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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Would You Like To Advertise On Sailboat?

Last year I opened up a little piece of my sidebar to anyone who would like to advertise their blog or small business and I think the time is right to do it again!

Sailboat is a constantly expanding lifestyle blog featuring fashion,  beauty, photography and everything in between. It’s written by Jennie  May, a twenty two year old girl living in Derbyshire who’s not entirely  sure where her life is going but is happy to invite you all along on the  journey to find out.


Whether you’re a boutique owner, fellow blogger, photographer or just a  generally amazing lovely person, if you think my readers would love to  know about you, email me for more information on my super reasonable  rates! Spots are really limited each month so please please please don’t  be shy to inquire!

Any money I do happen to generate from sponsorship will 100% be put into  advertising Sailboat on other blogs so in turn this little piece of the  internet will hopefully gain more traffic which will then benefit  any sponsors! I’d really love for everyone to gain something from this. 

I have 4 different advert sizes to choose from:

I will only have one extra large 175 x 215 spot available each month and  will be placed at the top of my sponsor section for the whole month and  one large 175 x 175 spot which will be placed directly under the extra  large sponsor should there be one that month. Adverts will be placed in  descending size order and each group will be rotated throughout the  month in order to gain maximum exposure for everyone. The larger your ad  size, the closer it will be to the top of the page. Don’t worry though;  I will not be accepting lots and lots of sponsors each month so if you  only want a small advert then you won’t be miles down the page, I  promise!

Each ad will be up for 30 days and I will happily offer a discount if you would like to advertise for multiple months. If you contact me between now and the end of February your advert will be up at the beginning of March, if you contact me after then your advert will go up at the start of April!

Like I said, if anyone were to be interested in sponsoring sailboat then any pennies made will be put into sponsoring sailboat on other blogs! I'm not out to make money for myself, I don't accept other forms of advertising or sponsored posts (not that I hate on those that do!), but I would like to try and turn this little piece of the Internet into something extra special & in turn share the love with some of you guys!

Thank you to absolutely everyone that's supported sailboat thus far! I really appreciate and adore every single one of you that reads my little ramblings and it wouldn't be quite the same without you lovelies! Honestly, thank you so much, you mean more to me than you could ever possibly imagine.

If you'd like to email me about absolutely anything at all then you can do so here:

Email me: sailorjennie@googlemail.com

I hope you're all having a wonderful Sunday morning! I'm about to head out to work but I'm thoroughly looking forward to 5pm when I shall be back at home all snuggled up in my pyjamas and drinking a huge mug of hot chocolate!


P.S. Static adverts only please, I'm not a huge fan of blinkies!