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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Love Hearts & Crosses & A Little Giveaway.

This morning the postman brought me a box full of goodies & it really brightened up my day! There's something about opening parcels, even if you know what's inside, that is just so lovely - yay for online shopping!

My wonderful boyfriend bought me this gorgeous bag and I'm just so in love with it! Until now I didn't have a nice bag that would instantly smarten up and really complete an outfit. I have a scary interview tomorrow that I'm super nervous about & I'll definitely be carrying this bag to go with my dark grey shift dress & black blazer.

The gold hardware is really lovely and it really adds that little extra something. Inside there are 2 open compartments with a zipped pocket in the middle. It's not one of those bags that will fit a lot inside but there's definitely room for all your essentials! I opted for the black version but I have a feeling I may have to purchase another in either cream, pink or tan! At £25 I think this is a complete bargain & I love it a lot!

Conny, the beautiful lady behind Love Hearts & Crosses, also popped in a sneaky little extra present for me because I've mentioned the shop a couple of times on my blog. This was so unbelievably sweet of her, she totally didn't have to but she picked out the perfect item - a bunny necklace! How sweet is this necklace? I had to put it on straight away!

My boyfriend found a code for free delivery & a free pair of earrings, which is where the little giveaway part comes in. These swallow earrings are too lovely not to be worn all the time so I'd love to pass them on to someone who will give them lots of love!

♥ If you'd like the chance to win these beauties then just pop over to the Love Hearts & Crosses website, pick out your favourite item and then let me know what it is in the comments of this blog post. You must also be a follower of my blog! I'll pick out the winner in one weeks time! ♥

Have you ever purchased anything from Love Hearts & Crosses before? Don't forget to enter the giveaway if you'd like to win those adorable swallow earrings!


  1. LH&C do stock some lovely things, but most you you can find on ebay for only a few dollars. The the crystal animal rings, octopus rings, filigree rings, deer skull ring, unicorn ring, double key rings to name but a few can all be purchased from ebay for less than £5. And that's just one section and those I can name from the top of my head. Still, I guess that's business for you.

  2. Ooh I like that bag very much! May have to buy one for myself. I use a massive bag in the day but this would be ideal for evenings :)

  3. The bunny necklace is way too cute :)

    I love this ring: http://shop.loveheartsandcrosses.co.uk/rings/697-mr-octopus-ring.html


  4. @Beauty's Bad Habit - That's definitely business. That's what retail is, I bet the likes of Topshop's mark up's are INSANE! Not everyone likes/uses ebay afterall. In my ebay experience customer service isn't that good, things aren't nicely packaged etc. Love hearts & crosses is exceptional in all those areas. :)

    @Lydia - Would be perfect for evenings out!

    @Natalie - I love that ring too!


  5. My favourite item is the cat and the canary brooch :) xo

  6. I adore the typewriter necklace! Those earrings are adorable, too!

  7. I love the bag, it looks really pretty, not how i imagined it would! Not too long ago i purchased the gold cherry drop earrings, your my lucky charm earrings and the silver finger cross ring and got the big owl necklace free with my order which i love! My favourite is now the bird claw necklace :)You can see my post on LHC here: http://sleepwakehope.blogspot.com/2011/09/love-hearts-and-crosses.html
    Please enter me in your giveaway! xx

  8. Good luck for your interview hun! The bunny necklace is sooo cute! <3 xoxox

  9. That bunny necklace is adorable! I also love the big bow bracelets and the little floral coin purse! So many pretty things :)


  10. What a lovely bag, I hope it brings you lot's of luck for your interview :)
    So many pretty things at LH&C's I like all of the items featuring birds, particularly this http://shop.loveheartsandcrosses.co.uk/634-the-bird-family.html How cute is that! A little Pampered bird family. tee hee :) xxxx

  11. awww such a cute necklace!
    I think my fave item on the site is that cute panda ring!!!
    x x x

  12. Good luck for your interview!! I love the limited edition crystal bow ring!! I love accessories like the ones on the site. There is such a diverse range! I looked at several of the pages and they have cute girly ones, more 'hardcore' edgy ones and just some real original pieces!! xx

  13. I love the duck family necklace. Very cute site : )

  14. That bunny necklace is amazing! And so perfectly suited to you! I love that bag too :) x

  15. Good luck with your interview and thank you for such a generous giveaway. I'd love to win the swallow earrings. My favorite ones are the octopus earrings and scissor earrings!


  16. wow, wow, wow, I went onto the website for this bag and I just love the tan one! I shall be buying it for myself at some point!!!
    I have never heard of the shop before, so thankyou for introducing me! aha :)

  17. Your pictures always look so perfect, what camera u use?? :) Like bag very much :))

  18. How sweet of her to give you the bunny necklace, so cute! The swallow earring are adorable, I'd love to win them.
    The 'Mr Writer Typewriter' necklace is my fave on the site though :)

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  19. I adore this leather bracelet http://shop.loveheartsandcrosses.co.uk/bracelets/671-brown-leather-beaded-wrap-bracelet.html

    Thank you!

