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Monday, 2 April 2012

Life via Instagram 003.

Ralphie has been loving his carrot patch toy, he's doing such a good job of chewing through it I'm not sure how much longer it'll last but he loves it and that's the main thing!

I just adore it when he does his little bunny paw claps. They make me melt every time! He has taken to doing it right after being told off for being naughty, he knows he's cute and that no one can be angry with him for very long. He's not daft!

My face not looking like me at all! I find it so weird when that happens, it's like when you look in the mirror and you feel really good about your make up or hair that day but a camera makes it look awful. Odd!

Being a busy bee editing some videos to put on my YouTube channel. I'm really excited to be getting back into video making, I'm not sure why I neglected it for the whole of last month because I really do love making videos, although it has surprised me how much I can talk. For someone who in real life is ridiculously shy and super quiet, I can talk for England to a camera!

I have fallen in love with this sweet dress from ASOS and I'm so tempted to purchase it! It's super plain but the colour looks so pretty on the website and I'm pretty sure I'll be living in dresses like this come the summer time. In the hot weather fashion goes out the window and I'm all about being cool and comfortable. I don't do well in hot weather at all, this is why I love the Autumn & Winter so much!

We had a mini heatwave in the UK last week and it was so beautiful. It wasn't too hot but the sunshine was enough to lift my mood and it's just what I needed. It helped me to see things more clearly and I've made some pretty big decisions that I hope will pay off in time. One of those things has been to finally stop procrastinating and get on with opening up my print shop! I'm going to be on both Etsy and Big Cartel and perhaps Folksy too offering prints of my photographs and greetings cards/notelets as well. I had a little survey asking how much people would be willing to pay for a print and I got a pretty varied response, I'm going to make sure not to price too high but I'm afraid they will cost more than 5p each! I see a photograph in the same way I see a piece of art, you're not simply paying for a copy, you're paying for someones time, effort & creative vision!

Bailey got a new toy, Mister Snake. He's super long and it's so cute watching Bailey run around with a snake trailing behind! Although it's not so fun when Bailey decides he wants to sit and chew the squeaker inside constantly for an hour. That's a noise that gets old really quickly!

Eight & Nine. 
Couldn't resist including a few more photographs of little Ralphie. He's been extra cute this week, and extra naughty to match. Don't let those big eyes and chubby cheeks fool you, he knows how to get himself into mischief on a daily basis!

Did you have a lovely weekend? I hope you did and you got to enjoy the sunshine! Did you have any nice plans?


  1. Ralphie is so adorable! :) xo

  2. Ralphie is just such a cutie!!

  3. You certainly have a gorgeous blog. Im following you now.

  4. Oh my, you know I love the photos of Ralphie! He's such a clever little bunny isn't he? I love his paw claps! Much too cute! Love the image of Bailey trailing Mister Snake around the house too - Bodhi would destroy that in about five minutes!xxx

  5. Sweetie you're wrong about the 3rd pic, you look absolutely gorgeous! Let me guess: Cherries in the Snow lipstick? Lol at the 2nd pic, Ralphie is too cute to be told off! xx

  6. Oh Ralphie is seriously adorable! And where is that carrot patch toy from as mine would love it!
    Daisy Dayz
    The Penthouse Clan

    1. Pets at home! Quite pricey but worth it! Xo

  7. The dress is beautiful & would look so stunning on you lovely! Hope you do get it :) I'm just like you in that I don't do well in the hot months at all! Definitely a winter baby me, with my love for layers & bubble baths! :D Oh & Ralphie looking as bloomin cute as always of course! ;)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  8. Aww you make me want a rabbit like Ralphie so much! xx

  9. omggggg you have the cutest rabbit, he's just like mine, she's called eliot! xx


  10. You have such a cute little rabbit. We aren't allowed to have rabbits as pets where I live, which is sad :( Such pretty photos

  11. Also added you to my blog roll :)

  12. Sweet photos :) I was loving the heatwave too, unfortunately it's now raining! Hopefully it won't be too long until we see the sun again


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