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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sunday Snapshot Instagram Style 012.

One, Two & Three. 
You're going to get sick of me talking about this rainbow cake soon but I can't help it because I'm so proud of it! This is the first cake I've ever made, apart from cupcakes, so I'm super chuffed that it turned out well!

I can see how blondes can get addicted to going lighter and lighter, sometimes when I look in the mirror I think I MUST BE BLONDER ASAP! The photo filter on this photograph has made me look insanely blonde, I'm not that shade in real life, but I can happily say the John Frieda lightening spray works a treat! My natural colour now is dirty grey blonde that does nothing for me or my complexion at all. The shade I am now is much more reminiscent of how my natural colour was around three years ago. Much better!

I had a bad day so I decided to bake some cookies to take my mind off things. Usually when I'm having a bad day I head straight for the fridge and eat its entire contents. Thankfully though when I'm baking I usually only want to eat a small amount of whatever I've made which is better for my waistline!

I can't do a Sunday Snapshot without featuring Ralphie. He also seems to like the cookies I make, he had a sneaky nibble from my plate when I wasn't looking! Naughty bunny!

I think my fringe has grown out! 

My boyfriend bought me a milkshake home this week. I can't lie, it was pretty yummy but I do not want to know how many calories was in that. No thank you! Although why do I get the feeling someone will look it up and tell me in the comments?!

I ate a pizza. Well, a bit of a pizza. The pizza was disappointing. I don't think I like pizza anymore. 

After the disappointing pizza I ate some mandarins. They were much nicer. Fruit is better than pizza. 

Eleven & Twelve. 
I had a lazy Saturday. I did not want to wake up so I passed the time taking photos of my ceiling. I like that light shade, it's pretty! Lazy Saturdays mean that my face is a make up free zone! Hello dark circles, I wish you weren't on my face!

If this post goes up properly, you never can tell with blogger & its scheduling facility, I shall be on my way into Nottingham for a day of shopping (hello Primark! I haven't seen you in a while!) and most importantly - sushi! Om nom nom. The kaiso salad is my favourite, I can't wait!

Are you enjoying your weekend? Have you had any exciting plans or have you been enjoying lazy days like me?


  1. I love your hair blonder, it looks amazing! And I must say that cake look freaking awesome!

  2. I love the rainbow cake! It was my 28th birthday yesterday so I am all about the cake at the moment! Very impressed with yours!

    Love Amie


  3. Don't worry, I can't get enough of this cake - and I'm sure many others feel the same way ;). It looks amazing. I have to try that! Greets from Germany, Lidia


  4. The rainbow cake is AH-MAZING :) you certainly should be very proud of yourself! xx

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    Tweet me! @othersideofcool

  5. That cake looks amazing Jennie, well done!
    Hope you find some bargains on your trip to Primark :) x

  6. I thought you'd dyed your hair there for a sec, it does look so blonde in that cam! I think I know the milkshake answer but I wont tell you because it has royally ruined milkshakes for me now! I say forget about it and enjoy them ha! Have fun in Nottingham :) xo

  7. still am amazed at how amazing that cake is! and your hair looks lush, I am getting that spray asap haha. hope you have (having!) a nice time in nottingham! x

    ramz and the flock

  8. That rainbow cake looks awesome, well done! Did you just colour cake batter and plonk it randomly in a tin, or was there some science behind it? I'd love to try this for myself! Hope you enjoy your shopping trip to Nottingham xx

  9. That cake is impressive! I'll eat anything blue.
    Your hair is looking lovely, you don't need to go lighter silly.

  10. Lovely Photo's as usual :) The rainbow cake looks divine!! And you are just soo pretty! I love to shop in Nottingham aswell (Hello MAC PRO!):) xxx

  11. Ooo so much food in this post :P The cookies and cake look delicious :) Ooo I love shopping in Nottingham, have fun!

    L x

  12. I wouldn't shut up about a cake like that either if I had the patience to make it, it's gorgeous! xxx

  13. That rainbow cake looks SO nice!xx

  14. That rainbow cake is amazing, I can see why you're so proud, especially on your first try!
    Blonde suits you :) And my fringe has grown out so much too!
    Hope you got lots of goodies in Nottingham, I quite like living here purely because of it's many shops! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  15. I am definitely trying out the John Frieda lightening spray although I know what you mean about going blonder! When my hair was bleached before it ended up practically white oops! xxx

    half the world away.

  16. You look really pretty without makeup xx

  17. The rainbow cake is amazing i can see why your proud of it. I'm really wondering how you made it

  18. that cake looks so cool and u look amazing a usual!

  19. The cake is amazing! I also love your hair, and completely understand the lightening addiction. My hair is naturally a meh blonde, and for a while there I kept going lighter and lighter (up until I cut it all off and dyed it black.) I keep thinking about going back to blonde, and if I looked a tenth as good blonde as you do I would go back in a heartbeat.

  20. Oh wow, I love that cake! Well done! :)

    ug-lily.blogspot.com x

  21. That cake is amazing, you should post the recipe as I'd love to attempt it. It's almost too pretty to eat though, which is probably a good thing :)

    I might have to get some of that lightening spray as I recently went back to blonde but it's just not light enough!


  22. That cake looks delish!! You should post the recipe.


  23. That cake looks amazing you should be proud of it! I love your hair lighter it really suits you, I might have to get some of that lightening spray! xx

  24. You need to do a post on the rainbow cake! I want to make one! I'm going to make your cookies too :-)
    I love these posts, they wouldn't be the same without a photo of Ralphie!x

  25. that cake looks GORGEOUS. If i ever get round to making a rainbow cake id be devastated to eat hah, so prettyyyy xx ps - following you now!


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