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Friday, 24 February 2012

Five Things I Love Friday & Five Blogs I Love Friday 029.

One. Pretty much everything from the new Joe Browns catalogue!

Joe browns has been one of my favourite online stores for years and years now and I still absolutely adore the pieces they come out with. This season is no exception and I'm finding myself lusting after more and more each time I have a look around the website! I would adore to have a huge Joe Browns spending spree and I know I'd have lots of fun styling the pieces afterwards too! They are well and truly making me excited for Spring and Summer!

My boyfriend got me this DVD for Valentine's Day and I think I've watched it about a million times already! I absolutely love Adele, I'm not hugely into music, especially current music, but I could listen to Adele sing all day long. Plus I think she's absolutely stunning and her make up always looks perfect!

Three. The 8mm iPhone/iPad app! 
Oh my gosh why did I not discover this app sooner? I'm absolutely loving playing around with the different effects and I'll be making a few short videos using it like this one I made of Ralphie. I've always wanted to do vlog type videos but talking to the camera while I'm out and about doesn't seem too appealing to me, I'm super shy and would feel SO awkward, but this way I'll get to share some of my adventures with added vintage effects! Hopefully my editing skills will improve with the more videos I make, I really want to learn more about video editing because I haven't really done much of it since College & I really miss it! These videos will all be up on my Vimeo page because I'll be putting the visuals to music and I don't have any nifty connections to any bands so all the songs will be copyrighted, otherwise I'd pop them up on my YouTube channel.

Four. The Clarisonic Mia

I am literally so excited to finally have a Clarisonic after hearing so much about them! Now, I'm definitely not in a position to say too much about it right now considering I've only had it for a couple of days but I'm looking forward to seeing if it makes any difference to the appearance of my skin in the long term. It makes some high claims, so I do have pretty high expectations, but if it doesn't live up to them I won't be too disappointed. I purchased mine from Amazon after Charli gave me a heads up on an extremely good deal! Thank you so much, Charli!

Five. The Orphan's Arms Clothing. 

On my last Five Things I Love Friday post I mentioned how much I love the Wildfox jumpers but would never be able to spend almost £100 on one and I have searched and searched but I just can't find an alternative that has jumpers with the same sort of shape and cut as Wildfox. A lovely girl called Amy recommended I check out a store called The Orphan's Arms and although they are quite different to Wildfox, I have fallen in love with some of their pieces! They have a bigcartel store which is where I purchased my jumper from and they also have some pieces up on ASOS! I am massively lusting after the Widows Walk pullover! I'm hugely into comfortable clothes at the moment so I discovered these jumpers at the perfect time!

Four. A Rosie Outlook. Five. Afeitar.

What have you been loving this week? 


  1. Oh wow, I adore that jumper! £25 is an amazing price too, it easily looks like it could've cost more. The 8mm app looks awesome too, I already have tons of photography/film apps but I'm always adding more! x

  2. I love Joe Browns, especially their pyjamas! The app looks great, I think I'll give that one a try :D

    Mollie xo

  3. Thankyou SO much for featuring my blog lovely, has really made my day!
    I did an outfit post with the dress in the middle of your Joe Browns spread a couple of posts ago, I would highly recommend it, it's absolutely gorgeous and my photos don't do it justice! It's such a nice shape.
    I have also been lusting over everything on The Orphans Arms website, I featured a t-shirt I really wanted on my blog a few weeks ago and then went back on payday and it had sold out, dammit! I love that jumper you bought it's gorgeous.
    I am definitely getting that 8mm app, I have heard lots of good things about it! Thanks again for the link :) xxx

  4. i absolutely love everything on the orphans arms website! i've been lusting after the white t-shirt version of your top for ages. you've made me really want one of their jumpers now, maybe the message in a bottle one? they're all just so nice! xx

  5. I really hope you like it as much as I do :) x

  6. I'm with you on the Adele DVD. Funny I watched it for the first time on the 14th ;) She is hilarious, I had no idea.
    I'm really excited that you got a Clarisonic. I've been putting off getting one for years now. So, looking forward to your review!

  7. Love the London School of Sorcery pullover (and the way you've worn it)! And I agree about Adele...she is brilliant!!

  8. The lilac dress (top left) out of the Joe Brown collection is so pretty, I love the colour, and it looks super comfy!

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  9. Great post, I really want to get a cricket jumper, been lusting ever since Diana Vickers first appeared on our screens! I'm going to check out that store now and those blogs!

  10. Thank you for featuring me!! :) How sweet!
    I love love love the pieces from Joe Brown...I want!

  11. I actually really like your taste in fashion. I had never seen a jumper before. I like how it's like a preppy sweater for women. And I'm seriously considering buying that peasant tunic for my wife.

  12. I just ordered a Clarisonic! I can't wait to get it! I am an Esthetician and I saw many of my clients skin improve so much after using it!

    Lindsey Turner

  13. That jumper is amazing! ahh want!! xo

  14. Woo! Thank you for including me in your 5 blogs friday! :-) I have a cup of tea at the ready so now I can enjoy reading yours!! Xx

  15. ahhh I got that country manor dress from joe browns last week! posted on it! xx


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