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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Instagram Snapshot 001.

I'm going to start switching up my features a little bit, my instagram posts might not be up every week & they may not always be on a Sunday so I've decided to change the feature name for this one. I'm a little sad to say goodbye to Sunday Snapshot & maybe I'll come back to it at some point, but it has been pinched a couple of times so I don't feel like it's really mine anymore. Not saying it was a totally original idea but I've seen too many people's original feature ideas stolen without credit and that makes me kinda sad. But anyway, I think that's just one of the negative aspects of blogging right now. 

One & Two. 
I baked some chocolate cupcakes with blue vanilla icing & sprinkles because I wanted to try out my new icing/piping bag. They're far from perfect but I didn't think it was bad for a first attempt! I also made a classic Victoria Sponge with lots & lots of strawberry jam in the middle. Yum!

Three & Four. 
Ralphie has been a total cutie pie all week with only a couple of naughty spells! His lionhead mane is growing super quickly since I last gave him a little hair cut & this time it's not falling into his eyes which is always good. I love him with his tufty hair so I'm not going to cut it until he starts having trouble seeing! 
Five & Six. 
I got the Love Hearts & Crosses bag I had been lusting over as a gift from my boyfriend and I absolutely adore it, it's super elegant and classy! Conny the lovely lady behind the shop popped in this chasing bunny necklace as a little surprise extra present for me and I was SO so excited when I opened it. I wore them both to a job interview the day after I got them! Don't forget you can enter my little giveaway to win a pair of swallow earrings here!

Seven & Eight. 
This was my interview choice of clothing & I added a black blazer, my bunny necklace and my new bag to complete the look. Those things obviously brought me some luck because the next day I found out I got the job! I have to say a huge thank you to everyone that wished me good luck and then congratulations - I've got a lot of love for you guys!

Nine, Ten & Eleven. 
My boyfriend's house is almost done which is quite exciting. I'm so proud of him for purchasing his first house and I absolutely know how lucky we are not having to rent. Of course there's nothing wrong with renting, but my one big dream in life has always been to own my own home. 

I received these Matalan lookbooks through the post and I'm so impressed with how lovely the Autumn Winter fashion items are and also they have some wonderful Christmas decorations too! I'll have to do a blog post showing some of my favourite things! 
Thirteen & Fourteen.
Ralphie ate his first vegetable, finally! I gave him a little bit of cabbage and he absolutely loved it! He still doesn't like carrots, I think I'm going to have to give up on that one. I'm not sure what to try him with next, but I think I might go for spinach. I'm hoping to find at least one other vegetable that he likes!

Fifteen & Sixteen.
I filmed and uploaded an everyday make up routine & my first haul video for my YouTube channel. I've surprised myself with how much I'm enjoying making videos, I don't know for sure if I'll carry on for a long time but I'm loving it for the time being!  

Seventeen & Eighteen.
I caught such a bad cold last week and it was horrible! If there's a cold going around I almost always catch it, my immune system must be a little bit on the rubbish side but nevermind! I stocked up on cough sweets & kept this little bottle of menthol goodness close by and I felt better after a couple of days!

I've been using my Glossy Box as storage for my everyday essentials which has made getting ready in the mornings much easier and quicker! I also found a little pot to pop my favourite lipglosses in & I love my new little acrylic lipstick holder too!

The new instagram filters are lovely, I was so excited to play around with them! I've also found myself reaching for the eyeliner quite a bit lately which is a bit of a change for me! This is Blacktrack Fluid Line from MAC, I still don't love it though, it doesn't stay put all day like I was hoping it would!

Twenty One & Twenty Two. 
I've already figured out what to get Ralphie for Christmas. Yes I am one of those crazy people that will buy presents for my pets, I know he won't know it's Christmas but I love buying him presents!

Finally it didn't seen right to do an instagram post with pictures I've taken on my iPad without mentioning the passing of Steve Jobs. It's not really something I've ever spoken about before but Steve has been a constant source of inspiration since my second year of college. You truly can do anything you want to do, please don't let anyone hold you back. It's your life, don't throw it away.


  1. I honestly adore Ralphie, he's the cutest bunny ever! I love your posts like these, and I get what you mean about ideas being stolen; noticed that since Lily at LLYMLRS changed her name to include 'UK blog etc', so many blogs are too?! x

  2. I love these kinds of post :) i know what you mean about christmas presents for pets, i always need to spoil my dog, even is she has no idea its christmas! x

  3. Ralphie is seriously cute! I love the fact he is such a naughty bunny! I am also very jealous of the fact you can do liquid eyeliner! :( I am TERRIBLE. My hands shake and I end up with a big fat line across my eyes. Haha. xx

  4. I love your rabbit, he is such a cutie. A loveable menace perhaps? Exciting about your boyfriends new house, I'd love to be able to have something 'blank' to go crazy with and decorate!

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  5. Your baking looks amazing. I need to start playing around with Instagram more, I always forget that I have it on my phone.

  6. I love your instagram pics! You bunny is so cute!

  7. Ohh such a craving for victoria sponge now, I haven't made one in ages.

  8. I have a bottle of that white flower ointment(!? i'm not sure what to call it!) and it works wonders. x

  9. I have that same bunny necklace!! Cutecity.


  10. Jennie you always have such cute photos! I love your little rabbit! And you look a beaut as always! Ps I'd love some cake right now! x

  11. The chasing bunny necklace is so adorable! xx

  12. those cupcakes look downright delectable - yum!

  13. what is the bottle on the third picture? I saw chinese on it LOL

  14. I loved reading this post, gorgeous pics! Awww! Love Ralphie, he's so cute. Buying gifts for pets Birthdays and Christmas is mandatory :) x
    Very sad about Steve Jobs, I wonder what he'd have invented next? xx

  15. I love your instagram pics!!! I actually just started to use instagram very often on my blog!!



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