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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Instagram Snapshot 003.

One. Ralphie's found a new favourite spot in his cage and he always looks so comfy when he's in his little nest. I've stopped using just hay all over his cage because he's getting messier and it wasn't very nice. Instead I've switched to wood shavings & bedding and I've just been popping in huge handfuls of hay in certain places for him to munch away on! I'm working on a post all about bunnies, it'll hopefully be up soon!

Two. I'm so in love with my new phone case, it's so ridiculously cute, even though my boyfriend hates it! If I have to have this rubbish blackberry phone, I'm going to have an obnoxiously cute case to go on it!

Three. Whilst on one of my many trips to ikea I spotted & fell in love with this Picasso print and I had to have it. I just love the little sausage dog in the middle! I have no idea where I'm going to put it yet but I couldn't leave without it!

Four. This was what I received in the October GlossyBox and although I wasn't amazed, I do think it's a really great box if you love skincare. The perfume samples aren't my thing at all, the stila eyeliner in nice but I'm not that into eyeliner so the stand out products were the Dermalogica samples & the Leighton Denny nail polish which is a really unusual icy blue colour. I popped up a quick video about my thoughts on last months box and I think I'll have a blog post up soonish too!

Five & Six. My boyfriends house is really coming together now. We purchased this red metal side table thingy from ikea that will eventually be a place to put the television & the xbox that my boyfriend wants me to get him for Christmas. I hate when he tells me what he wants because now he'll be expecting it and it won't be a surprise. Hopefully if I play it cool enough he won't realise that it's probably what I actually am going to get him, I've never bought him anything super duper expensive like this before. He really wants an iPad but I don't think my wages will stretch quite that far yet.

Seven & Eight. I went to a little garden centre that had a Christmas shop and I spotted so many super cute lights and decorations! I absolutely love Christmas so much, all the lights are magical and you get to snuggle up in warm coats and drink hot chocolate!

Nine & Ten. This is George the reindeer and my boyfriend bought him for me from the Christmas shop and I love him. Yes I'm twenty two years old but I still love little sentimental gifts like this especially because it's going to be mine and my boyfriend's first Christmas where we can actually be together and not 200 miles apart!

Eleven. This is what my face looked like this week. I've fallen head over heels in love with MAC Studio Sculpt foundation & Topshop Pillow Talk lipstick.

Twelve. I made an autumn inspired necklace this week & I think I'll be popping something similar up in my shop very soon. I've got a few things up at the moment, I know they all say coming soon but if there's anything that particularly catches your eye then you're welcome to send me a quick email & I can post it out to you before the shop properly opens!


  1. Ohh I can't wait for Christmas. It looks like everything will be fine then :)

  2. such great pictures! and that phone case is pretty amazing!

  3. Aww I'm exactly the same with sentimental bits - Its mine and my boyfriends first christmas this year too, and he doesn't want a christmas tree, no! I'll be decorating his place for him, no way I can open presents and cuddle with NO decorations, weird!

    You look gorgeous btw, skin looks absolutely perfect :O

  4. Lovely photos. I'm glad your boyfriends house is coming together now. Always exciting when you see plans becoming reality. I went to a garden centre yesterday to see the Christmassy bit. It's so exciting! xx

  5. great images - especially loving the Christmas ones! it is definitely in the air.

    Pillowtalk lipstick is on my crimbo list! xxx

  6. The shop is looking good, i used to be on bigcartel - i miss it! x

  7. your phone case is amazing! wish my phone had ears :) x

  8. So many beautiful things! I love the fact you and your boyfriend are going to be able to spend Christmas together this year, you really are lovely Jennie and I have always been a fan of your humble sailboat.

    I really cannot wait for the shop, the rings are lovely dear xxx

  9. I love the phone case and the necklace, I'v just taken a look at your shop. . .do you make the rings yourself?xx

  10. Garden center's are great on the run up to christmas, they always put me in the mood super early : )


  11. Well, I LOVE the case! I think every girl should have a cute phone...it is the most-viewed accessory anyway (earrings are so yesterday! ;).

  12. I love the phone case. I wonder if I could get a cat ear one for my iPhone? So obnoxious, and yet so completely adorable.

  13. :O Your necklace is so cute! Love it. <3 If you do pop something similar in your shop, please let me know so I can snap it up! :D I bought my boyfriend an xbox a few years ago and it was a total surprise - I wrapped an xbox game up disguised as something else and he was so confused when he opened it. I told him it was to go with an extra present in the boot of the car - he literally flew out of the house! :P hehe. xoxo

  14. Ralphie is just the cutest, he always puts a smile on my face :)

    xo fifi


  15. The phone case is lovely!!!


  16. ha ha i LOVE that phone case!

    Jessica xo

  17. You've made me really excited for Christmas now, I can't wait! You look beautiful in that photo and I adore the necklace. Must get that bunny phone cover too, so so cute! xxx


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