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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Beauty Subscription Boxes: Glossy Box & Boudoir Prive.

I know, I know this subject has been done to death on blogger in the last week or two but I did just want to add my 2 cents in & I've made a rambley video so you don't have to read a super rambley blog post! So I won't go into all of the products in detail here because I did that in my video which you can see here!

If you subscribe to Glossy Box, for £12.95(♦) each month you will receive a super pretty pale pink box filled with 5 miniature beauty products for you to try out. The packaging is beautiful & I have already recycled my box and popped my every day make up products inside so I don't have to rummage around in my bigger make up storage for the products I want to use.

You receive a little card explaining each of the products & also a discount code (which I've blurred out in the above picture because I don't know if I should pop them on the internet!) should you wish to purchase a full sized product after trying out the mini sample. For me this month there were three really great products that I was excited to receive; the HD brows kit, the Neal & Wolf Shine Spray & The Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing.

I got the brow kit in the shade Foxy which is for brunettes and although I've tried to make the shades work for my brows, unfortunately they're a bit too strong and bold. The colours are all incredibly pigmented however so they can be used as eyeshadows as well which I'll be doing. I'm not a huge brow person so I wouldn't necessarily rush out to purchase the palette in my shade but I'll certainly use the one I have to create a warm brown smokey eye.

The shine spray from Neal & Wolf is lovely, it smells like an expensive product & it works wonderfully at reducing static in my hair and also making it much shinier but not greasy. I can't find this product on the Neal & Wolf website but I spotted it on Fragrance Direct for £7.95 & I believe the actual retail price is £11.95.

The Spa Magik Salt Brushing was also a brilliant product, I'm always on the look out for a great exfoliator and this one is lovely. It also smells lemony which is beautiful! It's a paraben free product which is always a good thing in my opinion and it left my skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed. A 500g tub of this is £13.30 which I think is quite a good price and I would consider purchasing the full size. 

Now, if you choose to subscribe to Boudoir Prive for the slighly cheaper price of £10 per month you will receive a similar beautiful pale pink box filled with 5 - 6 deluxe beauty samples. Again I can't fault the packaging & I'll be using this box to store some more of my make up and you get a little leaflet explaining each of the products.

There was only one stand out product from this months box for me and that was the Zoya nail polish which is a beautiful purple with gold shimmer that I will be using a lot this autumn and winter. Whilst I do like the other products I'm not sure that I like them enough for £10 a month if that makes sense. I've passed the hair oil on to my mum who seems to really like it & I'll definitely use up the eye cream but I can't say I'd purchase the full sized because it's super pricey! 

Boudoir Prive strikes me as being more high end and Glossy Box feels like a good all-rounder with brands that I have either already heard of before or brands that I feel appeal to me, at twenty two a bit more. I know there are teething problems with Glossy Box i.e. not receiving a brow palette that's the correct shade for your hair colour which I agree isn't great but I do still think that out of these two boxes, Glossy Box is my current favourite.

What do you think about beauty boxes? Have you tried Boudoir Prive or Glossy Box, and do they appeal to you? Let me know if you've tried boxes from any other companies too, I'd love to hear about the Feel Unique boxes!


P.S. Don't forget if you'd like to watch my YouTube video you can do that here.


  1. I jsut watched your video about these - loving your break into youtube by the way! Love the look of the zoya polish! xo

  2. I love the Zoya colour. That's the one I wanted!! :(

    I've subscribed to both at the moment but I prefer glossybox. I'm also going to get October' feel unique box. Quite looking forward to it.


  3. I signed up for Glossybox and recived 3 boxes before I decided to cancel my subscription. It was lovely to have all these generous sample products, but after they wanted to charge for postage I decided against it. I'm considering Boudoir Prive though, especially after the Zoya polishes! It's so pretty!
    Mollie xo

  4. Glossybox is definitely my favourite. Were they the first ones to offer this? I can't remember which one came first (glossybox of boudoir prive). I'm not keen on B.P - really wasn't happy with their customer service. Going to watch your new vid now - so happy you're youtubing, i love seeing my fave bloggers on youtube x

  5. This whole concept appeals to me a lot, I'm hoping someday Glossybox branches out to my country as well!

    Oh! by the way, you're so lovely in your Youtube videos! And I absolutely loved the short video with Ralphie eating, tehehe

  6. Everything looks so lovely :) I really like the concept of Glossybox and the monthly products always seem well thought out. I've never tried Boudoir Prive though xx

  7. They have something in America called BirchBox which is pretty similar, but Glossy Box sounds better!

    -you follow me, I follow you-

  8. Hi Sailor Jennie! Thanks for your review of our Beauty Box! We hope to 'win' you round with our up-and-coming Beauty Boxes that Boudoir Prive is much more exciting-and fun!

  9. It's nice to hear one persons genuine opinion on both boxes. I've actually avoided these 2 and my first feelunique box will arrive this week so will let you know what it's like :) xx


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