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Friday, 2 December 2011

Holidays are coming!

This is my most favourite time of the year. Everyone is putting up pretty lights, the weather is getting colder and yummy mince pies & other treats are making their way into the shops. I popped up the Christmas tree in my mums house one day early on the 30th November because I just couldn't wait any longer! This year I decided to go with a 'chuck every decoration we own on to the tree without worrying what it'll look like' theme and I just love it! I've never been one to co-ordinate colours with what's already in the room - the more eclectic and shiny and glittery the better!
Brace yourselves for another post like this one - my boyfriend and I are putting up the Christmas tree in his house tonight and I'm so excited! I made him buy glittery reindeer decorations & a huge gold star tree topper yesterday - he loves it really!

Do you celebrate Christmas, have you put your tree up yet? What's your favourite holiday?


  1. Such gorgeous photos! We're putting up out tree tonight too - I'm feeling super festive now :)


  2. Oo we have that polar bear decoration! Or one very similar to it :)

    The tree looks great and so colourful!

    I am currently watching my mum put the tree up now (fake one as real ones are too expensive now) then when it is up I will be putting the decorations on!

    Christmas is definitely my favourite holiday :)

    Aw your boyfriend is probably secretly excited about them ;)

    Jazz xo

  3. the tree looks lovely! I love putting everything on the tree and not sticking to a theme - it makes it much more unique and eclectic!

    I make a lot of decorations which helps to make it look a bit crazy! hehe

    Looking forward to seeing your next tree!!

  4. Jennie! This post is so festive, i LOVE IT! x

  5. Love these photos! I can't wait for Christmas either

  6. Eeeeeeeeeek officially feeling festive now. What a lovely tree :)

    Haven't put my tree up yet but i feel the time is fast approaching, especially after seeing so many xmas related blog posts lately. Christmas is definitely my favourite holiday, i don't think i'll ever grow out of that excitable xmas morning feeling. This time next year i'll have my own little baby to be exited on behalf of as well ha!


  7. Looks lovely! I put a picture of our festive fireplace up on my blog the other day! Absolutely love all the sparkly cheer!
    We go all out here, windows, garlands inside, tree, fireplace done up, stockings up - was wrecked afterwards but SO worth it!
    The Agoraphobic Fashionista

  8. Nice photos!I think we'll be putting up our tree next weekend. Most people in Sweden put their tree up on the 23rd of December, so I'm always a bit early :)

    Have a nice weekend! //Niina

  9. Yayyyyy christmas decs! We have ours up outside of our house but not inside! The outside is covered it lights up the whole street! And we went shopping for more a couple days ago for inside and out it's so much fun! I'm hoping to put the tree up sunday, I always look forward to it but then it takes far to long!

    L x

  10. I love Christmas! I've even given my blog a little festive makeover!
    I'm wrapping all the gifts this weekend and writing my cards but the tree won't go up just yet, usually about 10 days before is when I do it. :D xx

  11. I love Christmas time, I can't wait to put my tree up this weekend! I agree, definitely the more glittery the better!

    Gillian x

  12. Ohh I can't wait for my tree but we put it up on 24th in the morning :) xxxx

  13. The tree looks so pretty. I love Christmas :) I havent got my decorations/tree up at home yet but we have decorated our office at work.

    Pretty tinsel round the desks and computers and a mini tree on top of the filing cabinet! ;) Xx

  14. Great pictures, I love just chucking the decorations anywhere on the tree, mine's going up tomorrow and I can't wait!


  15. Lovely pictures. :)
    I love this time of year, my birthday and Christmas. :)
    My birthday is a week before Christmas so since I've been able to say any decorations don't go up till the day after my birthday.. and the rule hasn't changed since i moved out.lol


  16. My boyfriend and I put our tree up on the 1st and I'm with you, the brighter the better! Sticking with one or two colours can look a little boring! xxx

  17. We put our tree up today! Starting to feel like Christmas now!

  18. I absolutely adore Christmas, I can't wait to put the tree up - next weekend I think!

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  19. Ooh pretty tree :) I get so ridiculously excited about Christmas - I'm a child inside! xxx


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