  20. That bag looks loads more expensive!
    Hope your interview goes well :)

    My fave on the website is this: http://shop.loveheartsandcrosses.co.uk/36-the-birdie-song.html

    As it looks just like my Canary named Birdie (named by my little sis btw ha!)

  21. I love love love the Heart Shaped Bag!


    It is just too pretty to be true! :)



  22. I love the Mr typewriter necklace :)

  23. Uhmm, do I have to pick just one thing I like!? This is the best site ever, I'm going to explore some more! I'm so glad they ship to the U.S!

    I love the mustache&hourglass necklace! &like thirty more!

    But mainly these two! :D



  24. That bunny necklace suits you perfectly! x
    Their beaded leather wrap bracelets are really gorgeous!

  25. aww jennie your boyfriend sounds like my ideal perfect guy..may i steal him from you? haha only joking but seriously he is so nice for getting you that gorgeous bag.

    as for me well i would love to own that bag but in cream colour.i went over to thelove hearts&crosses wesite to take a sneak peek and i loved it at first sight. would love to win this cute swallow earrings.hope i win jennie. :) have a nice day.

  26. Gorgeous giveaway - thank you for the opportunity!
    This is my favourite item: http://shop.loveheartsandcrosses.co.uk/bags-and-purses/825-croc-satchel-turn-lock-box-bag.html

    Beautiful satchel - practical and goes with everything :)
    Following as Rachel Collins and Rachebella - following and RTing on Twitter as @Rachel1383

    Thanks again
    Rachel xxx

  27. Your boyfriend makes you beautiful presents))
    i love Gold Scalloped Bib Necklace: http://shop.loveheartsandcrosses.co.uk/necklaces/779-gold-scalloped-bib-necklace.html
    GFC: Lulu
    redalepou at yahoo dot com

  28. http://www.bloglovin.com/m/1365927/304736426/b/1365927/aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRnd3dy5zYWlsb3JqZW5uaWUuY29tJTJGMjAxMSUyRjEwJTJGbG92ZS1oZWFydHMtY3Jvc3Nlcy1saXR0bGUtZ2l2ZWF3YXkuaHRtbA==

    The friendship feather bracelet :)

    GFC: Rachel

  29. I love recieving parcels in the post and your boyfriend has great taste! The bunny necklace is so pretty!

  30. Thank you for introducing me to this website! It's lovely! I love the 'Duck Family' jewelery, and the Scrabble Rings! They're so cute! :) xx

  31. I love everything! Especially http://shop.loveheartsandcrosses.co.uk/necklaces/617-vintage-gold-foxy-necklace.html

    i follow as karen scammell
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  32. I think my favourite item is the Flower Ring - so colourful!


    Janey :)

  33. Jennie, you're so right in one of your comments in re: ebay - I recently used ebay to buy some ribbon and I got some grief from the seller because I asked her if she combined P&P. She was so horrible about it, saying "You should be grateful that the product is sold for under £2.00 - why do you keep asking me? Just pay!" And then she cancelled my order because she didn't "want to have a customer like me". It's like another set of customer service rules on there. I was so shocked, such over reaction just because I clicked the "request final amount" twice. I just wished her luck in her business and clicked the litte red cross in the corner. xxx

  34. Love love love the Drink Me necklace. Thanks Jennie for introducing me to this amazing website!
    PS LOVE you blog, it's just the cutest.

  35. Such pretty jewellery :) :)

    I love the Silver Karma Circle Angel Wing Necklace <3

  36. Oh wow I wish I'd heard of this website sooner, there's so many wonderful items on! I think I may have to make an order myself very soon. My favourite piece is definitely the gold ampersand necklace, it's so unusual!
    Lois XXXXX

  37. Hee, that bunny necklace could not be more perfect for you.

  38. That bunny necklace is adorable-so very you!
    I adore the Love Hearts and Crosses site; it's a great place to buy birthday presents from as friends don't always know of it so don't have their items. Plus they always love what they recieve.

    My favourite items from there are the Alice in Wonderland themed ones, in particular the Alice and the playing cards ring.

    Much Love


  39. i have to have the bunny necklace!! all of their stuff is beautiful!
    emma2louise@hotmail.co.uk xx

  40. So many great ones! I like the Typewriter Key Ring, the Silver Leaf Ring, the Flying Swallow Ring and the Lucky Swallows necklace. Really anything with swallows is my weakness.


  41. Was so excited to come across this on my Facebook Page, long time follower of Lovehearts and Crosses - they've so much amazing stuff but with a 15 month old I don't get much of a 'me' budget anymore.
    And to be perfectly honest my dream item was the Swallow Earrings! To be worn EVERY day! :D
    Following your blog now too and have to say it's a great read!


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