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Friday, 30 December 2011

Monthly Favourites: November & December.

Last month I left it a little too late to put up a favourites post but I didn't want to miss out on a month because I've been doing these posts for a super long time now and I think they're amongst my favourite posts to write. So to make up for being so unorganised last month, this may be a bit of a long one...

I shall begin with the one non beauty/skincare item that I just had to include because I'm so in love with it and that is this beautiful Keep Calm & Carry On necklace ♦ from Temporary:Secretary. Sarah sent this to me as a Christmas present and I've pretty much worn it with everything since I opened it because it's so beautiful! I love Sarah and if you haven't checked out her jewellery & accessories shop, Temporary:Secretary, yet then you really should because I know you'll find something on there that you fall in love with!

Last month I decided to go back to using my Neal's Yard Chamomile Cleanser because I felt like what I was using previously wasn't quite cleansing my skin as much as I would like. After I've taken my make up off with a baby wipe I massage this into my skin when it's dry & I then take a hot muslin cloth and gently remove the cleanser. This leaves my skin feeling super clean but not irritated and every last scrap of make up is removed. I adore this cleanser!

Montagne Jeunesse sent me one of their new Very Berry face masks and since then I've gone a bit crazy for them and bought pretty much a zillion more because I loved it so much! This is a mask that's suitable for all skin types & is packed full of yummy ingredients like blueberries, cranberries and aloe vera - just remember not to eat it! Consistency wise this is quite a thick and creamy mask that smells absolutely divine & feels beautiful on the skin because it's super refreshing and soothing. Once I've taken this off my skin feels beautifully cleansed and not dry or tight in any way. I absolutely love this mask and the company, Montagne Jeunesse and completely animal friendly which is always a huge plus in my eyes!

My next favourite probably won't be a huge surprise but I couldn't not include it because I love it so much and it is of course Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation. Now I won't waffle on for too long  because I've already done a separate review which you can read here but essentially this foundation is pretty darn special. If you can find a colour match for your skin, I know that Bourjois foundations are more on the yellow side, then I highly recommend giving this a try. It's beautiful.

Concealer brushes have never particularly appealed to me & I never really saw the point because I thought my fingers did a better job of blending until I tried this concealer brush ♦ from Japonesque. Now, I was sent quite a few brushes a little while ago which I will review fully once I've tested them out a bit more and washed them a good few times because they are on the more pricey side and I wouldn't want anyone to rush out and buy a brush because I said I liked it after using it once, you know? If you're investing in a brush you want it to really stand the test of time and also wash really well. All I will say is so far, I'm impressed and this little concealer brush does a brilliant job at blending my under eye concealer and it gives a slightly more opaque coverage than my fingers do. Since my under eye circles are pretty horrendous right now, the more coverage my concealer can give me the better!

For the last few weeks I've been going one of two ways with my lip products - either nude and subtle or bright and bold. If I'm in the mood for a more subdued lip colour I've been reaching for Rumour Has It lipstick from Topshop. It's the perfect dusky rose shade that looks beautiful if you're wearing a bold cheek or a sultry smokey eye.

If I'm feeling more daring the lipstick I've been reaching for is of course Cherries in the Snow from Revlon. What can I say about this lipstick? It's just divine. You can wear it super bold like it looks in the tube or you can dab a little on to your lips and wear it more as a stain. Either way it looks absolutely amazing and I'm so happy I finally managed to track down a tube, it's perfect!

The Rose Ole Special Reserve highlight powder from the MAC ChamPale collection was something that I tried to sell in a blog sale but no one wanted it. I decided to start using it again just out of curiosity mainly and I've fallen back in love with it! It's a really subtle warm highlight shade that's not too much to wear in the daytime and can be built up for a heavier highlight look more appropriate for the night time too. I'm so glad nobody bought this from my blog sale, I've been reaching for it daily ever since!

Eyebright from Benefit had been on my lust list for months and months but for some reason I never bought it until recently. I really have been missing out by not getting this sooner because it really works to brighten up my eyes and make them seem a little bigger which is always a good thing in my opinion! I've been putting this creamy pale pink shade along my waterline & on my inner corner and I'm really impressed with its staying power - on me it lasts a good 4 to 5 hours before I have to apply a touch more. This is a product I just can't be without now and has fast become a staple in my make up routine.

Lastly I have two blushers to talk about and like my favourite lip products I've either been opting for a subtle cheek colour or a super bold one. Peachy Keen from Eyes Lips Face is a fairly new addition to my make up collection but I'm so glad I have it because I don't have anything else quite like it. This gives a really subtle peachy glow to my cheeks which is really lovely and it's sometimes quite refreshing opting for a light cheek colour since I usually go for something more noticeable.

My bold blush of choice for the last couple of months has been Tweak from Illamasqua and although it looks terrifying in the pan, a light hand gives such a pretty bright pop of red-pink to the cheeks. It's my perfect winter blusher and I think Tweak will always be one of my all time favourite shades!

What were your favourite products of November or December? Have you tried any of these products before? What do you think about them?


  1. Gosh that Illamasqua really does look bright in the pan. Would be interested in seeing some swatches! That necklace is lovely too.

    Love J.

  2. I love your collection of make up, always want to go out and buy it! My collection is so feeble, as i only suit certain colours. Going to try more new cosmetics in the new year! Treat myself to a new face! x

  3. Such a gorgeous pendant, the detailing is so beautiful. I love the colour xxx

  4. I've been wanting to try the Neal's Yard skincare products for a while now, might try one of their moisturisers since I've heard such good things about the range.
    I think my favourite product this month has to be Mac Studio Sculpt foundation, it's been amazing on my bad skin days and I love wearing it at work because it lasts all day xx

  5. i love the look of cherries in the snow - and it has such a great name! that blusher looks brilliant too, may give it a try xxx

  6. Brilliant post :-) I love the look of the Neal's Yard cleanser and the cherries in the snow! I also think the necklace is lovely! xxx

  7. I love these posts of yours and that Cherries in the Snow lipstick looks gorgeous, I love the colour. xxx

  8. I have the ELF blusher in Peachy Keen and I love it! Its so subtle and gorgeous xx

  9. Cherries in the Snow is such a gorgeous color, but I'm worried it'll look odd with my black hair and skin tone.

    I love your makeup! You always have the cutest stuff.

  10. I'd love to try Cherries in the Snow. I'm a bit scared of how bright it is though! x

  11. @Bon Vivant Clique - I'll definitely do that for you!

    @Sarah - Ooh you definitely should, a new lipstick is almost like getting a whole new outfit but a lot cheaper!

    @Alice - It really is beautiful, so much detail!

    @Sarah - Highly recommend Neal's Yard. Ooh I love Studio Sculpt foundation too, it's amazing!

    @Jennifer - Highly recommend them both, I think they suit so many people!

    @Sparkly Flamingo - Thank you! :)

    @Natasha - Thank you lovely! It really is beautiful, highly recommend it!

    @Soph - It's so pretty!

    @Brandi - Oh no I think it would look wonderful on you! Thank you lovely :)

    @Suzanne - You can definitely wear it more sheer and toned down. Really recommend it, it's so pretty!

    @Jessica & Josette - It's such a brilliant product!


  12. Oh my gosh, we have so many matching favourites, I love it! <3 Definitely following your blog :)


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