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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Instagram Snapshot 002.

One & Two. 
I took the plunge and did what you should probably never do & that was purchase a foundation online having never seen it in person. I decided to go for MAC Studio Sculpt foundation & although I've never been colour matched at MAC I guessed and went for NC15. I'm really happy with the shade, it seems to be the best match I've ever had in a foundation & I'm also really getting along with the formula. You only need the smallest amount (less than a pea size) to get a medium to full coverage which I've been loving on bad skin days!

I keep visiting the Apple website and adding an iPhone 4S to my basket, for reference I'd go for the 16GB black version, but right now I just can't justify going through the checkout. I know I could go and get a contract but I'd rather purchase the phone outright & get a SIM through Giff Gaff because you get such a good deal with them for £10 a month! This method would work out ever so slightly cheaper in the long run too. Part of me wants to wait for the iPhone 5 to come out because I like odd numbers better than I like even numbers. And yes, that's my only reason!

I finally got around to renewing my NUS Extra card. I wasn't going to for a while but then I realised I was being an idiot & I should make the most of student discount while I can! I'm with the Open Uni so I don't get a student card like you do at brick Uni's so it's worth the £11 for an Extra card to make the most of discounts where I can!

I was in Pets at Home spending a small fortune on things for Ralphie (bunnies are expensive!) this little guy in one of the hutches caught my eye. I've never seen a bunny like that in Pets at Home before, they usually only have lops and I thought he was so unusual. He looks more like a hare than a bunny & his ears were amazing! If I could have given him a home I absolutely would have but I don't think Ralphie would be too happy if I brought home another bunny. Ralphie's too spoilt to want to share the attention!

The past few days have been dedicated to giving my boyfriends house a good clean now that all of the decorating has been done! It's been a lot of hard work but it's finally paying off and he should be all moved in in a couple of weeks time! As far as hoovers go, Henry's are the cutest!

Seven, Eight, Nine & Ten. 
While in Pets at Home one of the things I picked up for Ralphie was a little harness and to my complete surprise he actually quite likes wearing it! Now I won't be taking him for walks down the street or anything but it's nice to have if he wants to explore other places other than my bedroom.

Eleven & Twelve. 
I've been getting back into make up recently and dug out some products I once loved & had been neglecting as well as ones I wasn't so keen on and trying out new ways of using them to make them work for me. I was thinking about doing some more make up related blog posts, maybe some mini reviews of products like the MUA Heaven & Earth palette post I popped up yesterday. Let me know if that's something you'd like to see or not!

Have you had a lovely weekend? Have you had any exciting plans?


  1. He is such a cutie in his harness. Take him for a walk! Go onn :) x

  2. Definitely would like to see more reviews on makeup products! I never get tired of reading such posts, haha! Ralphie looks adorable xx

  3. 2 things... the first is that I use studio sculpt, it lasts forever, good choice! (I also weirdly like the smell!)
    The second is 'brick uni' made me haha out loud! What are you studying if you don't mind me asking?
    I am having a lovely lazy day baking today, and went for a stroll round Brighton yesterday, not the most thrilling weekend but the best kind!
    Belle du Brighton

  4. aw, bless little ralphie in his harness! and that other rabbit's really unusual, love the colour of his coat. you looks beautiful in these pictures, by the way, love the colour of your lipstick in eleven.

    would really like to see a couple of reviews!

    beth xo
    ramz and the flock

  5. Im glad ralphie likes the harness!!! :)!
    I just upgraded to the iphone my first ever one!! On contract with orange, btu I have a really cheap contract to make the phone free because of a discount :) Im so excited to use instagram and ask it questions :) x

  6. definately need to get Teddy one of those bunny harnesses! Sounds a great way to let them explore more :)

    and i'd be interested in reading more beauty product reviews etc, really enjoyed your mua pallette post.

  7. Little Ralphie is beyond cute <3

  8. Your rabbit is so cute. Also I want to try the Studio Sculpt foundation, I've heard so many good things about it! :) xx

  9. Always love looking at your photos. So lovely x

  10. OMG SOMEONE ELSE WHO LIEKS ODD NUMBERS BETTER!!! Slightly over excited at this news - all my friends prefer even numbers! Makes me feel like a little oddball (haha!)

    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth


  11. Lovely post :) Go for the iPhone! You pretty much need it haha. And that hoover is adorable! Never seen those before!

  12. awwwh your rabbit is adorable! Very cute :)
    && you look great!
    xo Jenn


  13. Ralphie just gets more handsome everyday! He is such a cutie! I would love to give him a snuggle!

  14. Ralphie looks so darn cute! I ordered an iPhone on Friday. I am beyond excited for it to arrive. Hope it lives up to the hype! xx

  15. Your instagram roundups are my favorite post of yours ever! That gray rabbit (& Ralphie, of course!) is just too darn adorable.

  16. Studio Sculpt is the BEST! It's the only foundation I'll ever wear :)

    Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies! YAY! Watched the film "Hop" on Saturday night, it is such a cute film about the Easter Bunny. Have you seen it?! :D xx

  17. I bought my bunnies matching leads but they are too small for them :( Have you seen the bunny christmas collection- I must of spent £25 on Bambi & Pumpkin for christmas ahhaa. What are we like?

  18. Aww! I didn't know you could get rabbit harnesses! too cute!


  19. Ralphie is so cute :) We've tried little harnesses for our kittens but they always wriggle out of them!! xx

  20. i love these posts of yours :) you should totally take him for a walk, it'd be so cute! xxx

  21. You should totally take Ralphie out! I used to live right next to a park, and we often used to see a girl with a rabbit in a little harness on a lead. He seemed to enjoy hopping about and nibbling the grass.

  22. These posts are such a good idea-I always love to see the little Ralphie updates. Wish my bunny would wear a harness! Looking lovely in the last two pics :) x

  23. Instagram is definitely my top iPhone app, I love all your pictures!!!


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