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Friday, 25 November 2011

November GlossyBox.

This month the November GlossyBox♦ was delivered by my postman at the most perfect time. I've just caught yet another cold, (seriously, if there's an illness going around I'll end up catching it - what's up with that immune system?!) and this month's contents have been perfect for giving myself a little pamper session which has been a much needed pick me up!

The star product for me is the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, it's something I've wanted to try for a little while and I wasn't disappointed! The Dead Sea Spa Magik bath salts are lovely and left my skin feeling amazing which is always good when you're feeling less than your best. The Arbonne FC5 Ultra Hydrating Hand Creme is another lovely product, I'm always on the look out for a nice hand cream now that my hands seem to get so grubby and horrible at work!

The perfume samples aren't my thing at all, I stand by my previous comments about perfume samples and I really don't think I'll ever like receiving them. I'm extremely picky when it comes to scents, I have two that I absolutely love and nothing else ever seems to come close to those. The Nail Rock nail wraps are an interesting addition, I've not tried them yet but I think I'll pop them on my toes this weekend. I'm never usually very good at applying things like this but I'll give it a go!

Do you subscribe to GlossyBox? What did you think of the November box?


  1. I really wanted to try the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer - bit disappointed it wasn't in my box. I really like the Monu Skin Perfector that I got in mine. Bath salts aren't my thing and I'm with you on the perfume samples - not my cup of tea and I'd rather not receive fragrance samples in Glossybox. I got some leopard print nail wraps. Not something I've tried before, but may give them a try this week xx

  2. Wow your whole box is completely different to mine! I got a foot cream but would have preferred a hand cream, I prefer your nail designs, mine are red with black lace print, didn't like my perfume samples, but I'm most jealous of the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer. I really wanted to try that! I am pleased with the bath salts though.

  3. Great post lovey! I really wanted to try the PK Elasticizer too! It sounds wonderful!

    I got a couple of the same things & a couple of different! I personally think theres been better boxes by dont think this months box was a bad one! Looking forward to seeing whats in the December box!


  4. Those nail wraps look quite fabulous, I'm a love of polka dots though so anything a little spotty gets my vote.

    Have only just clocked you're in Derbyshire - I'm in Derbyshire too, on the edge of the Peaks. Only been here for a year but it's a gorgeous area and I'll be happy to stay a while :-)

    Jem xXx

  5. Absolutely disappointed this month (again!) I didn't receive the elasticiser and instead I got two hand/body creams, fewer perfume samples an awful pattern of nail wraps and those dreaded old lady bath salts. Boo! Trying one last time for December but I so wish that someone would start a makeup only box x

  6. @kim - I would have thought the elasticizer would have been a product everyone got this month, I've seen a few disappointed people like you who didn't get it! :( glad to hear you like the other product you got though! Would love to see how you get on with the nail wraps!

    @niknaks - I was surprised at how varied the boxes were this month! Love the bath salts, they really are lovely!

    @ sinead - thank you sweet! Definitely agree there have been better boxes but this was lovely! Excited for the Christmas box, I've got high hopes for it!

    @jem - ahh awesome! Not seen many people from Derbyshire here!


  7. @nicola - aww that's a shame, I'm so sorry you didnt like your box! Hopefully the December box will make up for it!!


  8. im glad youre so happy with your box, you did get some great products though! :) im jealous of the elasticizer, would have loved to try it too! i didnt like my perfume samples either, they smelled so manly and just eughh :( however, i do like the bath salts and the handcream is quite a treat for my dry winter hands! i got red/black lacey nail wraps which i will definitely give a try as soon as i can, but i prefer the pattern you got :) xx

  9. I was hoping to get the Elasticizer but I ended up with a moisturiser and hand cream. I don't think the box was too bad, definitely not worth all the outcries from some people


  10. I think it was a bit hit and miss this month but then beauty boxes are always going to be. It is the risk you take! I got the bath salts which I was pleased about and also excited to be trying out the nail wraps on my toes!

  11. I didn't get the Elasticizer but did like the bath salts and handcream. I got a moisturiser but I'm so picky about skincare and will probably end up giving it to my mum! x

  12. I know exactly what you mean about perfume, it's such a personal preference/choice thing, still I suppose just a sample isn't too bad, also good luck with the nail wraps, I too am awful at that sort of thing, so toenails seems like a very good idea!



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