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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Spring Blossom and Snow Showers.

It's hard to believe that last week Derbyshire was bathed in sunshine when now it is covered in a thick blanket of snow. Oh England, I do love your unpredictable weather. Thank you for giving me one last cold spell before the sunshine comes out to say hello again.



  1. those are such pretty simple photos!

  2. Preeeetty pictures! I am highly jealous of your cold weather! You and I should swap places! Haha :)

  3. The photos are fab, as per!!!



  4. What I love about this country is its unpredictable weather

  5. Your photos are always so gorgeous! I can't believe the weather we've been having these past few days, we'd just spent last weekend in the garden planting and sunbathing then the next day there was a blizzard outside the window! Madness! x

    1. Thank you! Oh I know, it's so crazy! xo


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