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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

What I Wore: Date Night.

It had been way too long since my boyfriend and I both had an evening off work together so we decided to make the most of it last night and go out for dinner! We had super yummy yorkshire puddings, veggies & gravy and we left our local pub extra happy and with very full tummies! It wasn't really a dressing up sort of occasion but I decided to make a little extra effort anyway, just because! I'm a serial over-dresser anyway, the only places I ever look super 'meh' is at work because my uniform sucks & when I'm having duvet days at home! 
Vest Top: Primark.
Cardigan: H&M.
Skirt: Primark. 
Tights: Matalan. 
Necklace: Sailboat, Ahoy!
Bracelet: Sailboat, Ahoy!

This skirt is from good ol' Primarni absolutely yonks ago & I hardly ever wear it because although I absolutely adore it, it's not the most flattering piece of clothing for my hips! I decided to pair it with an all black outfit and I actually really quite liked the way it looked. Granted it's still not super flattering but I liked it and that's all that matters!  I've had all of these items for a little while so I'm really sorry that I haven't been able to find direct links for them all! The cardigan is one of my favourite versatile pieces, it's just a H&M basic but I wear it all the time & it's lasted and washed really well!
The little acorn & owl necklace will be up in my shop, Sailboat, Ahoy! (if it's not there already) really soon. It's the latest little design I've come up with and I really love the little acorn charms, they're actually quite heavy so they're super good quality! I've just popped up this Rocking Horse Charm Bracelet in my shop and I only have a couple so they're super limited edition. I couldn't resist keeping one for myself, well, I seem to be keeping one of everything for myself which I told myself I wouldn't - oopsie!



  1. Ahh you look lovely.. LOVE that skirt! It's good that you make an effort every where you go.. I more often than not look 'meh' coz I'm too lazy to get ready haha!

    The Deer Head


  2. You look gorgeous, what a pretty skirt!! :)

    xo fi


  3. I love that skirt and the jewellery is all lush!

  4. Looking gorgeous as always!! I love the skirt! It does look flattering on you especially with th black cardigan! I'm a serial overdresser as well! Haha xx

  5. oh that skirt is so pretty, definitely don't worry about it not being flattering! and i love the rocking horse bracelet :) i'll be ordering!

  6. Such a lovely skirt! and the jewellery is very pretty.

  7. such a pretty skirt, lovely outfit x

  8. The skirt is gorgeous Jennie. I love date nights and getting slightly over dressed just cos you want it to feel special. I hope you had a lovely evening :) xxx

  9. I think I must be missing something because I think this skirt looks perfectly adorable and flattering :)



  10. Pretty outfit :) I love the ring x
    I have a few of the H&M cardigans, so versitile

  11. Aw you look really cute!


  12. Your ring is so cute!


  13. Such a nice look, i really love the skirt and how everything else is balck. didnt really appreciate it until i saw your accessaries. they are stunning and so sweet. x


  14. That skirt is so pretty, lovely outfit. It's not unflattering at all, you should wear it more often!
    I'm always overdressed too, I just can't do 'casual'!

    Gillian x

  15. You look lovely :) Glad you had a nice time :)
    I absolutely love that ring! :)

  16. aww you look so cute! you make me think of a teddy bear that you just want to hug!!!


  17. Loving the outfit - your meal sound super yummy! xo

  18. You look lovely, such a pretty skirt! x

  19. You look lovely and the accessories are absolutely brilliant!! You are tempting me to get them from your shop... :)

  20. You look lovely and I love that skirt! Your jewellery is so cute too X

  21. @lowri - aww thank you sweet!
    @sadie - <3
    @fi - aww thank you!
    @lizzy - thank you!
    @soph - thank you! Yay for overdressing hehe!
    @char - yay, thank you!!
    @kelly - thank you lovely!
    @jennifer - thank you! :)
    @tamsin - aww thank you so much lovely, I had a really nice evening!
    @sophie - aww thank you!
    @victoria - thank you! Love h&m cardigans!
    @raffles bizarre - thank you!
    @lily - thank you sweet!
    @cherry - :)
    @laura - aww thank you so much!
    @gillian - aww thank you, I definitely will wear it more! Samesies hehe I feel wrong dressed super casual!
    @the style box - thank you, I had a lovely time!
    @c.a.r - ha thanks!
    @bex - thank you, it was!
    @erin - aww thank you!
    @anna - hehee you should! :p

    @charlotte - thank you!

  22. love the skirt, I never find anything in Primark, very envious! xxx

  23. Oh I love this outfit, especially all the extra details. All the items of jewellery are gorgeous! And it sounds like you had a really lovely evening :)

    L x

  24. ohhhh that skirt is so nice! you look adorable x

  25. You look gorgeous for a date night Jennie! You hair looks stunning.

  26. I hope you had a good time! I have that skirt but I'm never sure what to wear with it, looks great here though! I love your necklace too :) xx

  27. Awhhhh amazing! You are always so beautiful *.* xxx

  28. love your lace skirt & jewellery! :)


  29. Aw you look lovely! Such a nice outfit x

  30. You are adorable hun <3 The skirt is so, so pretty xxx

  31. I love that little heart ring! Gorgeous :)

  32. Oh you're just so darn pretty Jennie! *shakes fist* this is a lovely outfit on you, you never fail to look lady like and lovely!


  33. Where is your little heart ring from? I love it!!



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