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Sunday, 11 December 2011

A week in photographs via instagram.

1 & 2. Ralphie has claimed one of my GlossyBox boxes as his own! Initially he was satisfied with ripping up the outer box but now he wants to spend a lot of his time hopping in and out of the actual pink GlossyBox. He's a cutie!

3. I popped up a little blog sale last week, a few items have sold already but there are a few items still left including some Illamasqua lipsticks & some ELF bits. Let me know if you'd like anything - I'm only accepting payment via PayPal though.

4. My 2000 reader giveaway went up last Friday & if you'd like to enter then you can do so here. There are 8 different prizes up for grabs and all accept for the gift vouchers, which are for UK based stores, are open to everyone internationally!

5 & 6. I've been having a bit of a play around with the Enrapture Totem Styler and so far I think it's absolutely amazing. I was completely in love with the Babyliss Waving Wand but I really like how much control this Enrapture styler gives & you really can create so many different looks really easily. They're stocked at quite a few different retailers including Boots - perfect to get those beauty card points!

7. November's GlossyBox goodies were really lovely. My favourite thing turned out to be the Nail Rock nail wraps, I got the stripey design & they're currently making my toes look incredibly pretty. I've had them on for almost 2 weeks now so it'll be interesting to see how much longer they last - they're holding up well so far!

8. The Sleep Cycle app has been my new favourite thing, it's really interesting seeing how often you move around and wake up during the night! I always thought I was such a good sleeper but some nights I'm absolutely terrible & now I know why I wake up feeling so tired sometimes!

9 & 10. It's really starting to feel a lot like Christmas now! I really can't believe it's December already, I'm really not sure where the year has disappeared to! I've just got my Christmas hours at work and apart from 3 hours on Christmas eve, the rest of the holidays is mine to enjoy - yay!

11, 12, 13 & 14. Lastly I wanted to say a huge thank you for all the support regarding my jewellery shop! I'm so pleased with how things are going and if you're in the UK there's still time to order before Christmas! Unfortunately if you live elsewhere the final guaranteed postage dates have passed.

I'm offering 20% off everything in my shop, excluding P&P with the code MERRYCHRISTMAS Simply enter that code at the checkout and your discount will be applied. So if you want to pick up any last minute Christmas pressies or you just want to treat yourself then I hope that little discount will be useful! The code expires on Monday at 3pm GMT.

Have you had a lovely weekend?


  1. oh ralphie is just so cute! :) i love the sleep cycle app - it's so clever! xxx

  2. Love the jewelry, you hair looks fab :) x

  3. Love your Christmas tree, so pretty xx

  4. Yes I have had a lovely weekend, because I finally found what I'm going to give my friend for the rest of her Christmas present. The winter berries necklace is so perfect for her I'm sure she will love it, thanks Jennie for your lovely shop! Hope your weekend was good xxx

  5. Your hair looks absolutely lovely with those curls, I've just had all my hair chopped off otherwise that styler would be going straight to the top of my Christmas list! I am a little bit obsessed with the Sleep Cycle app, I do find it's not always that accurate though but I definitely feel better if I've been woken up using their alarm rather than the iPhone alarm and being woken from a really deep sleep!

  6. I got that glossybox, can't wait to try the nail wraps! xx

  7. the sleep app is great, probably my favorite app on my ipod x

  8. Aww Ralphie! Every time I see him, it makes me want a rabbit so bad! What a cutie ^.^

    Really like the look of your hair, it looks lovely like that, would be nice esp over the Christmas season :)



  9. Oooh that app sounds interesting I might have to download it for myself, sleep patterns have always interested me.

  10. Your decorations are so cute, your hair looks amazing like that love it! xx

  11. Your hair looks so pretty curly, I love it! :)


  12. I was obsessed with the sleep cycle up until it started waking me up at 5.30am when my alarm was set for 6am. I might be in a light sleep state but losing half an hours sleep every day was not appreciated. lol. Love your hair, it's so gorgeous in curls :)

    L x

  13. how the sleep app is called exactly? tried looking for it but couldnt find it!

  14. My goodness, you have such an adorable bunny!
    I love how you curled your hair! You look great! =)

    The Urban Umbrella


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