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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What I Wore: Would have been gone like a wayward wind if it hadn't been for love.

Black Tunic: H&M 
Cardigan: Boohoo.com
Leggings: Matalan
Belt: Vintage. 
Slipper Boots: Primark. 

Excuse the slipper boots, I forgot to take them off before taking these photographs! I think I'm going to introduce more black into my wardrobe again because it's just so ridiculously flattering to wear. This outfit makes me look at least one size smaller than I actually am which is always a winner. Pass me that slice of cake after all!

Scarf: Gift from Ayden! 
Necklace: Birthday present. 
Bracelets: Gift from Ayden. 

Base: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer & MAC Face & Body foundation.
Cheeks: NYX Natural cream blush & NARS Douceur powder blush.
Lips: Barry M Toffee lipgloss ♦.

I had such a terrible day yesterday so I decided to do what I always do when I'm feeling upset: spend the night tidying and organising while having a little blub along to Adele. The bonus to this is waking up to a super tidy room & for once I actually know where everything is! 

Do you like wearing black a lot or are you more of a colour person? 


  1. You're right black is always super flattering! I wear it a lot, but always feel I want to add some colour to break it up so I use accessories to do this like you have with the scarf (and fluffy slippers) x ;)

  2. Ooh this is nice, I do love an all black outfit! That belt is a lovely touch.
    I think I almost bought that tunic once, but it was a bit long for my short self!

  3. Love the dress and your hair's looking gorg :)

    ug-lily.blogspot.com x

  4. I generally rely on black and grey and am actually trying to inject more colour- easy in Summer but I'm veering towards darker colours again now summer is over! xx

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  5. You always look amazing :) Love your makeup xx

  6. You just get more gorgeous Jennie. I LOVE this tunic. Black is the best staple colour to wear I think. I love organising too when I've had a bad day or on a day off. xxx

  7. I love black and grey, sometimes I have to consciously put color in my outfits. Other days I think I might look like a muppet. You look lovely in [mostly] black!

    Lauren @ Sea Parrot

  8. I love black outfits, BUT I have to have some color somewhere or I just feel like a formal business woman and I hate that. So I'll wear black with a pop of color on shoes, or nails, or lips... very often it's with red!
    Your outfit is very pretty and that pink bracelet is the perfect pop of color with it :))

  9. love that cute scarf, and hope you feel happier soon x

  10. I really like this outfit, and I do have to say I wear a lot of black everyday so I probably need to introduce more colour into my wardrobe. Thanks for the lovely comment too xxx

  11. You look beautful. Love your outfit and hope you'll have some great days soon :)

  12. jennie, you're so pretty! i hardly ever wear black, actually, doesn't even look nice on me. but you look amazing, very jel! hope you feel a little better after yesterday x

    ramz and the flock

  13. I used to have a wardrobe of almost all black, but now I'm more of a crazy print mixing girl. I need a bit more black in my life. i'm not the only one who forgets to take off slipper boots before taking photos then, hehe!

  14. You look lovely Jennie!
    I'm a bit weird about wearing all black outfits but I'm definitely not a bright colour person either! I own far too many grey things... x

  15. I find black really flattering on me too, especially dresses :D It looks great on you! Love the sound of the Barry M Toffee lipgloss, makes me hungry :P Glad you're feeling better now too ♥ x

  16. I always wear black, I especially love wearing all black I must be a secret goth! Your hair colour is so beautiful, I read a few posts ago that you have been using John Frieda go blonder spray...I'm using it too it's brilliant xxx

  17. I just love wearing black! It's so flattering to any body type and it makes me feel comfortable when I don't feeling like getting so much attention xx

  18. Aw you look positively beautiful in these photos Jennie! The scarf looks perfect with a simple black outfit (: I often wear slippers in my indoors outfit snaps haha, and pyjamas in anything waist up! Your hair looks so good at the moment too. xxxx

  19. Gorgeous as always, love the slippers :) xx

  20. I'm trying to wear more colours. Probs not a good idea when I've just put on a loada weight on holiday!


  21. Such a lovely outfit, you're looking beautiful! I would love wearing black if my work uniform wasn't head to toe in the colour, at hometime I can't wait to put on something different! x

  22. You look fabulous! So so jealous of your long hair

  23. Such a beauty! I love the fact your slippers are in the picture! They're so adorable (and maybe because I'm a big fan of slippers!)
    I think you look great to, your figure is too die for! So definitely have a bit of cake :-) Also, loving your tunic! It's simple yet cute! xx

  24. I've been wearing more black recently too :)

    Ohhh your skin looks so perfect - you can't tell you're wearing any foundation at all - but in a really good way!!

    Lois xx

  25. Really cute, love it!

  26. i used to very much be a black, white and grey kind of girl, but slowly a lot of colour has sneaked into my wardrobe! So i'm just going with it :)
    I think your outfit looks great and love the added belt detailing!

    Also i spoke to Teddy and he agreed that Ralphie looks like the perfect e-buddy bunny to have :)

    keep well
    tasha xx

  27. The outfit looks gorgeous. I never really wear black unless it's with a colour because we wear too much black for school in the first place so wearing the colour out of school seems weird.



  28. I'm in a "black outfit" kind of mood this week but i know if i get used to wearing black, then i won't get out of it until beginning of summer! Niki from hero and cape was speaking about your blog full of praise at the weekend, and how we think you're just such a genuinely lovely girl and that your blog is interesting and different. We love it. He told me about your camera collection post (i must've missed that one) but I have read it now, i love how you have shown what effects they give with each camera. xxx

  29. You are so amazingly gorgeous, Jennie! Lovely all-black outfit, I'm a huge fan of that belt (waist-clip belts are my favourite!)

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  30. Hope you're okay sweets. *big hugs*
    Your outfit posts are my favourite outfit posts ever... yes, EVER! You always look so beautiful. :) xoxo

  31. Sorry to hear you had a bad day ): You look lovely in black, I love the belt especially :) xoxo

  32. Oh my, I've felt like this all week. Everything is just getting on top of me and all my friends are at uni so I feel so alone. I'll stop writing before I start spilling my heart out all over your comments :P You look amazing btw :) xxx

  33. Sometimes I like to wear black as its very flattering but I love pops of colour too. By the way I love your hair, it looks really nice xx



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