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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sunday Snapshot Instagram Style 013.

One & Two. 
Ralphie's been having a lazy week. In between being naughty and finding things to chew on that he shouldn't be chewing on, he's been taking it easy. He loves laying down and having a little nap underneath his hutch. There's lots of wood to nibble on under there & I think it's super warm!

Don't let that cute little face fool you. That's the face he does when he knows he's just done something wrong. It's impossible to tell him off because he looks so adorable, plus it's not like he takes any notice of what I say anyway!

I saw this stunning ring somewhere on the internet and fell in love. I adore that it's a little bit unusual and the sapphire colour with the diamonds is just gorgeous!

I received some gorgeous Good Things products (♦) from a PR company and they came all wrapped up in a fruit bowl which I thought was an amazing touch! I was confused when I opened the door to the postman clutching a huge box so it really was such a lovely surprise - especially after feeling so rubbish about my blog. Some PR companies really do get it SO right.

I also received the September GlossyBox (♦) which was lovely! I know there's been a bit of controversy with GlossyBox and my dashboard has been flooded with posts over the past couple of days. I may give you my thoughts later in the week when I get my first Boudoir Prive box (which I have paid for myself) if anyone still cares by then?

Have I mentioned that I went to see Adele last Tuesday?! I know I sound like a broken record but I don't care. She was amazing. She's one of those people that I really wish was my friend - she'd be such a laugh & I really want to meet her little sausage dog Louis Armstrong! She had some photographs up on a slide show before she came on stage and her doggy is just the cutest thing ever! Ralphie and him could be besties haha!

I had a bit of a fashion crisis because I wanted to dress up to see Adele because I hardly ever get to dress up but I didn't want to be too overdressed because my boyfriend and I were going shopping and for sushi before hand. I settled on this skirt with the help of twitter! Black is my absolute favourite colour to wear but I still love having a little pop of colour too so this skirt is perfect! I got it from Joe Browns ages and ages ago & it's beautiful!

Nine & Ten. 
I've been going through a phase of wearing little to no make up. I think I look like a completely different person without make up. I feel a lot more confident with it on but there's nothing like a lazy day at home with a bare face!

I've decided to give YouTube a go! I've recorded a 'what's in my bag' video but I'm going to re-do it because I sound super nervous! I'm not the best person at talking and I do want to get better so I thought this would be a good way. I'd love to be a more confident person but it's amazing how awkward it is sitting in a room by yourself with a camera in your face! I've pinched my boyfriends camera - it's SO old that it takes those little mini tapes. Yep, tapes! It's obviously not HD but the quality is quite nice and it focuses nicely when you hold things close to the lens. I think I just need a bit more practise before I upload anything.

As a complete contrast to my no make up photos, I've also been really enjoying wearing make up too. I don't have a huge collection but it's big enough for me to have started completely ignoring products I used to love because they've slipped to the bottom of my storage. I'm one of those people that needs to be able to see things otherwise I just won't use them so I need to rejig my storage. I've ordered a little lipstick/lipgloss holder so hopefully that will free up a little bit of space in my set of WH Smith drawers!

I made a huge batch of chocolate & fudge cookies last Sunday and they're yummy! Big cookies are so much more satisfying that those little ones you get in packets from the supermarket. Shamefully I can easily polish off a packet of shop bought cookies but I find that one of these homemade ones is enough to keep cravings at bay!

I also made a veggie roast dinner last Sunday & I'll be doing the same today! It's fast becoming tradition for me to make garlic roast potatoes with onion & carrot gravy and cauliflower and cabbage. Om nom nom.

Fifteen & Sixteen.
The beautiful Kate Louise sent me a lovely surprise parcel full of goodies for Ralphie & I. Ralphie is loving his carrot crunchers & I'm especially loving my new bunny coin purse! It's SO super cute! Thank you so much Kate Louise!

Seventeen & Eighteen. 
Ayden also sent me a little parcel which I love love love! The pink and white scarf is my favourite thing, it has sparkly thread running through it and I've already worn it lots! It looks lovely with an all black outfit with the pale pink as a subtle pop of colour! Thank you so much Ayden!

I hope you have all had a lovely week and are having a lovely weekend! What have you been up to? Have you had any exciting plans? 
Lots of Love, 
Jennie & Ralphie. 


  1. I had so much fun going through your post!

  2. I have some of the 'good things' products!!! The only thing I'm not a fan of, is the fact that the smell is extremely overpowering!! :) xxx

  3. I am so jealous that you got to see Adele, she is so fabulous. I hope she comes back to my country soon, I'll definitely be going.
    You look beautiful without makeup on but that pink lipstick looks so good on you!!
    Hope to see your video soon.

  4. Ralphie is such a cutie!
    That's cool that a PR company did it right... I was contacted by one in June and they said they'd send me and a reader a prize but they still haven't. I've chased them up, but it feels really odd. The brand they're working for are huge too, so they should pull their socks up! You shouldn't feel blue about your blog- it's lovely and you seem like a really nice girl. Sometimes I wish I had more followers or whatever but I''m pleased that even just a handful of people seem to enjoy my ramblings. My blog has got me through some rough times and for that I'll always be thankful. Not sure where I'm going with this, but hey. xxx

  5. These pics are so cute, I'm glad you got a little PR cheering up after feeling a bit down xx

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    Tweet me! @othersideofcool

  6. I really love the outfit you wore to Adele. My housemate went to see her last night and he's on Cloud Nine! x

  7. Such a nice post! xx Love it

  8. Busy time you've been having! Loving the ring and very jealous of the Adele concert.

    X x

  9. I love these posts. As usual, Ralphie is looking very handsome. ChloBo loves the carrot crunchers too!
    That ring is absolutely stunning. I want!
    Hope you're feeling a bit happier x

  10. So many adorable things in one post! I really love the sapphire ring! Uber jealous that you saw Adele! xxx

  11. Ralphie is so cute! I know what you mean I can never get angry at my dogs, even when they steal food off our kitchen counter. They make the most innocent face!
    PS: I totally adore your blog :) xx

  12. I love these posts! The packages you've received look great, and by the way you are TOTES pretty without makeup! You look different but so natural. My skin is so blemished so I do NOT have the balls to go anywhere without at least foundation on. Only my boyfriend, some of my friends and my family have seen me without make up. Bravo!

  13. Those cookies look so yummy and that coin purse is so adorable :) xo

  14. That skirt is gorgeous. I would wear it every day :).

  15. Your rabbit is such a cutie!
    And as are you, an absolute beauty! (I also didn't mean for this to rhyme!)
    Love your blog x

  16. ah! this is all so wonderful! i love the blog, so, so, so, soooo much! i'm so happy i stumbled onto it! lovely! :)

    - rach.

  17. I love your Instagram posts! & you look really lovely without makeup on!

  18. Aaah I received the same GlossyBox as you, absolutely in love with my products. I really can't understand the controversy with GB in all honesty, I really like the concept and how the team go about the selection of products (: Aw I bet you had a lovely time seeing Adele, I'm not actually that big a fan of her, but I can't deny that her voice is stunning. Your little bunny print purse is so, so cute. Want! xxxx

  19. Awww Ralphie is just so cute!

    xx Seph


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