm not the only one! (and I don't mean that in a bad way, it's just really nice to relate to this!) Much love Amiexxx


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